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DIY : Learn to Make Christmas Paper Star Lights for Tree Decoration (Tutorial)

Hey, it’s the holiday season, it’s the time to decorate your houses and rooms with lights and candles and Christmas trees. It’s the time to be more creative at what you do. The most common during Christmas time is the star light outside many of our houses. Most of the time we buy these lights but I am going to show you to make small cute star lights to put all over your house and rooms. This will lighten up your space this holiday for sure. So, let’s get started with the tutorial.

Things you’ll need:

• Cardstock of different colours (preferably green, red and gold)
• Scissors
• Paper punch machine
• Pencil and ruler
• Glue gun


  • Draw the outline as shown in the below picture carefully onto your
  • Now cut the pieces carefully and using the tip of the scissors carefully score along
    the inward outlines without cutting through the paper.
  • You will need 5 pieces per star.
  • Punch random holes in these pieces of paper to serve as dé
  • Fold the pieces as shown in the picture with top flaps up and long folds
  • Glue each star arm into a conical
  • Now glue the first star arm to the second star arm and do this for the other 3 arms
  • Leave the last arm open in case you are attaching it to a string of
  • This is how it is going to

You can try many of these with and without attaching them to a string of lights. Can make these out of glitter paper which will really look awesome. You can also cut out some designs within these to make it look betters. Try doing many of these and placing them around your room. Enjoy! Happy Holidays *-*

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