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Music Drawings To Celebrate International Music Day

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Music is an integral part of our life. We listen to music when we are happy, when we are sad, when we are low, when we are high, when we party, we are with our loved ones or even when we break up. So, in all music forms very much a part of our life. Music is a dose of feelings you gain from the outside. It helps you heal, recover and rejuvenate. So, let us celebrate this International Music Day which is on June 21 with fervour and enthusiasm. The love we have for the art of music shall drip from our art.

How To Draw Music on Paper – Music Drawings

Let us start with easy flowing notes. As notes are the basics of music. The right notes mean a beautiful song. We need a white drawing sheet and a black marker. You may even use some reference to draw the music notes or just use your imagination to draw the musical notes. Use a black marker to draw flowy lines starting from a base. The flowy lines should be broader at one end. Then use different colours to make different notes of music in between the flowy lines. This will give the artwork a musically flowy nature. For better understanding of the art work look up:

How To Draw Word Music in 3D Letter Illusion Trick – Music Drawings

We can even make a beautiful poster using 3D MUSIC for the International Music Day. We shall use a ruled sheet, pencil and colours. Now start writing “music” in between the lines leaving spaces in between the letters. This will give it a depth effect. Now colour or paint it in whichever colour you like. Mark the outlines using a black marker to make it appear fuller and deep. For better understanding of the 3D wordart look up:

How To Incorporate Initials into Music Notes – Tattoo Design

We can even try incorporating our initials in the music notes. They are a nice idea to give yourself a tattoo this music day or you may even make it your signatures or to signify your presence. Going about it start with a white drawing sheet, a pencil and a black marker. Before starting we must have the basic knowledge of the different musical notes. Then we should look if the particular note goes with our initials, after choosing the note we shall start making it. Start off with a pencil first so that you can correct any mistakes in case you commit any. Start dividing or distorting the music note according to your initials in the pencil stage only. Once you are satisfied with the pencil version of it, you may proceed with the black pen. First of all mark the outlines with the black pen, then start filling in, without leaving any gaps in between. Be cautious about the edges and the tips. You may add small designs to the surroundings of your musical initials. For better understanding of making your name musical look up:

How To Draw Music Notes – Music Drawings

If you have not found yet a nice and easy way to draw music notes, let me help you. First we shall start with a treble cleff. First of all draw a straight line downwards, then draw a backward ‘c’ on the top part. Moving downwards in the opposite direction draw a ‘c’ down till the fourth line. Now just loop the end around the second line. Now we shall draw 5 ovals in between the first and second line filling up most of the space but not touching any of the lines. Now fill in the first one. When we fill the oval it becomes the full note. Now draw a straight line up from the right end of the filled oval, this makes a quarter note. Now filling up the second oval and adding the stem to it, if I add a flag to it as well it becomes a eighth note. Now fill up the third and fourth ovals. If we wish to connect two eighth notes we can do it by making the stems of the two ovals and then connect them at the top. This is known as barred eighth notes. If we keep the oval empty and draw the stem, it is called a half note. To gain better understanding and to know the beats each note gets, look up:

Going by the importance of music in our lives, the day was first celebrated in Paris in the year 1982. It is the brainchild of former French minister Jack Lang. It is celebrated in over 700 cities across 120 countries. Different countries have different ways to celebrate music and cherish its importance in their lives. The customs and traditions formed over the years have come into existence after so long and they have become an yearly affair. People dance, sing, party in all enjoy themselves. To know some more about some countries music day celebrations look up:

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