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Recycled Craft Tutorials To Use Old Things at Home

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Recycled Craft Tutorials!

5 Best Bangle Storage Ideas

As we live in a society where there is a culture/fashion to wear bangles. This is a thing that can be found in abundance in every next house. In order to keep bangles in an organised and collective manner, a hanger can be brought to use for the same. Hangers can also be made using any hollow pipe or aluminium foil roll by using a simple thick thread that goes from the hollow aluminium pipe. Cold drink bottle is another cool way to make a bangle storage. A 2lt bottle is required for the same and by cutting it into two halves and then using the lower part of it to keep the bangles just as a pen stand is used. A CD and a waste spray bottle is also something that can be found in abundance to be brought into use to make a bangle storage. Plastic container can also be put into use of a bangle storage. For further details, you can view the video given below.

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Earring Holder / Jewellery Organizer

Jewellery when worn with the correct attire, beautifies the person and hence it is something of importance to be kept safely at homes. Here we have come up with an idea to make a earring holder which is very simple to make and children can also make the same. All we need is a cardboard box, nylon cloth, net and some glue. Just like a photo frame is made and a photo is put in the same, a net cloth is used here to hand earrings and the border and stand of the same is made of waste cardboard. For further details, kindly view the video given below.

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Reuse Show Boxes at Home

Each one of us wear shoes and when we purchase them, we get them in a cardboard box that is usually left unused at home and thrown at some point of time. These empty shoe boxes can be brought to use by making them look beautiful by simply covering them with a beautiful embroidered cloth which after sticking to the shoe box from outside gives it a beautiful look and from the inside it can be covered with the help of a coloured plain paper. For enhancing the beauty of the box, some beautiful laces can be put on the border of the shoe box on both, the upper as well as the lower half of the shoe box. Now after completion of the process, the shoe box doesn’t look like a waste thing anymore and can be brought to various uses such as for storing jewellery, all the scattered material placed here and there in the home. This would help making the room look more clean and beautiful too. We make use of various polythene bags to store stuff but this is a much more beautiful and an eco-friendly approach. For bringing a waste cardboard box into such use, you can view the link given below.

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Reuse Empty Shampoo Bottles In a Unique Way

Each and every single home has bottles of shampoo. After those bottles have been completely used, we can bring those plastic shampoo bottles into a better use by using them for home décor. Children would find it very interesting to decorate walls by making a wall hanging. All that we need to do is cut those shampoo bottles firstly into two halves and then start cutting them in the shape of rings/handbands. We need a thick cardboard which is to be cut in an oval shape and then we need to stick a coloured paper of our own choice and cover the whole surface with glitter. After doing the same, we shall start sticking those plastic bands on the surface in order to give it a shape of a flower and then decorate the same by using pearls and other decorative material. For better understanding, you can view the video given below and make your house look more decorative and beautiful.

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Reuse Old Toothbrush at Home

Toothbrush when completely used are usually thrown but here we have come up with an amazing innovative idea to bring those used toothbrushes into use. All we need to do is remove the brushes of the toothbrush and then wrap a combination of two or more wools around the same like a coil and then attach the same with a glue. After wrapping all the toothbrushes with the wool of your choice of colour combinations, you have to then attach one brush with the other with the help of the wool and give it a shape of a wall hanging. That wall hanging with beautiful colour combinations when hanged on the walls enhances the beauty of the house. It can also be brought int use such as hanging a hand towel on the same. For understanding the procedure more clearly, you can view the video given below.

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Hope you liked these recycled craft tutorials. Keep reading K4Craft for more craft tutorials.

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