How To Make Kirigami Christmas Tree – Step by Step Tutorial

The decoration is a vital part of the Christmas celebration, and it looks empty without a gorgeous decoration. Kirigami techniques come in handy even in this field and can be used to create beautiful decorating items. Today we will be learning to make a Christmas tree for preparing our Christmas décor or any other fancy decoration. Kirigami is the ancient art of paper folding and cutting to create amazing crafts. We will be requiring some basic stationery for performing this craft. So, without any further delay let’s begin with today’s tutorial that is making of a Kirigami Christmas tree.

Step-1: Paper Selection

  • Select any shade of paper of what you want your Christmas tree to be.
  • Make sure that the paper is square in shape.

Step-2: The Diagonal Fold

  • Fold the paper in half along anyone of the diagonal of the paper.
  • This will yield you a triangular folded paper.

Step-3: The Vertical Fold

  • Open the previous diagonal fold.
  • This will yield you a diagonal crease line.
  • Now fold the paper in half along the vertical axis.
  • This will yield you a rectangular folded paper.

Step-4: The Horizontal Fold

  • Open the previous vertical fold.
  • This will yield you a vertical crease line.
  • Now fold the paper in half along the horizontal axis.
  • This will yield you a rectangular folded paper.

Step-5: Forming The Kite Shape

  • Open all the folds, now insert your fingers along the crease line and try pushing it in.
  • You will yield a double-layered kite-shaped fold.

Step-6: Folding The Flaps

  • Fold both the flaps of the top layer into triangular folds.
  • Make sure that the folds are done in the downward direction and are tucked in.

Step-7: Start Folding The Lower Layer

  • Turn the figure and start working on the bottom layer.
  • Fold one of the flaps into triangular folds.

Step-8: Folding The Other Flap

  • Get hold of the other flap and fold it in the form of a triangle.

  • Fold the one side of the triangle as shown in the above picture.

Step-9: The Diamond Shaped Structure

  • Once all the four flaps are being folded you will yield a diamond-shaped figure just as the one shown above.

Step-10: Cut

  • Using a pair of scissors cut out the lower triangular portion of the kite shape.
  • You will then yield a neat proper triangular piece.

Step-11: The Triangular Piece

  • Make sure that the cut is neat, if not so make it using a pair of scissors.

Step-12: Make The Markings

  • Using a pencil make equal-distant markings as shown.

Step-13: Cut Along with The Markings

  • Using a pair of scissors cut along the pencil markings made before.
  • Make sure that the cut is even.

The Figure After Cut

  • After the cut, the figure will look somewhat like this figure demonstrated above

Step-14: The Tiny Triangular Folds

  • Fold the cuts into half along its diagonal to yield small triangular folds.
  • Do, the same with all the cuts made.

Step-15: Spread The Folds

  • Distinguish every single fold and spread them evenly to make the tree look like having some depth.

The Top View

The figure when viewed from above will look like this.

The Christmas Tree!!

Your Kirigami Christmas tree is ready! Use various shades of green to make a couple of these structures and use them for décor. You can even use small decorations to decorate these trees afterward. Kids will love and enjoy the making of this craft and following this detailed tutorial will make their job easy. So go ahead and make your own Kirigami Christmas tree today.

Anushree Ray: