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DIY: Diwali Project Ideas For Children & Schools

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Diwali is holiday for everyone but children get extra homework like Diwali Project to be presented in the class. To help out children we present few simple Diwali Project for kids like cards and charts.

Diwali celebrated across the world by the million of Hindus, Sikhs and Jain. The few featured Diwali Crafts will help your child learn about the holiday and will be perfect for home or for Diwali crafts for school. Use Diwali project crafts as multicultural craft ideas as by teaching children about different cultures.This year celebrates the festival of lights Diwali by getting them involved in a few easy Diwali crafts for kids. We are sharing ideas for you.

DIY Diwali Project Ideas For Children & Schools

Lighten up Your Friendship with this Perfect Gift


  •  As mentioned above diwali is colorful festival which is celebrated across the world.
  • It needs more color to decorate the greeting card. To do the greeting card for your relatives or school friends it needs paper or chart.
  • Next much-needed item is color pencil and sketch to do coloring in card. With materials, you can decorate with your own design and colors filled in it.
  • Create much color on card to look bright as festival. Balloon shaped papers are attached below the greeting card. If needed use the paper of shape whichever you like

Diwali Special Card to Gift

Image Source: Mindful Meanderings
  • Every diwali brings out new experience and memory which should be cherished throughout the life. To gift the very special one, do it with your own idea and spend your time.
  • To do this much, many items are not needed. Different color papers and different shaped paper is stickers are needed to give more attraction to card.
  • Light is the main feature of diwali. Try to bring them in cards. New designs can be added to it, as per your wish.

Teach Your Kids about Diwali

Image Source: A spoon full of ideas
  • Card can be made by pasting the pictures. Choose the picture which you decided to paste on it. Choose pictures with colorful of lights.
  • Use decorative items as much as you can. Try to cover the overall space over the paper. Diwali comes once in the year.
  • Let’s celebrate with full joy and josh. Welcome this diwali, by doing the crafts like this.

Diwali Card Idea to Wish Your Family Members

Image Source:
  •  Diwali’s are special one and favorite among many the people. There are several ways for celebrating Diwali, that has become a traditional image for learning about with young children.
  • The families across India, decorate the doorways of their homes with garlands hung around doors and rangoli designs on the floor.
  • And by the end of the festival of lights there are fireworks and sparklers to celebrate Diwali with a big bang!

Diwali Flash Cards

Image Source:
  •  The Diwali is a festival with joyful celebration and many of its symbols — candles and lights, rangoli, flowers and fireworks — make ideal subjects for exploration with your children through crafts.
  • Really, children will enjoy creating pretty drawing pin diwali cards- it is very satisfying to push the pins in, and even the youngest children can produce a fantastic effect.
  • Besides, requiring the materialistic items, it needs creativity also. Another one easiest way for diwali craft idea is making a card.
  • Design the top and bottom boundaries are of anything which sparkle and use bright sketch pens for the message.
  • Try to use some buttons to represent the crackers.

Deepawali Special Fun Activities

Image Source: A spoon full of ideas
  • The diwali festival is one of the best times of the year, everyone in the household is filled with joy and enthusiasm. Adults and children, all excited about this fun-filled extravaganza.
  • You can spice up the celebrations by adding fun-filled team activities or making different Diwali cards to decorate our homes with them. These things add more color and joy to the festival.
  • As everyone nearby, has started going green Diwali and avoid crackers as much as possible, you can use these Easy Diwali cards ideas to involve everyone in your house

Simple Diwali Paper Card in Sacred Yellow

Image Source:

  • Keep celebrating diwali festival of light with the kids. It is time, where the whole family gets together, and enjoys and celebrates, all in one place.
  • It’s the time to let the kids unleash their creativity, celebrate the festival of lights in the best way possible by involving children in some beautiful crafting.
  • Starting from painting to cutting, include the best and most creative Diwali craft ideas for kids. Let them try

Colorful Diwali Craft for Kids

Image Source:

  • A simple candles lighted up can be boring to watch, and also, it is not much attractive. Can group the Candles and the diyas to avoid this. Make a try to create a pattern with the Diyas and the candles.
  • Surround candle with the help of rangoli color or any other powder, grains with preferred colors. Diwali means all about how you decorate our house.
  • See how beautiful it is, and the shiny it looks, the more it will be praised. Make this happen, by using clays of different colors to easily craft these holders for holding the candles

Diwali Lanterns

Image Source:

  •  Few families set out Diyas around their homes for Diwali, and create a colorful Diya and light oil by making a Diwali Diya Craft.
  • To do diya a few ingredients are needed, you can create your diya by simple craft. Create your own diya with paper.
  • Place it on theere ever you like to have. See how beautiful house looks.

Diwali Card Idea

Image Source: Dr. Sonia S V
  • For boosting the decorations of a house use lively colors, and can use colorful candles easy diwali craft idea. The candles can be made at home without many efforts and money.
  • First choose the color out of which you are going to make the diya. The firecrackers are fun to watch, but come with their hazards like smoke and noise.
  • Instead of firecracker, use diya, which is completely noise-free and surprisingly easy to make! The diyas can be in different color combinations, and put them up on the wall for lovely festive art.

Try to spread the festive spirit among your friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues and loved ones by This easy DIY cards. The most colorful aspects of Diwali is the bright and intricate Rangoli drawn in the front of homes! Your child may or may not be old enough to help out with the real Rangoli, he can spend some quiet time coloring a Rangoli design on paper! Try to celebrate this diwali by crafts mentioned above. Happy DIWALI!

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