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Innovative Ways To Reuse Waste Items

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Reuse Waste Items!

Drinking Straw Slippers at Home

All we need to make slippers with the help of coloured straw is a pair of scissors, coloured straws, glitter foam, iron and a hot glue gun. The first thing that is needed to be done is spread all the coloured straws on a sheet of paper in such a way that they do not overlap. Then we need to cover the straws with the help of same sheet of paper in the form of a card and then we need to set the iron in cotton mode and iron the sheet of paper which is in the form of a card and contains the straws inside. When we iron the sheet of paper, the straws will become sticky from inside and take the form of a sheet. The next thing that was needed to be done was to cut a sheet in the form of a foot of our size so that it can work as a sole and then straws are needed to be stuck in the same way on that sheet of paper to give it a hard base. The part of the slipper that covers the foot from above is also needed to be made with the help of ironing the straws in the same way. Further decorative items can be put on the slippers to make it look more attractive. For more detailed instructions, kindly view the video given below.

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Best Use of Strainer to Make Crafts

All we need to do is firstly cut the net part of the strainer completely and then cover the plastic body of the strainer with the help of a satin ribbon using a glue. It is to be taken into note that the handle of the ribbon needs to be covered with a different coloured ribbon. The next step is to cover the circle part of the strainer with a glittering thread in a form giving a beautiful design an further small mirrors can be used to decorate the handle of the strainer. Various other items can be use to beautify the same. For more details, kindly view the video given below.

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Best Reuse of Medicine Wrappers

Medicine wrappers can be found in every home and that can be brought to use in a very innovative manner. All we need to do is cut the medicine wrapper in the form of the blisters and then paint the same from both the sides using a nail polish of any colour of your own choice and then in order to give it a shine, a transparent nail polish needs to be applied from the top of it. The next step is to decorate the same with the help of coloured or silver beats and then attach the same with an earring holder and hence a waste medicine wrapper takes form of a beautiful earring. For more details, view the video given below.

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Reusing Wrappers of Soaps

Soap wrappers are often thrown after taking out the soap bar but those wrappers can be brought into a very creative use.Wrappers of a soap can be brought into use by simply folding the opening of the cover inwards from both the sides and hence giving it a cylindrical shape. The next step is to cover both the openings with the help of a cardboard base cut in the form of a circle of the appropriate size and then sticking the same with the help of a glue from both the sides. A hole can be done in the cardboard and then it can be used as a flower pot. For turning this creative and innovative idea into reality, kindly view the video given below.

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Best Use of Old Marriage Wedding Cards

Old marriage cards are simply a waste at home but some of them are so colourful that they can be brought into use for decorating various things at home. By cutting the wedding cards firstly in the form of circles and then cutting those circles in the form of a coil we can make paper roses. Different colour wedding cards means different colour roses. After we have made use of all the wedding cards to make roses of variety, the next thing that needs to be done is cover the border of the wall clock with glue and then start sticking the roses without giving any gaps in between. When we finish doing the same, we get to see how a simple dull looking wall clock turns into such an attractive looking wall clock that we can sit down the whole day and keep looking at the clock. In order to make a similar use of wedding cards to decorate your clocks, you can view the video given below and turn such an innovative idea into reality and enhance the beauty of your walls.

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