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15+ Creative DIY Curtains Ideas – Home Decoration

Here are some creative DIY curtains ideas to make at home, using crafts, and that will adorn every corner of your home. The curtain is a decorative item that is present in homes, apartments and offices, in various cities around the world, and can be found in fabric, PVC, bamboo, and many more models.
Its main functions are to regulate the entrance of air and luminosity in the environments, mainly when the curtain is used in the windows, but the curtain also is a decorative object, that can be incorporated in any room.


With that in mind, today we have come to bring you some ideas of creative curtains, which you can do at home with the use of crafts.

Creative curtain ideas to make at home

A creative handcrafted curtain can be made using various materials such as bottle caps, CDs, beads, string, and other combinations, depending on the model chosen.


And one of the ideas to make your creative handmade curtain you can check out this video, from the Workaholic Fashionista portal, which shows you step by step how to make a very simple ribbon curtain and can be used in all the rooms of your home:

Check this video also shows how to make a curtain with magazine rolls and beads, which besides decorating your home, will still help them to have a good monthly income:

Then just put the ideas into practice, and with that you will have a great source of monthly income with the production of creative handmade curtains in your neighborhood.

More creative curtain models to make at home

And to bring you more inspiration, check out some more images of creative curtains that will help you create beautiful models in your home:














Hope you like these curtains craft ideas & tutorials.

Which one your favorite? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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