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DIY : Learn to Make Plush (Soft Toy)

 Soft toys make everyone smile, no matter if you are a kid, a teen or an adult. Soft toys are just little precious things that everybody loves. Even if you don’t play with it all day, but just looking at makes your day. Also these small colorful soft toys enhance the beauty of your room. You might definitely find variety of soft toys in the shops but making one of your own for your room, will give some different level of happiness, won’t it? Everytime you will look at it, you’ll admire it even more as it will be your very own customised soft toy. So lets begin.


  • Light color fabrics
  • Plush eyes
  • Thread and Needle
  • Cotton
  • Fabric color
  • Brush


Cut four triangle pieces of the same size out of the fabric and one circle out of the same.
The size of these pieces depends on the size of the soft toy that you want to make.


Take one triangular piece and cut two very tiny holes to put plush eyes. These plush eyes are available at stationary stores as well as online.


Later put the plush eyes and with the fabric color make a smile on it. Also to add blush effects you can make two dots using pink color with the help of a tooth pick. Incase if you dont have plush eyes, you can make eyes using fabric color too.


Now, stitch all the four triangular pieces together. Make sure you flip the pieces upside down and then stitch. Use basic stichting method to stitch and let the needle go over and under.


Now cover the empty area by stitching the circular piece. Keep a small area unstitched to flip it and put cotton through it.


After you stich all the pieces properly, flip it and now put cotton inside it.
Stitch the remaining part and there you have your tiny plush ready.


This DIY is a little time consuming becuase it involves stitching but its very easy. And once you are done, the result will surely give you a bliss.
You can use variety of colors and make your room even more delightful.

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