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Best Out Of Waste: Make A New Freezing Friend For Christmas

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Winter conditions have set in. The days are becoming shorter and nights are getting longer. It is time for everyone to pull out your sweaters and woolen jackets from your wardrobe. It is also the time to buy new pairs of socks. But what are you going to do with your old pair of socks then?

Crafts lovers never waste their money. They use every bit of the products they have brought in every other ways and even recycle them to make it a useful product. Recycle and reuse. That is the mantra here. If you have old pairs of socks which you are not going to use anymore, try out this simple craft. Snowman decor out of socks. Make a collection of this little frozen buddy.

make-a-new-freezing-friend-for-this-christmas Make A New Freezing Friend For Christmas

Materials Required:

  • Two socks- one should be in white color and knee length sized whereas the other can be an ankle socks but in different colors or patterns. The latter is used for decoration
  • Rice/cotton/Sponge
  • Ribbon
  • Rubber bands
  • Buttons
  • A small sharpened stick painted in orange color


Step 1: Begin by cutting off the foot part of your white sock. For making snow man you don’t need the foot part.

Step 2: Pull the other part of the sock (which is using) inside out. Take the rubber band; wrap it tightly at the bottom area as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Now again pull them outside in. That way your rubber band is not visible from outside.

Step 4: Fill the sock with any of the fillers. You can use rice, sponge or cotton for this. If you are using cotton or sponge make a ball out of it and push them inside. Otherwise when you are using rice make sure it goes deep inside the sock so that it will look little plump at the bottom.

Step 5: Tie the top part with rubber band. Now you have closed the top and it may look like what it is shown in the picture (like a tiny sack of rice).

Step 6: Push down the rice or cotton tightly and tie a rubber band around the waist line. Both bottom and head part should be swollen up to make it look cuter. But remember, the head should be small compared to the bottom part. It should only take 1/3rd of the space. Your snow man is almost ready. It is time for you to decorate your cute little buddy.

Step 7: Cut a small strip from the ankle sock and tie around it neck portion. The cute little fellow now looks like as it is the middle of snowfield.

Step 8: (optional) you can give him a winter cap by cutting the foot part of the ankle sock. Push it over its head. To make it look like a cap you can tie the end of the sock with a cute, very small ribbon. This is optional, if you only wish to give him a winter cap then only make one.

Step 9: Sew buttons on his face to make eyes. Stick the nose also with fabric glue.

make-a-new-freezing-friend-for-this-christmas Make A New Freezing Friend For Christmas
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There you go. Your cute, little buddy has borne out of your creativity not out of the snow. Make him feel better in your home.

Thanks for visiting our website. Keep creating with K4 craft.

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