DIY Chandeliers You Can Create From Everyday Objects

Chandeliers add to the beauty of a room. We all love to have those small hangings in the centre of our room hanging from the ceiling, providing the room with that dreamy effect. We have different kinds of chandeliers. We can go in the market and buy some glass one, but they can never equal the ones made by hand with the artistic overview and outlook. We tend to unleash the creative binge inside us and play and dream with our own DIYs. Let us get started.

How to Make a Tassel Chandelier

We are going to take up an easy chandelier idea first. Let us make a beautiful chandelier using some yarn, this will be our tassel chandelier DIY. This video describes the procedure in a very concrete manner. You may go over it more than once to fully understand the technique. First of all take a beautiful yarn ball. Now make tassels out of it by wrapping it around a frame and then sealing it with the knot by the thread. Now repeat this tassel making process 100 times, now thread these tassels in a sewing hoop. Make three hoops of different sizes. Now tie these hoops to each of the adjacent one using yarn. Tie it neatly and secure with sturdy knots. Now take chains of equal length to hang this chandelier in your room to beautify it beyond measure. For better understanding of this chandelier DIY look up:

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DIY- Hula hoop Chandelier

Let us make a hula hoop chandelier. It is easy to make and looks very beautiful. Now you need a hula hoop, duct tape and lighting strings. First of all tape the strings together for better lighting in every inch. This will make the winding process easier and efficient. Use thin strips of duct tape for this step all along the length of the lighting strings. Once when you feel that the strings won’t move unnecessarily you can move to the next step, that is winding the strings on the hula hoop. Take the hula hoop and start by taping the end point first on the hula hoop. Now start winding it in close wounds but not too close. Use duct tape wherever necessary. Now use strings to hang the chandelier. Make sure it is in a single plane and does not tilt while you hang it. It looks very beautiful after installation. For better understanding of this hula hoop chandelier look up:

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How to Make String Chandelier DIY

Let us make a beautiful string chandelier. You need to have some kind of ball which you can pop and take out afterwards or you can use a balloon. We need some string, we are using paper strings. We need glue as well. Make you balloon blow up. You can use your breath or some kind of pump for this purpose. Once you are done with blowing the balloon up, now mix the glue and the water in 1:2 ratio. That means you will use double the volume of water than the glue. Cover the balloon with cling film. Start dipping the string in the glue and water mixture and then, start winding it on the cling film clad balloon. After you complete it, leave the system to dry for 24 hours. The next day pop the balloon and take it out along with the cling film. You have a nice string chandelier to adorn your home. For better understanding look up:

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How to Make a Floral Chandelier DIY

We will require a paper lantern as base for this chandelier. We are using coffee fillers, but you can also use cupcake holders for the same purpose.  We will even require glue gun. Let us get started. Noe place the paper lantern in a nice position, you do not wish to harm the bulb inside. Now gather the coffee fillers like a flower and apply glue at the backside of it. Now secure it on the paper lantern. Cover the whole lamp with such flowers. Do not leave any gaps. Now be careful while you install it or you may take help from an electrician. For better understanding of this flower like chandelier look up:

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How to Make a Plastic Cup Chandelier

We are going to use sturdy plastic cups to make a new lighting chandelier. We need a stapler, and mii lights for this DIY. Now start by forming a base layer of the cups, after you have drilled holes in the middle of the base of each cup. Now secure the cups in the circular layer by using a stapler. Create another on top, making a dome securing it with stapler. Now make the other half. Push the mini lights through the drilled holes. Now join the two halves together and hang the chandelier. It is light weight so can be hung using the wires only. This looks really beautiful. For better understanding of this lighted chandelier look up:

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I hope you would enjoy . Looking forward to more such work. You may suggest any topics you wish to be written on.

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