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100+ DIY Craft Ideas for India Independence Day and Republic Day

First of all Happy New Year to all, I hope it is a Safe & Happy 2018 for you! With the India Republic day coming soon, the craze has caught on in a big way. Restaurants, fashion designers, and e-commerce websites are offering tricolor themed food, clothes and flags and apparels inspired by freedom fighters respectively to make it special.

“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Need some last minute ideas for your Republic Day and Independence Day Celebrations?  We have everything you need!

1. How to make Indian Tricolour 3D “Quilling Flower” Crafts

2. How to make Indian Tricolour “Badge” for kids

3. How to make Indian Tricolour “Hair Band” with Quilling Flower

4. Indian Tricolour “Pen Holder” decorate with Quilling Flower

5. How to make Indian Tricolour “JEWELLERY” for National Holiday

6. How to make Indian Tricolour Quilling Comb Flower

7. DIY Handprint India Flag Kids Craft

source: puttis world

It’s a great, simple project for kids of all ages. Enjoyed painting her hands with orange and green paints and printing on the paper, creating a flag of her very own.

8. Ombre paper mobile with cricut explore

source: sweet charli

You guys are going to fall in love with this Ombre Paper Mobile. This is totally something you would see in a catalog, right? That’s just how great this project is!

9. Republic Day Special Paper Cards

source: valentines day quote

Happy Republic Day Kids With Tricolor Balloons Greeting Card.

10. Tricolor paper flower for Republic Day / Indian republic day craft idea!

source: sparkling buds

Indian flag has three colors – orange, white and green with a blue wheel (Dharma Chakra) at the center. We made a paper flower with these three colors as part of our Indian Republic day crafts. This paper flower craft can be used for any occasion by changing the colors of the paper.

Required Material:

  1. White, Green and Orange Color Paper,
  2. Scissors,
  3. Ruler,
  4. Stapler,
  5. School glue,
  6. Marker

11. Republic day and Independence Day Kite Badge Craft Ideas

Source: treehut

Mosaic style Indian tri-color kite badge. Materials used are white card paper, sketch pens and scissors. Children may make and wear them on Independence Day (15th August) or Republic Day (26th January).

12. DIY Rolled paper Indian Flag

source: puttis world

Tricolor flags for Indian Independence Day. This is a very simple paper flag which Putti and her friends enjoyed making.

First, begin with a sheet of white rectangular paper. Fold the paper in quarters. Then open up the paper so you have four sections. Cut off one of the sections. Next, roll up from the other end of the paper which will become the flag pole. Use a piece of tape or glue to secure rolled paper from unrolling. Once it is taped it is ready to be painted or colored with markers or crayons as the kids wish.

13. India’s Republic Day or Independence Day wall decoration Tricolor chain

source: princessliya

Tricolor chain for republic day and independence day! Using these three colors for holiday craft “that’s the color of our national flag”.

14. How to Make Tricolor flowers using Crepe Paper

source: butterfly handicraft

A Colorful Indian Flag Colored Rose for Every Indian Heart.

Feel proud be an Indian. No better day than independence day to symbolize India’s free spirit of India.

15. Easy Indian Flag Tricolour Origami Tulips and Butterfly

source: treehut

Indian Independence Day origami kids craft.

16. How to make Greeting Cards – Independence Day / Republic Day

source: youtube

How to make pop up greeting card at home for kids on the occasion of independence or republic day. This activity can be very good school project.

What you need?

  1. A4 size coloured paper,
  2. Seven small square shaped paper,
  3. Orange, green & blue sketch pen or colours to make indian flag,
  4. Scissors,
  5. Glue,
  6. Ruler or Scale

17. Tricolor paper badge for Independence Day / Republic Day


Make your own badges using simple paper craft.

18. Indian Republic Day Special – Modular Tri Colour Origami Craft

source: youtube

Tiranga paper Art, Modular Origami Special Indian Independence Day.

19. Vande mataram tricolor paper card

source: valentines day quote

20. Tricolor Patriotic wrist Band – Republic Day Craft | Independence Day Craft

source: youtube

This band is super easy and takes only 5 minutes to make.

[21 to 100] The Ultimate List: 50+ Ideas for India Republic Day Celebration

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