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Mother’s Day Crafts Ideas To Make At Home

Mother’s Day is not about respecting, acknowledging and celebrating what mothers have done for us throughout our life, just for one day. It is for every day of three hundred and sixty five days, every year. It is about honoring the beautiful stage of life, call motherhood. It is our duty that we stop commercializing this wonderful emotion and make it up for mothers around the world, every day, and make it as eventful for them as it can be.

This contest is dedicated to all mothers on this planet.

Winners will be decided based on number of votes received by entries. We will consider votes received by entries till 12:00 IST, 13th May 2018.

Mother’s Day Gift Card – Paper Craft | By Veena Dharmaraj

Material & Tools:

  • Chart paper
  • Decorating things
  • Fabric paint


  • Cut the chart paper into a heart shape
  • Paint the border of the chart
  • And write happy Mother’s Day
  • Inside the chart write something about mother
  • And at last your card is ready.

DIY Plastic bottle Craft: Rock Band | By Gurpreet Kaur

Material used: Plastic bottles, glitter paper, glitter tape, long sticks, thermocol, glue,scissor, decorative material.


  • Take 2Lt bottle, 1Lt bottle and 300 ml coke bottles.
  • Cut in circular shapes fill the shapes with paper pieces enclosing them with thermocol.
  • Glue the thermocol inside the circle cover the circles with glitter paper and tape.
  • Wrap the long sticks with glitter tap cut small circles to make discs color it golden.
  • Now assemble as shown in the image.

Mother’s Day Special paintings | By Canon Singh

DIY Mother’s Day Flower Bouquet Pop up Card | By Shruti Srivastava

Required Material:Different type of papers, tape, ribbon, stones, glitter and gift rapper.

Madhubani/Mithila Painting | By Vinita Rustagi

Material used: Acrylic colors

DIY Mother’s Day Flower Bouquet Paper Card | By Yashika

Left portion Materials-

  • quilling strips for circles and purple lines
  • craft paper for the flower and topic (happy mother’s day)
  • yellow a3 size sheet as base
  • scissors and fevicol.

Right portion Materials-

  • yellow sheet as base
  • black A4 size sheet for bouquet
  • green and red craft paper for detailing
  • origami paper for flowers
  • scissors and fevicol.

Mother – the symbol of love and power By Priyanka Jain

Procedure: Just take a black gel pen and a paper. And get started. It’s a complete free hand drawing. Using only a black gel pen.

Mother’s Day Vegetable Carving | By Sai Anusha

Buddha Painting With Jute Strings | By Ankita Meena

Material Required:

  • Sheet,
  • Oil colours,
  • Marker,
  • Jute strings,
  • Fevicol,
  • Coloured sheet,
  • Leaves,
  • Acrylic colour
  • Paint brush


  1. Prepare a facial sketch of Buddha which you want to draw.
  2. Now with the help of oil colours paint the face of Buddha.
  3. After finishing the colouring cut the face of buddha and paste it on a coloured sheet.
  4. Now draw the head and shoulders of buddha.
  5. With the help of jute string and fevicol paste small circles on the head of Buddha.
  6. For shoulders, Take long jute string and start pasting it by covering every end of Buddha’s body.
  7. Varnish the whole painting properly.
  8. Now for a background you can do some leaf printing with acrylic colours or can paste them.
  9. Get your painting framed as u r going to gift it to your mom.
  10. Your Buddha painting is ready and Mom is going to love this.

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