40+ Best Ganesh Chaturthi Decoration Ideas at Home 2024

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with great pomp and show especially in the states of  Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujrat and Uttar Pradesh. Ganapati the son of Lord Shiva and Parbati is known by several other names such as Ekdant, Vighnaharta and stands as a symbol of victory. This year Ganesh Chaturthi will be celebrated on 10th of September and do puja of our beloved god. Today we will be come to know about some attractive home décor techniques to decorate our house this Ganesh Chaturthi.

Simple Ganesh Chaturthi Decoration Ideas at Home 2024

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the largest and most popular festival celebrated in the Indian subcontinent and also has its fame all over the world. The lord of intellect and wisdom has an elephant’s head on a human body and thus is called Ganapati. This year Ganesh the auspicious date of Ganesh Chaturthi is on 10th of September and thus the one who have not yet preceded with the decoration has very little time in hand so without any further delay let us explore some unique attractive decoration models to decorate our Ganapati space this festive season.

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The Suttle Décor for Ganpati with Puja Thali

Image source/Tutorial: Shital Deshmukh

A dark colored background is bordered with some multi colored artificial flowers and the base of the background is further decorated with small circular glass pieces. Bappa is made to sit on a red piece of cloth with golden border. The puja thali is also beautifully decorated with decorative and bells all around.

The Rainbow Theme

Image source/Tutorial: Pranita Sharma

In the above depiction a very beautiful scenery is portrayed through the decoration of Ganesh Chaturthi with the help of crafty techniques. Seven chain of the VIBGYOR is created using vibrant colored sheets are are put together to create a rainbow, again yellow and white papers are used to create a sun and some clouds to give the sky a fuller look. The ground part is decorated with readymade as well as craft flowers and all together this is giving a natural setup for Ganapati.

The Animated Theme

Image source/Tutorial: Veena Mayekar Todankar

This setup has a touch of animation in it, Mushak raj is shown as an anime character standing with a Ganapati chant. Ganapati is made to sit inside a Coconut structure and the base is painted red with some Mango leaves as they are considered auspicious. The background is beautifully decorated with crafty chains with pattern made with green, yellow and red colored papers.

The Glitter Theme

Image source/Tutorial: Ritika Ritu

A block colored saree or a long piece of cloth is very wisely used to prepare the base on wall and on top of that a symmetric background is prepared very attractively in the shape of a collection peacock feathers using green, purple, yellow and blue colored glitter paper, also the two swans on the sides of the idol prepared with color and glitter papers are also adding great charm to to the entire decoration.

The Dreamy Décor

Image source/Tutorial: Rashmi Raghuwanshi

The above décor has portrayed a magical setup for the lord, dark blue is chosen as the background which is very vibrantly contrasting the white fluffy white clouds and stars and Ganapati is made to sit on a crescent moon. The auspicious thali containing the puja elements is placed o a red cloth with golden borders which is popping out.

The Natural Ganpati

Image source/Tutorial: Smita Rane

A natural theme is very beautifully recreated using very delicate craft and Bappa is made to sit amidst this adorable environment. A small pond is created which is shown to have red and white colored lotus bloomed. The bank of this pond is well decorated with green plants and trees and multi colored various kinds of flowers.

The Ganpati House

Image source/Tutorial: Kkamya D Dodia

A small house for Ganapati to sit during this festival season can be no better, the house structure id very delicately constructed and then covered with required cloth pieces and the left out areas are painted using spray paints. Windows are added to add depth and inside the house just in front of the idol bhog is presented in a beautiful manner.

The Grand Décor

Image source/Tutorial: DrShruti Gawali

The above setup is very gaudily decorated, starting from the base level plants are used and fairy lights are swirled all around the plants. A readymade pearly structure decorated with glass pieces and other decorative are put just above the Lords head from where flower chains are hanging down. In the background an embellished yellow piece of cloth along with flower garlands are put up in a decorative manner.

The Royal Décor to Place Eco-friendly Idol of Ganpati

Image source/Tutorial: Roopini Varadaraju

This is a simple yet a very attractive and gaudy setup. The background is set up with a designer piece of cloth in the shade ruby. A royal seat of silver is placed in the middle for Bappa to sit also marigold garlands of two vivid colors are used to create a framework structure. Two metallic diya stand / lamp are placed on both the sides of the seat. Place your eco-friendly Ganpati at this beautifully decorated seat to celebrate the festival.

The Umbrella Theme

Image source/Tutorial: Anju Chetan Gajjar

A readymade umbrella structure decorated with woolen thread decorative of a soft color under which Bappa is made to sit. The lord’s seat is covered with a well embellished designer cloth and on top of that a red cloth is laid. Bappa is dressed in his royal attire with garlands.

The Minimal Décor

Image source/Tutorial: Padma Parandaman

This décor is perfect for super busy people, a beautiful money plant climber is used to create a framework for Ganapati and the left out portion on the framework is covered with artificial flowers to give it a fuller look. A simple Rangoli is made in front of bappa and the bhog is beautifully decorated as well as presented.

The Grand Throne

Image source/Tutorial: Samruddhi Vishal Joshi

Old sofa set can be spray painted with yellow or any other attractive colors or you may buy a brand new throne for the lord and decorate the backside of the same with thermocol pattern to make it look royal, make bappa sit on the throne. Fix a light at the back to give a glow to the seat and decorate the front part with either artificial or real flowers of your choice.

The Soft Theme

Image source/Tutorial: Vaishali Bari

A very soothing color combination of pink and white colored is chosen for the above décor and the seat as well the background wall is very beautifully covered with these clothes. The borders are defined with pink and white colored flowers respectively, A long white vase with white flowers kept at the corner is enhancing the beauty of the entire decoration. The necessities for puja is also very neatly placed and yellow marigold garlands are wrapped around some items.

Forest Theme

Image source/Tutorial: Priya Jangde Tamrakar

A beautiful forest theme is recreated inside the four walls and it looks really admirable. A green leafy background is used on which the main subject is a peacock which is created very delicately with colored paper and crafty techniques. Artificial flowers are used to decorate the place. The seat of Bappa is put on a base which is wrapped on a white cloth and has some colorful decoration in the front. Overall the entire setup looks spectacular.

The Throne Of Flowers

Image source/Tutorial: Hemangi Mamadi

The entire catch in this home décor lies in the seat of Bappa, the throne is been given a royal look by decorating its background with flowers of different kinds such as yellow and orange marigold, white and pink dahlia. The flowers are beautifully placed in a designer manner keeping a symmetry. Making this setup needs immense patience and is a work of pure art.

The Coconut Theme

Image source/Tutorial: Harshal Sawant

A beautiful coconut themed setup is displayed above and this can be done very easily at home. Firstly you need to make a small house like structure with ply, cover the backward portion with jute to give it a coconut shell like look. The front part is first designed with thermocol and white lights are set up inside and then it is wrapped with a white sheet of cloth to make your own funky coconut setup.

The Professional Decor

Image source/Tutorial: Amit Raut

The above display can be categorized as a profession one as false pillars and panels are used all around the room, elephant structures are used in the beads of the walls to match the Ganapati season. The lord is made to sit on a high base which has patterns resembling that of the wall but in other color, we can see Mushakraj just beside the lord standing in the next base.

The Lotus Seat

Image source/Tutorial: Aasavari Deshpande Kasralikar

The above depiction shows lord seated on a huge red lotus which is handmade. The lotus is made of some hard natured paper in the shade red, golden shimmer paper is used to outline each petals and create a small pattern in the middle to enhance the contrast with the shade red. The wall is lightly decorated with circular readymade bead chains available. This is a perfect go to home décor for people who have very less time in hand.

The Peacock Throne

Image source/Tutorial: Bhumika Shah

The above set up is an extreme neat one with two identical peacock embracing the throne. The peacocks are made with extreme delicacy and are exactly identical and are made out of thermocol and bright spray paint or poster colors are used to paint them. The floor of the entire room is covers with red cloth to give the whole setup a depth.

The Bamboo Theme- Eco-friendly Decoration

Image source/Tutorial: Gargi Alavani

An entire house like structure is constructed using bamboo sticks and the lord is made to sit inside the structure. Lights are fitted inside so that the lord’s seat is enlightened. Also glossy spray paints are used to give the bamboo sticks a polished look.

The Paper Decor

Image source/Tutorial: Kshatriya Dipali

Papers of multiple color as well as texture are used to make this setup, and all together it looks just gorgeous. Streamers are used in a cris-cross pattern to cover the background, the ceiling is decorated with light reflecting colorful balls and various readymade decorative chains are used to decorate the front part, this again is a very handy décor for the people who are in the eleventh hour of their setup.

The House Of The Lord Ganesha

Image source/Tutorial: Aasavari Deshpande Kasralikar

This is a very simple yet interesting home décor for this Ganesh Chaturthi and it is also quite effortless. A table is neatly wrapper with a green colored cloth to give it a land like look and then on it using cardboard and paint a house and a tree is made as the background, this is basically a village theme put up to embrace the lord.

The Bright Shimmery Decor

Image source/Tutorial: Jayshree Shrirao

Firstly lights are fitted into the wall and the entire room is covered with bright shimmery cloth in the contrasting shade of blue and white, same kind of cloth in the shade of golden is used for the celling. The seat of the lord is covered with a bright red colored cloth with a golden border. Also a heavy flower decoration is done which looks stunning just behind the seat, the seat is placed on a large base which is also very neatly covered and is decorated with flowers.

The White Decor

Image source/Tutorial: Dheeraj Rathi

This setup has the maximum use of the color white as most part of this is done using white cloth or white paper. Talking about the lord’s seat it is very neatly covered with white cloth and Bappa is made to sit on a beautiful hexagonal mat of pearls and stones. The seat is also decorated with readymade decorative chain. The background is formed with white glossy paper decorated with maroon decorative.

The Peacock Theme

Image source/Tutorial: Anita Jhankar

The above setup is a work of pure art and needs extreme patience and skills. A seat is beautifully made by joining paper cones of the color yellow and red and the background is decorated with a single peacock structure. The body of the bird is made with blue color paper and the most important part of the peacock that is its feathers are beautifully made out of cloth of the color dark blue, green, light blue and white respectively.

The Ring Theme

Image source/Tutorial: Dipti Joshi

The above setup is a very interesting one and is done using silver colored rings of different sizes all over these rings perfectly goes with the golden pillars and the base, the combination of the golden and silver color is appropriate. The rings are arranged in a symmetrical manner mostly forming triangular patterns.

The Streamer Theme

Image source/Tutorial: Madhavi Dantu

The above theme is a colorful as well as an effortless one as it can be done in almost no time. Colorful streamers are being hung from a single point and are spread out as the bunch comes down. Two banana plants placed on both the sides of the lord’s seat in enchancing the look of the décor.

The Fairy Light Theme

Image source/Tutorial: Kumari Rakhi

The above setup is also a very attractive one and has the involvement of lots of craft into it. The seat is wrapped in a bright yellow colored cloth the background is first covered with a designer cloth and the curtain stand is very wisely used with pink curtains on it. At the background we can see a peacock which is made of paper and is an outstanding piece of craft we also witness the circular wall hangings made of color paper. And finally we have the fairy lights all over stealing the show.

The Simple Decor

Image source/Tutorial: Mamatha Harish

The above setup is a very minimalistic one using least decorative items. The lord is made to sit on a polishes wooden table with banana plants all around the background is also neatly covered with blue curtains. The main attraction of this décor is the Rangoli design, bright Rangoli colors are used to design a beautiful peacock themed Rangoli and the pots placed beside with flowers and diyas are adding to its beauty.

The Minimalistic Look

Image source/Tutorial: Manasi Jade

The above setup is a very minimalistic as well as decent one,  the main catch in this setup is the grand background setup of the room. A beautiful panel is created using flower structure and placed right at the back of the lord. Also the designer light in the background is adding to the beauty of the setup. The requirements of the puja are placed in a very orderly manner in the front and is adding to the neatness.

Peacock Seat for Ganapti

Image source/Tutorial: Namdeo Kuray

Decorating themes regarding peacocks are very common this festive season and the best part is that is turns out to be a very beautiful one every time. The above set up is all about the peacock seat of the lord. A beautiful peacock is drawn and painted and placed with an amazing conception, the body of the bird makes the back of the seat whereas its feathers lie all over the seat.

Mount Kailash Decoration Theme

Image source/Tutorial: Prasad Iyer

The above one is a full on white snowy theme with Mahadev Shiv the father of lord Ganesh himself in the frame. The whole set is created using lots of cotton and white sheet. Also cool white light bulbs are placed in the background to give the setup a more realistic look.

Waterfall Theme for Ganpati Home Decor

Image source/Tutorial: Priya Mhaiskar

In the above setup a very beautiful waterfall is being recreated. Brown papers are crumpled to make bocks and they are combined together to form the base for the waterfall also small green trees are randomly placed here and there. A fine white designer cloth piece is used to depict the water and on top of that blueish white fairy lights are used which is giving it a more practical look.

Last minute Ganpati Decoration Idea

Image source/Tutorial: Sangeeta Kenjalkar

The above one is a very simple, sophisticated as well as a last minute savior home décor idea. Multicolor paper are cut into triangular shapes and are formed into a chain using a string and then those are used to decorate the wall. Golden fairy lights are also put up and has enlighten the place.

Artistic Peacock & Flute Theme Decoration

Image source/Tutorial: Sarita Prajapati

A lot of art has been incorporated into this set up and when put up altogether it looks remarkable and stunning. Thermocol is used as a base and a peacock, a flute and a bunch of flower structures are created, the flowers are painted with spray paints, the flute is covered with glitter paper and the peacock is designed with glossy colorful paper. Fairy lights are also incorporated which is making thee entire décor more beautiful.

Beautiful Floral Setup for Ganapati Bappa

Image source/Tutorial: Raji Gayatri

The above setup is a beautiful last moment savior and can be put up gracefully, various flowers such as yellow and red shade of marigold, yellow dahlia, white jasmine and other small pink and white flowers are used to create a symmetric design, this is even acting as a floral seat for the lord.

Whiteboard Decor for Ganesh Chaturthi

Image source/Tutorial: Satya Sri

White boards comes very handy and is an excellent medium of decorating when there is little space at your place and you want a neat and tidy décor. These are mostly used in schools, colleges or office spaces. Colorful papers are cut into the shapes of flowers and leaves and are arranged symmetrically also stickers of Ganapati and pasted into some and in the very middle a Ganapati cut out of paper is placed.

Decoration with Garland and lightings

Image source/Tutorial: Sonali Kamlesh

The above setup has the utilization of paper garlands, these are a kind of decorative that are readily available in the market. The are placed in a symmetric manner in the combination of rainbow color, a dark colored floral chain is placed at the top and fairy lights are used all over to make the setup more beautiful.

Floral Frame for Ganesha

Image source/Tutorial: Srilaxmi Gunda

In the above set up a beautiful set as well as a frame is constructed of flowers. Peach and pink colored roses are used in stack along with green bushes to give it a garden like look. The lord’s seat is beautifully made in the middle of the frame and is covered with green designer cloth.

Let’s Decorate with Paper

Image source/Tutorial: Sushma Sanjeev

This entire setup is done using a variety of papers, firstly pink and green marble papers are used to construct a lotus shaped seat for the lord. Then the background is neatly wrapped with shimmery golden paper, and throughout the edges pink and golden colored flowers are put up in a contrasting pattern. Little red colored lotus structures are also cut out and placed sequentially in the background.

Red Singhasan for Ganapati

Image source/Tutorial: Swati Tuse

The above setup is a very bright one consisting of a beautiful contrast of the colors red and white. A beautiful throne like setup is made using cardboard. Artificial flowers of the shade red and white are used to cover the entire space and is giving the setup a fuller up.

These were a trading ideas to decorate your place this Ganesh Chaturthi. The article consists of every type of décor starting from high end artistic ones to the last min savior ideas. May this Ganesh Chaturthi each and every living creature seek the blessing of the lord.

Hope you liked these Ganesh Chaturthi decoration ideas at home. Use these handy yet attractive ideas to make your Ganesh Chaturthi special. May the lord bless each living creature on earth wish you all a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi!!

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How are you celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi. Which idea is your favorite? Leave your decoration ideas in the comment section. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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