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12 Creative Easy Craft Ideas For Sewing Toys

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#7 Creative Soft Blocks (Tutorial)

Creative Soft blocks are a fun idea that you will definitely enjoy while doing, collecting some fabrics and giving them different faces and the appropriate size and all in the hand it does not require any mastery of stitching, just a few hand stitchings that’s all is needed to get this amazing playful blocks. You can design fish, pig, chicken, flower, love or any symbol blocks. It’s simple and non-technical makes a perfect item for toddlers.

Supplies Required- some lovely colored fabrics, scissors, sewing stuff like a blanket stitch. Get to know full about this simple tricky blocks by clicking on the link available. Make many colorful happy sewn blocks as per your likings.

Happy-felt-blocks Creative Easy Craft Ideas For Sewing Toys

#8 Creative Lumi the Snowman (Tutorial)

This Snowman is too cute and looks like a baby. Such a tiny white snowman all wrapped up in beautiful red winter clothes reminds us of snow season that is winter season. The snowman in the picture is made precisely taking all the details significantly. Its stitching is no doubt done in a very intelligent manner. Don’t forget to add this little smiling snowman in your list.

List the items needed- Prewashed soft anti-pill fleece in white and red color, Felt in black and orange color, Black and white embroidery thread, Two buttons for eyes, Two buttons for the body, and of course Filler for toys. The special thing about this Lumi snowman is that it will be like this for months, years no matter what the weather is, this snowman is not going to melt that easyily.

Creative Easy Craft Ideas For Sewing Toys

#9 Creative Joyful Cat Pillows (Tutorial)

Creative joyful cat pillow like this is to cheer up your mood whenever you are sad in life and to show that a little bit pain is ok! You are going to be alright is a much-needed thing today we all need. The position in which this cat is standing is just so heart-melting and shows that do not forget to enjoy this life and cheer up here and there. Such a positive attitude is necessary to be built up among our kids. Have this cat not for only fun but also for laughing like a maniac and positivity.

Equip all items required to make this super happy cat pillow- Fleece, poly-fil, and threads. That’s all is you need to acquire to possess this smiling ear to ear cat. Make many of different colors and faces and gestures too.

joyful-cat-pillow Creative Easy Craft Ideas For Sewing Toys

#10 Creative Personalized Giraffe (Tutorial)

A giraffe of yellow color with spots like any other toy is loved. Creative Personalised giraffe sets you all free to give it any color or any size. A slim long giraffe instead of this you can just make a cute tiny baby giraffe that is growing up with its little short height and big pretty eyes that makes it look cuter and approaching. You can also give him some artificial grasses to chew on permanently there in his mouth. You can have many experiments for your desire.

Materials-  Tracing paper, Fabric marker, Scissors, Pins, Sewing needle, Sewing machine, Stuffing stick (or chopstick) materials, Body fabric – a 30 cm × 40 cm (12 in × 16 in) piece of patterned fabric for the body, and a 20 cm × 25 cm (8 in × 10 in) piece of the same fabric for the gusset and ears, Thread – colored sewing thread to match fabric; embroidery thread or yarn for the eyes and tail and a Stuffing – polyfill. This is one lovable friend to sew and put your efforts on.

Creative Easy Craft Ideas For Sewing Toys

#11 Creative Colorful balls (Tutorial)

Colorful sponge balls can also be used as pillows, can also be used for playing and can also be used for cuddling while sleeping. An awesome gift for children. It’s easy to make and use. Small kids are used to playing with balls but giving them hard balls can be dangerous for them, instead, we can offer them this soft harmless balls. Different fabrics, colors, and patterns can be used for making them like in the below-given image.

Materials- the pattern is required, fabrics, and stitching. please click on the link given to know the details while preparing one. these balls are handy and easy to make. Just follow some simple steps to have your first handmade ball.

soft-Balls-from-fabric Creative Easy Craft Ideas For Sewing Toys

#12 Creative Tooth Pillow (Tutorial)

We all have been through this fantasy where a fairy basically a tooth fairy is there who takes our broken tooth with her if we put it right below our pillow and also puts there something in exchange for kids. This is the time to tell your kids about this story when they start to lose their tooth. Give them a pillow like this creative tooth pillow to give it a touch. You will think why so necessary? It’s not necessary its just all stories we have when we grow up to tell others and feel blessed to have amazing memories.

Materials- Filling, Small piece of cotton for the inside of the tooth pocket, Small piece of colorful cotton: I found this super cute cotton fabric with little fairies on it that were just perfect and a Piece of cotton in a solid color that match the colorful piece. You kid is waiting to be surprised having this pillow.

tooth-pillow-sewing-free-pattern-and-tutorial- Creative Easy Craft Ideas For Sewing Toys

We have given you many ideas for sewing different toy items with different kinds of fabrics or scraps. Colorful inventions, additions, subtractions or extensions you can add remove as per your suitability. Kids always have room for extra toys and we also want to gift them something every time to see their happy faces. With a happy heart, you work better and put your all energy to the thing you want. and that’s make sewing much more interesting. Hope you like this post and must have learned something from it! Thank you.

Step by step Crochet Amigurumi Patterns Animals

step-by-step-crochet-amigurumi-patterns-animals/ Creative Easy Craft Ideas For Sewing Toys

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