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Christmas Ideas! We all adore the time when Santa Claus comes down the chimney to bless us with beautiful gifts. We all love to find the empty socks hung on the tree filled with gummies and chocolates on the next morning. This is the time we all relish with all our hearts. So, let us welcome Santa Claus in our beautifully decorated homes. Let us get started with something easy and traditional.

Magical Decor Ideas for upcoming Christmas Ideas

Let us get onto some DIY ideas for Christmas. First of all we are venturing into tree balls. Take a glass ball and place crayon pieces inside the glass balls. Melt the crayons inside the glass balls. This gives the balls beautiful colours. You can also use the pasta sticks to make a snowflake and later paint it. You can even design a Santa hat using wool and a circular piece of a cardboard cylinder. Now pull through wool strings through the circular cardboard piece. Tie the strings at the top of the hat and cut off the extra strings on the top of the knot. You can use the glue gun to form snow flakes and then stick them on the glass windows. Use an old-clothes hangers, use on old hangar to hold the tree balls in place. It will work as a wreath. You can also find ideas related to paper folding tree decoration in the link mentioned:

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DIY Christmas decoration ideas – Christmas Ideas

Use gym exercise balls to make large sized hangings. First of all choose a base colour of the ball and paint it. Now take a base like frustum, paint it and stick it to the gym ball. This will be your crafty Christmas hangings. Use a red pool noodle and white and green tapes to make candy to be put up as a part of the Christmas decorations. Even make some crafts using the popsicle sticks. Use a paper board to make a cone out of it. Now stick the spoon heads on this paper board cone. Now use a green spray paint to make it look like a Christmas tree. Now drizzle some white powder to show the snow. Decorate the tree using golden and red balls. You can even make fairy light lamps for your Christmas or choose from an array of pasta decorations, look up:

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How to make String Christmas tree – Christmas Ideas

If you just could not buy a Christmas tree, you may go the DIY way.  You will require a glue base, yarn, paint and sparkle. Polythene sheet will also be needed to protect the tree in the making process. First of all make a cone of the hard sheet. Make the base straight and cover the cone with cling-film. Secure the cling-film at the base. Now pour the glue in the open plate and dip the yarn in the glue and then apply it to the cling-film clad cone. Once you are happy with the application leave it to dry. After the yarn dries off completely, take the cone out of the design. Now you can decorate it the ways which you like. You can either use sparkles or small designing balls. You can adjust the size of the tree according to your need. For better understanding look up:

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How to make Balloon Orbs – Christmas idea

You can also make designer and colourful orbs for Christmas. You require a balloon, cling-film, glue, paints, glitter and everything you wish to decorate the orb with. Now inflate the balloon and cover it with cling-film. Now dip the yarn in the glue and wound the yarn on the cling-film covered balloon. This is the base of the orb. Now let it dry. After the orb skeleton dries, take out the balloon skin. Paint it and decorate it. Now you can use your orb in whatever way you want to. For better understanding look up:

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Hope you loved this Christmas edition of DIYs. Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope you enjoy the festivities with fervour and all these DIYs in sight of making and building.

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