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DIY: Winter Crafts For Kids To Make at Home

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Winter Crafts For Kids!

The season loved by nearly all the children, the season of snowman, polar bears and chilly winds, the ‘winter season’ is round the corner and once again we are bound to think of ways to keep our children indoors, preventing them from the unwanted cold that is accompanied with this season.

Rather than bribing your kids with unhealthy ways to stay indoors, why not provide and guide them with unique, easy  and attractive  DIY craft ideas  that will not only help you to keep your child busy and safe indoors but will also enhance his creativity thus fostering his overall development.

Think of creating your own snowman with your child at home and that too in just 30-40 minutes!

Here are some amazing DIY videos with super easy winter special craft ideas that you can use this winter season to spend some quality time with your kid and help him be a crafty:

Cute DIY Snowman Using a Sock

Ever thought of making a child’s all time favourite  snowman with simple and easily available materials like sock, rice, craft pins, red wool, glue orange paper and rubber bands and that too in super easy steps?

All you have to do is take a plain white sock and cut it in half from the center using a pair of scissors. Hold the closed end piece and tie it using red wool. Now, fill up some rice inside the sock piece and tie the other end to make your snowman’s body. Use a rubber band to split that body in two circles. Use a red cloth and a thin strip of the white sock glued and tied together to make your snowman’s hat and another strip of red cloth to make his muffler. At last, use craft pins to make your snowman’s eyes, nose and buttons and your snowman is ready to roll!  Refer to this video for guidance:

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Paper Strips Snowman – Winter Crafts For Kids

Running short of time and don’t want to get into the trouble of using too many materials for a craft? This video have an easy and simple way to make a snowman by just using paper strips and glue and it will be the perfect option for you.

Cut out 4 small and 4 large paper strips. Take the four small strips together, place them over one another and join them from the center creating a web. Now join all the ends of the web at one point to make a circle out of it and repeat the same steps with large strips to have one small and one big circle. Join the two circles together and use a black marker to make your snowman’s eyes and buttons. Use colored paper strips for making his muffler and tadaa! Your snowman is ready in just 10 minutes without any hassle. Watch this video for reference:

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Snowman Pop-Up Card – Winter Crafts For Kids

For all those who have a love for greeting cards, this simple and unique snowman pop-up card is a perfect way to show your creativity skills. Just a little paper folding and cutting, and with the final touches using a marker, your card is ready. So this winter, let your child wish his teachers and friends a happy winters with his personalized snowman pop-up card. Follow the steps provided in this video to make your own beautiful card.

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Polar Bear Bookmark Corner – Winter Crafts For Kids

For all the book lovers out there, here is an innovative bookmark corner to keep a record of the page where you left. You can use this wonderful craft with your child to explain him the use of bookmarks and hence inculcate reading skills in him in a unique way. All you need is just some paper folding skills and mere 10 mins of your time to come up with this beautiful polar bear bookmark. Watch this short video and follow the simple steps and use this polar bear bookmark craft idea to enhance your child’s crafting skills:

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Handprint Penguins – Winter Crafts For Kids

Here is a fun-filled activity that you can carry out with your kid to develop his interest in crafts and to get an amazing handprint penguin that can be used to decorate your walls.

Trace your child’s hands on a black chart paper and cut out the traced hands. Put the inverted cut outs on a flat surface and glue a white colored circle cut out in the middle of the palm area. Use a piece of orange colored sheet to make the penguin’s nose and black marker on a white sheet to make his eyes and your penguin is ready. Create a backdrop on a light blue colored sheet with cotton and stick your hand printed penguins over it, if you wish to create a scenery. Refer to this video to see how beautiful such hand printed penguins can be:

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Paper Plate Polar Bear Mask -Winter Crafts For Kids

Amongst all the crafts, the one that attracts kids the most is face masks. Being an entirely different character altogether, face masks are an amazing tool to enhance a child’s creative and language development. This winter, take up this easy activity of making a polar bear mask simply by using a paper plate, cotton, glue, white and black sheet, a coin, stick and scissors.

  • Use a coin to cut out two eye holes on a paper plate and cut out two large circles from a white sheet. Glue them at the top ends of the paper plate to make the bear’s ears.
  • Take a plastic bowl and stick it below the eyes, making the nose of the bear.
  • Cover your bear entirely using cotton and let it dry.
  • Cut out a small black circle and paste it in the nose to complete the final touch.
  • Add a Popsicle stick in the bottom center so as to provide a handle to your mask and your mask is ready.

Use this mask to have an amazing time with your child!

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Popsicle Stick Flower – Winter Crafts For Kids

If you are a nature lover, follow these simple steps to create a colorful DIY flower by using some Popsicle sticks and a plastic glass. For the base, cut the plastic glass in two halves from the center. Paint some Popsicle sticks with different colors of your choice and cut some of them according to the size of the glass. Stick them all around the glass and your base is ready. For the flower, cut out three small circles from a white sheet and cut down some Popsicle sticks into small pieces. Stick the pieces around the first circle, leaving some space in between two pieces, covering the entire circumference. Now flip the circle and in the spaces that were left, stick some more sticks of larger size. Cover the center of the backside with the second circle and stick a large Popsicle stick making the flower’s stem. Make the goggle eyes of the flowers using white sheet and markers and your flower is ready. You can use some sand and fill it up in the base and then put the flower in it to make a perfect DIY planter for yourself. Go through this video for detailed steps:

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Simple Snowman Activity For Kids

If getting into all the DIY stuff seems like a mess to you, we have a simple activity that you can conduct with your child to keep him busy and to enhance his motor skills as well. Just take a print out of a snowman’s body outline. Provide your child with some cotton balls and glue and ask him to cover the snowman’s body with the cotton balls.

Preferable, show him once how to do it and then you are all set to go! Sit back and watch your child performing and enjoying this simple activity. Check out this video to see some kids having an amazing time with this activity:

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This winter, choose one of these amazing winter crafts for kids and let your child explore the artist within as every child is an artist in some way or the other.

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