How To Make A Origami Hat – Step by Step Tutorial

Origami is an ancient art of paper folding which can literally create wonders. This technique was developed with a dedication to fold the paper in a perfect way and also the papers used in origami are distinctly available as they come of a particular size and also make sure that folding the same produces proper creases. Today we will be learning to make some beautiful paper hats with our crafty minds and hands so, follow this tutorial and enjoy your own customized paper hats.

Materials Required:

  1. Colored Paper
  2. A pair of scissors

Step-1 Paper Selection

  • Take a square sheet of paper of any color of your choice.

Step-2 Divide The Paper

  • Fold it into half vertically
  • Cut along the vertical crease to get to rectangular sheets of paper.

Step-3 The Second Square Paper

  • Take another paper of the same color and fold it in half in a square shape.

Step-4 The Double Triangular Fold

  • Fold two of its vertices inner wards in the form of two separate triangles towards the center of the paper as shown.
  • Press the edges

Step-5 The Insertion

  • Open the triangular folds and push them in along the creases with your finger to develop the above structure.

Step-6 Turn

  • Turn the figure backside.
  • Make sure that the folds in the front part remain intact.

Step-7 The Symmetric Folds

  • Fold the two respective sides into thinner folds as shown to yield the particular shape.
  • Make sure that the symmetry is maintained.

Step-8 The 3d Fold

  • Lift the rectangular strips and puff them to give it an elevated look.

STEP-9 Flattening The 3D Shape

  • Flatten the elevated part and fold it along the creases to yield the structure of the lower part of a boat.

Step-10 Folding The Lower Flap

  • Repeat the same previous step with the other side of the paper.

Step-11 The Symmetric Fold

  • Fold the structure into half in such a manner that the pointed tips are up.

Step-12 The Semi Structure

  • You will thus yield half of the structure of your hat.

Step-13 Visualising The Shape

  • Blow the cavity created in between to give it a depth and look puffed up.

Step-14 Joining

  • Repeat all the steps from the beginning to create another exactly same structure.

Step-15 The Final Insertion

  • Join these two structures by inserting the cavities one after the other and adjusting the sides so that all four sides become blocked.

Step-16 Securing The Edges

  • Insert the tips of the sides inside the other to secure the binding.
  • Your cool hat is ready!!

The Final Hat!!

Your mesmerizing paper hat is ready to fly! This is a craft with the most minimum requirement all you need is a square sheet of paper and following the easy steps, even the kids can even perform this craft. Create many such other hats of various color to decorate your study table or even the favorite corner of your room. You can even use other decorative such as attractive paints, glitters, or stones to add and improvise your craft to the next level.