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Tissue Paper Art – Give Shape To Your Imagination

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Tissue paper is a very important household item. It is also very important when we go out. There are many types of tissue papers- single ply, double ply, soft, extra soft, facial tissues etc. They all serve different purposes. So, the question which arises is that can a tissue paper serve the purpose of art. Can it be the medium or the method or the canvas for an artwork? Let us try finding the answers to these questions going through the length of this article. I wish you all have fun going through and realising these art forms unfurl in front of your eyes and then trying them out will surely offer you contentment.

Do you know you can even paint using the tissue paper. Yes you can. Take aa drawing sheet and stick it to the table using the blue tape. We have suggested the blue tape because it does not rip the page apart when pulled and neither does the paint bleed through it. You can even use masking tape if you wish to. Now cut your colourful tissue in small sheets. You can choose random cuts or geometrical shapes. You can cut circles, triangles, squares, hearts or stars. Now spray water on the drawing sheet. Once your sheet is wet enough place the cut tissue paper pieces on the wet sheet. Once you are happy with your design spray water once more and leave it to dry for about 20 minutes. After this period you will see the bleed effect of the tissue colour evidently. Now pull the tissue paper pieces. When all the tissue has been pulled away let the sheet dry overnight. In the morning remove the blue tape from the side and your tissue paper painted masterpiece is ready to be framed. For more understanding,watch this video.

Let us make round flowers with the help of tissue paper. Take a sheet of 4×32 cm tissue paper. Take four such pieces and place them on top of each other. Now start folding it in a zig-zag manner from one end. Once this fold is completed tie it with the help of a craft wire. Round the ends of the craft wire to secure the tissue in place. Now start unfurling the tissue paper. Make every side individual. You get a scrunch. Now make four such scrunches and join them together one by one. Now shear the extra length making sure the joined scrunches look like a ball. Now for the stem and leaves take a green sheet of the size 3×12 cm. Roll the green sheet and cover the craft wire with the help of the rolled sheet. Now paste the leaf on the stem. You can make flowers using different coloured tissue papers. For better understanding watch this video.

Do you know you can create mesmerising textures using tissue papers. Let us start by taking an example. You can start with having a canvass and then take a tissue paper sheet and crumble it, pull it back, again crumble it, again pull it back. Repeat until you are happy with the stresses. Now spread a layer of the glue on the canvas. Once you have applied a thin layer spread the tissue paper. After securing it spread another layer of glue on top of it. Keep the layer as thin as possible as thicker layer can destroy the stresses. Now utilise this time to complete the edges. Watch this video for procedure.

Moving on further to complete the artwork. After the sheet dries up completely, start by making a heart shape. Start with painting it in the lightest hues of pink. Then start highlighting with purple on the edges. Keep the left side a bit darker and the right side a bit lighter. So, that it gives rise to a shading effect. We are using acrylic paints, so remember that acrylics darken upon drying. Now let it dry for a short period of time. After it seems a bit drier start forming a bright shade of magenta to form a heart. We do not wish to make the heart look dull. It should have a bright air to it. You may even use shine finish acrylics. Now start with the sides of the heart, the empty space, Start with bright colours like blues and greens and yellows. Now after these light shades dry, start with a dark shade and using the flat side of the brush paint the veins of the tissue. Continue this with the heart as well, but do not overdo on the bright side. Now using the flat side of the brush mark the edges of the heart with it. It will define the heart in a better way. Darken the edges of the canvass to give it a depth effect. For better understanding watch this video.

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