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DIY : 3D decorative Paper Heart Garland Tutorial

Christmas season have always been fun with lots of gifts and decorations to make. In this tutorial we will learn how to make 3D heart shaped garland with paper which can beautify the walls of your home.

Materials required

  • Brown paper bags (newspaper or fancy papers)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Paper punch
  • Ribbon


  1. At first, cut the paper into heart shapes of same size.
  2. Now, take two heart shaped papers staple them by taking their right side together. Similarly, repeat the same with other two hearts.
  1. Now in order to stick the second heart with the third heart, take the second heart and apply glue slightly on the edges of the heart.
  2. Again do the same for the other side of the heart and continue gluing the hearts together.
  3. After making a hole on the last heart with a paper punch, slide ribbon into it and make a knot.




Source wks_twinehearts_5

Source paper-heart-garland-image-6

Source 3d-heart-garland-1-size-3


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