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20 Best Robot Crafts and Activities for kids

Do you and your preschoolers love robots? Here are 20 Best Robot Crafts and Activities for kids that encourage and incorporate learning that kids will love! These robot crafts are so much fun for kids of all ages! It’s super easy to do, and you have to admit… it’s pretty cute!

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1. Robot Themed Math Activity for Kids via

2. DIY Dotty Robot via

3. Life-Sized Magnetic Robot via

Check out how to build a life-sized magnetic robot from recycled materials!

4. Make adorable Edible marshmallow Robots idea via dawnypoo

5. Easy Robot Vest made via

Play Dress up like a robot with this easy to make Robot vest made with recycled products. I’m sure the kids will have a blast.

6. Gliding Robot Free Printable via

7. Make a Pen / pencil holder robots using TIN CANS via

8. How about letting a robot teach you about gravity & balance?? via

9. Tang paper robot on via

10. Robot Inspired Birthday Party via

Ready for a party that will get your gears turning!

11. Styrofoam Robot Craft via

Make this adorable Styrofoam robot craft, perfect for a summer camp project or a kid’s.

12. Robot toilet paper roll craft via

13. Build a robot game via

Roll a dice and pick a body part.. the one who makes A COMPLETE robot wins.

14. Make a Robot wreath like Nestling Designs via nestlingdesigns

15. Recycled Paper sheet Robot craft via

Materials: Recycled boxes from various household items, Coloured construction paper, Coloured foam sheets, Adhesive tape, Scissors, Glue.

16. Build Your Own Robot Free Printable via

17. Sculptural Robot Collages via

18. Make a Valentine Robot card like Crafts by

19. Build & Stack Robots via

Build and stack robots is a fun and easy craft for kids that also helps encourage creative thinking and play!

20. The Robot Book via looklovecreate

Hope you like these Robot crafts and activities for kids.

Which one you like most? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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