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We are honoured and glad you are considering our website as part of your customer outreach initiative. We very carefully select and partner with brands to delight our readers with innovative experiences on the website. If you would like to read more about our audience and their interests, read on.

Niche topics covered under

K4craft is a craft, fashion and lifestyle magazine covering topics including:

  • Art & Craft Ideas & Tutorials (Crochet, Paper Craft, Quilling, Embroidery, Clay)
  • Celebration (Craft, Decoration, Gifts)
  • Home Decor
  • Fashion (Clothing, Jewellery, Hairstyles etc.)
  • Kids Craft
  • Food Decoration

Demographic Audience

Its primary audience is:

  • Gender: Women
  • Age Group: 16-55
  • Reader Location: India, USA, UK, Asia and Middle East.

Types of Advertising Promotions

For our advertising partners that are interested in reaching a global audience, we offer the following Ad formats.

  1. Sponsored Posts
  2. Banner Ads (300×250, 300×600, 728×90)
  3. Branding & Awareness with promotion on Social Media
    1. Contests
      1. Eg: Diwali Art & Craft Contest
      2. Eg. K4craft Wedding Contest
    2. Sponsored post on Facebook (For details, see below)

Social Stats

*As of 10 February 2018

  • Facebook: 9,04,000+ Followers (with 1 Crore weekly post reach)
  • Pinterest: 2340+ Followers
  • Instagram: 10300+ Followers


  • Our website (including sub domains) receives 500,000+ Page views/month.

Sponsored Posts Package Costs $100 per post

  • Posts will be written by K4Craft and optimized for keywords and search engines.
  • Posts will be 400-600 words with content relevant to your business/niche/industry and in keeping with the K4craft editorial guidelines and policies.
  • Two (no follow) links back to your website.
  • Includes logo image or graphic as well.
  • Posts will be up on the site forever, giving your website SEO juice constantly.

*Note: All paid links will be œno-follow as per Google TOS.

Facebook Outreach Package Costs $10/post

Reach an engaged audience of women, crafters and home managers worldwide on Facebook

  • Post can be link of your website, images (upto 20 images) and/or text (500 words).


  • Advertisers can pay via Paypal account or online bank transfer. Bank transfer preferred.

For advertising inquiries

If you feel our audience is a perfect target for your brand and would like to reach out to them, please send me an email to We would love to learn more about your brand and outreach goals.