DIY Easy Birthday Card Ideas with Video Tutorials

Birthday Cards easy!

Birthdays are a grand affair for one and all, be it a teenager or an octogenarian. Everyone forgets every worry on their birthdays and enjoy the day basking in the glory of their life. With each year passing by, you gain an addition in the number of known as your age, your knowledge is assumed to grow, your experience and the number of mistakes committed are bound to grow and you always expect your happy times to grow. Let us make each of our loved ones’ birthdays great.

Beautiful Birthday card idea-DIY Greeting Cards for Birthday

First of all take a hard sheet and cut the worn edges. Now fold it in half. Take a compass to make a circle and cut it out. Now take an off-white softer sheet to give your card a regal look and paste it on the outside of the card, securing the edges by folding them inside. Now take the same sheet and paste it inside. Take care of the circle previously cut out. Now make purple flowers. Use fold and cut method to make the flowers. Detail the flowers using a pencil and silver glitter. Now cut smaller white flowers and add purple details in them. Stick these smaller flowers onto the big purple flowers and add a pearl on the top. Now cut out leaves using the green coloured sheet. Start pasting the leaves and the flowers on the card front. Add rhinestones near the circular cavity. Write Happy Birthday in the cavity. Moving inside, stick a green ribbon on the edges using a glue gun. Line the circular cavity with liquid glitter on the inside. And add rhinestone patterns to the corners. You can also add balloons to the decoration as well. For better understanding of this beautiful birthday card look up:

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Beautiful Birthday Card Idea | DIY Birthday card

First of all take a yellow ivory sheet. Fold it giving two flaps. The outer flap should be smaller than the lower flap. Now give the outer flap a curvy cut on the edge. Now paste a black sheet on the lower flap. Cut four hearts from a red glitter foam sheet. Paste these hearts on the curvy cut, half on the inside leaving half in the open. Now write “Happy Birthday” on the smaller flap of the card. Now start writing wishes on the black flap. Decorate t with rhinestones and paste white stars at the bottom. Now make a message pocket at the back of the yellow flap. Use the black paper for the purpose. Now string the happy birthday and place in the message pocket. Now get more ideas on designing and decorating the inside, look up:

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Birthday card Beautiful Handmade-Birthday card idea

Take a sheet of paper and fold it like a card. Keep two flaps, the outer one smaller. Now paste extra sheets and fold the upper one from one corner. Make flowers and paste them in the folded region. Paste three hearts to make them pop on the side. Write happy birthday on the top. Coming on the inside. Make three separate cards and paste them inside. For better understanding of this four-in-one birthday card look up this easy to understand video tutorial:

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Birthday card Beautiful Handmade

For this birthday card design we would require; hard paper, sticky notes, rhinestones, coloured paper and fevicol. First of all take a white sheet and fold it in half. Cut a heart shape on a square sheet and place it on the edge of the card, mark and cut a heart shape. Now cut this yellow heart into a smaller one, trace it onto a red sheet and cut it. Now paste it on the inner fold of the card directly below the heart shape cut in the card. Now cut four smaller pink hearts and place them on the front. Now decorate the cover using rhinestones. Write happy birthday in the front. Decorate the inside with more red hearts. For better understanding look up:

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Birthday Card – Pop-Up Card Tutorial

The next tutorial I am sharing is a very special one. Take a white sheet of paper and draw the given drawing of the cake. Now cut accordingly, first the solid lines and then the dotted lines. Push the shape upwards to realise the work has been done well. Now colour the cake using the sketch pens. Be careful while colouring, you need to colour within the lines. Do not spill colour into other compartments. Now cut waves in the sides and at the top. Be careful while using a cutter t o make all these cuts. Write Happy Birthday at the bottom. Now stick this onto a dark coloured hard sheet. Decorate the outside as per your liking. For better understanding of this pop-up birthday card look up this easy to understand tutorial video:

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Birthday is a special day for one all. Celebrate it with your loved ones with oomph and shower love and kindness on all.

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