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Gift Making Tutorials for Diwali

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Diwali- the word that automatically lightens up our hearts and minds. The festival of lights, Diwali is celebrated to remove all the darkness. Houses decorated with diyas, candles and lights. The prayers, sweets and the calmness all around looks so festive. Though crackers should not be a part of Diwali, as it increases pollution, but kids will remain kids. Diwali also means sharing gifts, sharing sweets and happiness. Here, I am going to tell you some awesome gift ideas for Diwali, which you can make at your home. Let’s get started.

Besan ke laddoo

Diwali means giving sweets and what can be better than giving homemade besan ke laddoo. Healthy, sweet and super easy to make. The ingredients to make besan ke laddoo are besan(coarse gram flour), ghee, cardamom powder, powdered sugar, cashew nuts and almonds. Take a pan and add the ghee and heat it. Wait till the ghee gets moderately heated, then add the besan in the pan. Stir it. You will get the aroma of ghee and besan getting mixed together. Stir it for around 20-25 minutes till you get the aroma of only besan. Meanwhile chop the almonds and cashew nuts and add them to the besan. Add the cardamom powder too and then stir it for some more time. After the besan has turned lightly yellowish brown, stop stirring and add the besan in a bowl. Now, add the powederd sugar to the bowl and mix it well. Now make the laddoos. You can even pack this laddoos in a box and give them to friends and relatives. Watch the video for the steps.

Paper lantern

Why not gift light on the festival of lights? You can make a paper lantern as a gift for your beloved. It’s really easy and looks beautiful too. All you need is some old newspapers, paint, glue and a balloon. First, make some paper rods from the newspapers. Now, roll the paper rods, to make a kind of paper plate but don’t apply glue. Press the paper plate now, to make it appear like a triangle. After this, apply glue all over the cone, so that it remains strong. Make another one from this technique. Make 4 such small ones from the same technique. Take a small cone, apply glue to the edge and stick another cone to it. Do the same with the rest two small cones. Paint all the cones, even the big ones, with black colour. Now take a balloon and start sticking paper rods to it. After it has dried, burst the balloon and then make a medium hole at one end so that lights can pass through it. Paint it. Take a big cone and make 3 holes and pass strings through it. Tie the strings to the paper lantern. Stick the other cone at the other end. Stickers the small cones at top of the big cones and then pass the lights through the opening. Your paper lantern is ready. For video tutorial, click on the link below.


Glass vase

We all do have those waste ketchup bottles in our house that we throw away thinking that they are of no use. But believe me, you can convert these waste into a beautiful glass vase and even present it as a gift to your beloved during this Diwali. Take a ketchup bottle and wash it properly. Make a mixture of glue and water in a bowl. Tear up some tissue papers and stick them to the bottle using this mixture. After it has dried, make any design with a pencil and then take some peas or anything similar and stick it to the design. After that paint it according to the colour of your choice your glass vase is ready. You can decorate it as much as you can. This can be a perfect gift for your friends. Watch the video for steps.


Handmade lord Ganesha

During Diwali, we pray to lord Ganesha for well being. What can be a perfect gift than an idol of lord Ganesha? You can get an idol of lord Ganesha anywhere but making it yourself and gifting it, would be a nice gesture. I am not talking about making the idol from clay instead we are going to make the idol from quilling paper. This process is a bit knotty but it’s quite interesting and the result is pretty good. All you need is different colours of quilling paper and then make some coils from them. Some coils should be tight ones while others should be loose, according to the requirement. Watch the video below for the steps.

DIY storage box

Storage boxes can be a great gift for Diwali. You can fill the box with nuts , chocolates and other goodies and these boxes can even be reused for later purposes. For making a storage box, you need cardboard, colour paper and glue. Cut out 2 hexagon of equal size from the cardboard. Cut out another hexagon but a bit smaller than the former. Cover one bigger and the smaller hexagon with colourful papers. Now, stick the smaller hexagon to one of the bigger one and keep it aside. Cut out a long piece of cardboard and the fold it according to the measurement of each side of the remaining hexagon. Cut out the excess and then stick it the sides of the hexagon and then cover it with colourful papers. Take a toilet paper roll and cover it with colourful paper and then stick it on the middle of the box. Cut out 6 cardboard pieces of the measurements required and then stick them on the box. You storage box is ready. Decorate it with beads and laces and do fill it with nuts and goodies before gifting it. For video representation, click on the link below.


Dream catcher

Kids do get nightmares sometimes. This dream catcher will make them believe that nothing can harm them while they sleep and this can even be a gift for Diwali. Making a dream catcher is really easy. Cut out 2 big circles and 6 small circles from a cardboard. Cover a big circle with colourful paper and then make holes. Take a yarn and weave it through each hole. Stick the other big circle to it. Apply this technique on the remaining circle. Now with the help of the yarn, attach the smaller circles to the bigger one. You can add pearls to the yarn while attaching. Decorate the circles with quilling coils and beads. Attach a key ring too. Your dream catcher is ready. Watch the video for the steps.

Diya card

Well, greeting cards are for all festivals. Handmade greeting cards, readymade greetings, they convey the feelings through words. So here I am going to tell you how to make a diya card for Diwali. All you need is, a thick paper of any colour and quilling strips. Take a tea light and wrap a quilling paper around it. Remove the tea light and stick the ends of the quilling paper. Stick this on the thick paper. Now, decorate the greeting card with quilling coils. You can even make a small diya out of quilling paper. Just take a loose coil and press it in the shape of a diya. Stick all these on the paper and then decorate it with pearls and beads. You can take a bronze image of God and stick it on the blank area of the tea light. You diya card is ready. For video, click on the link below.

Diya holder

We can even make a diya holder at home and gift it to friends and relatives. It is really simple and pretty. We are going to make a diya holder from quilling paper. Take different colours of quilling papers and start making tight coils. For making leaves, make a loose coil and then press it in the shape of a leaf. Make many such leaves. You can even make diya and flowers with the same procedure. Now, take a diya and start wrapping a quilling strip around it. Remove the diya and stick the ends of the quilling strips. Keep this circle on a cardboard and start decorating it with the coils and leaves. Remove the cardboard. Your diya holder is ready. For video representation, click on the link below.

Do try these ideas during Diwali. This Diwali let’s try to be more creative. You can even improve these ideas with your own creativity.

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