30+ Fun & Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

This Thanksgiving season as you express your gratitude for all that you’ve been blessed with in your life – happiness, family, and friends, it’s also time to give back to them. Words may translate one’s emotions but actions speak way louder than them. So, this year deck your festive preparations with some unique ideas tailored to suit the Fall season.

Gather your loved ones and work out these activities together as you feel thankful for each other’s presence in your lives.

30+ Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

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With this article, we hope to list down a few exciting ideas for Thanksgiving Gifts, party decorations, and fun activities that will enliven the entire Fall season of festivities.

1. Easy Thanksgiving Banner for Family Dinners

Image Source/Tutorial: pinkstripeysocks

Washi tapes have been one of the most evergreen stationery items over all these years. They can be used to decorate practically anything. This Thanksgiving season, if you’re in a fix about how to decorate your living room as you get everything ready for that one family dinner night, get a hold of your washi tapes and cream sticks and design this simple decorative banner to give your relatives a warm welcome.  Even kids as young as the ones in the first grade can help assist their older siblings in the process. It will be a fun learning experience for them as it will also teach them how to work as a team.

2. Quirky Turkey Crayon Holders

Image Source/Tutorial: pagingsupermom

These can act as another set of decorations for Thanksgiving or Halloween if needed to deck your empty shelves at home. Other than being used as a showpiece, they can also work as efficient and innovative crayon or pen holders. The aim is to teach young kids novel ideas to work their way through art and craft to make something just as useful. Pretty things can be worth every penny if we learn a way around to make them just as practical.

3. Fun Rainbow Thanksgiving Turkey

Image Source/Tutorial: keeptoddlersbusy

This piece of craft can be completed even with a toddler’s help. All you have to do is to get them to paste the supplies together and voila! The preparation process is extremely simple and the product so created can help familiarize your toddler with the colors of the rainbow.

5. Fall Tree made using Fruity Loops

Image source/Tutorial: ourkidthings

Fruity Loops are probably the most colorful readymade snacks created to grab children’s attention. However, these enticing delights can be used for more creative ideas like designing a Fall tree too. This activity can be followed by kids as young as toddlers. In the meantime, as they get the tree ready, they can snack on the cereal too. Once it’s completed, you can put it up as a crafty masterpiece designed by your baby for the fall season.

6. Pumpkin Patch made by Apple Stamping Art

Image source/Tutorial: occasionsbyshakira

Healthy snacks like apples can not only keep up children’s physical well-being but also their creative well-being. Through this ingenious art piece, they can use apples not just as a healthy treat but also to mirror their artistic side. It’s a great way to engage a young one in something related to art. Plus, once the piece is ready to be displayed, you can even put them up as fall or Halloween decorations each year.

7. Vibrant Easter like Decorations on Thanksgiving

Image source/Tutorial: handmadecharlotte

From the very first look, these decorations can remind one of Easter. However, it’s just a reminder that the Fall season decorations don’t always have to exude a cold vibe. They can be equally colorful and lively.

8. Turkey Glove Puppet for Thanksgiving Games

Image source/Tutorial: dreamalittlebigger

The Thanksgiving season is all about the turkey. Did you ever imagine that we can make a turkey out of a glove too? If not, then you need to check out this craft and show it to your toddlers. The turkey puppet so created will instantly become an object of amusement for them.

9. Turkey Mason Jars for Storage

Image source/Tutorial: onelittleproject

Making pipe cleaners look like a Turkey is a very fresh idea but at the same time, it’s equally easy to do so. Decorating your mason jars with them and displaying them during the fall season not only matches the season well but also makes party decorations easier. Even kids as young as 5 years old can try this because the only thing you need to do is twist the pipe cleaners and stick them onto the jars.

10. Bottle Cap Turkey Napkin Rings

Image source/Tutorial: thecountrychiccottage

Kids will be able to learn about recycling through this craft. Using the bottle cap can be a bit dangerous, therefore it’s advisable to make this napkin craft under the supervision of one’s parents. Otherwise, it’s fairly easy to make this handicraft. Using googly eye, you can add a quirky twist and make a turkey out of it.

11. Ribbon Turkey Charms to gift your Friends

Image source/Tutorial: creativelybeth

To turn the fall season into a blast, you can invite friends over to your place and enjoy a warm meal together, watch movies or simply catch up on old memories and let nostalgia guide you. As a means to express your gratitude to them for being your friend for so long, you can gift them this simple yet heart-touching present, especially since it’s handmade by you. There’s no way they would turn it down.

12. Squeeze Paint Pumpkin Turkey for Thanksgiving Decorations

Image source/Tutorial: hellowonderful

Fall decorations can be as colorful as you want them to be instead of just following the monotone tradition. The squeeze paint turkey craft is almost reminiscent of paintball games. This will be a vibrant addition to your home decor that will attract your guests. All you need to do is to get your kids to squeeze paint on top of the pumpkins and your DIY craft is all ready to shine.

13. Turkey Delight Treat Bags to Gift Kids during Thanksgiving

Image source/Tutorial: delish

As young kids visit your house this festive season, be it during Thanksgiving or Halloween, you can gift them these easy to prepare goodie bags. Filled with tasty delights that they crave for popcorn, gems, and candy corn- the best combination of all kinds of treats all packed up in a Turkey-shaped bag, will not just activate their sweet tooth but also surprise them.

14. Thumb Painting Thank You Cards for Your Friends

Image source/Tutorial: decoart

Another means of creating simple paintings is to get your kids to do thumb painting. There is nothing easier than this art. The best part is that if you forget to buy thank you cards for your friends and invitees to the thanksgiving dinner, you can simply prepare your own set of cards at home.

15. Origami Pumpkin Garlands for Your Room

Image source/Tutorial: mypoppet

Pumpkins are the essential symbol of the Fall season. Customizing your decoration to follow suit is a great idea. An origami pumpkin garland will help capture the essence of the festive season. Basic requirements like a thread and origami sheets are all you need to decorate your room for the upcoming thanksgiving get-togethers.

16. Meet Your New Leafy Friends During the Fall

Image source/Tutorial: handmadecharlotte

Out of all ideas listed here, this one is probably the easiest one to follow through. You barely require any material to complete this artsy idea. All you need to do is go out for a stroll during the fall season and enjoy the scenic views of it. Collect fallen leaves of various shapes and colors and then decorate them using markers, giving them the look of cats, mice, or just some goofy facial expressions. This will teach children to appreciate nature as it is. Plus, since you’re not plucking these leaves, rather just picking them off the street, you’re also promoting cleanliness in a way.

17. Beaded Pumpkin Craft

Image source/Tutorial: cutesycrafts

Stringing beads together can be a very fun activity for kids. Anyone can make this kid craft because all you have to do is to keep adding pony beads to colorful pipe cleaners and then bend them to form a pumpkin shape. This is a kid’s play but equally enjoyable at the same time!

18. Crafty Owl Handprint

Image source/Tutorial: thebestideasforkids

This is a simple handicraft that can be used to deck the walls of your house during the fall season. It’s so simple to complete and even your toddler can help you finish it. All you need to do is trace out the outline of a hand and your base for this craft is ready! This crafty owl handprint is living proof that even the simplest of things can make a huge impression.

19. Creative Ombre Pinecones for Thanksgiving Season

Image source/Tutorial: whimzeecal

Pinecones in themselves are a very dull sight. So, simply using them to complete your fall holiday decor would be a rather unappetizing vision. A better way to bring a colorful twist to their visual is by adding an ombre aesthetic to them. All you have to do is find a pinecone and a set of acrylic paints and you’re ready to create art.

20. Turkey Windsocks or Pompoms to hang at your doorstep

Image source/Tutorial: happinessishomemade

To make these windsocks we need to use recycled food cans. Not only will this teach the kids how to reuse and recycle items, but it will again guide them to use “waste” material to make something creative and artistic as well. The procedure will take around half an hour to be completed. Adults should supervise the kids while removing the top and bottom of the food cans, owing to their sharp edges which can cause harm.

21. Paper Fan Turkey Showpiece for Home Decor

Image source/Tutorial: agirlandagluegun

Most people don’t start decorating their houses until the Christmas season. However, crafts as simple as the paper fan turkey require basic materials and there is no need to go all out with your decorations.  The fan turkey proves that house decorations don’t always have to be something affluent. Even basic poster paper can help you make the most out of nothing. The difficulty level pointing to Easy allows even young kids to make something like this.

22. Disposable Utensils Turkey Design

Image source/Tutorial: nontoygifts

Once used, disposables eventually end up in the trash. However, this one creation will teach your kids to use them in a way that will not only turn them into colorful decorations but also into something they can preserve for a longer period of time. Materials so used are your basic household items which will further teach your kids about expanding a specific item’s utility beyond its ascribed purpose.

23. Corn Kernel Art Gifts

Image source/Tutorial: fantasticfunandlearning

While preparing this craft you can initiate a discussion with your kid about the history of Thanksgiving and corn’s association with its celebration. This will further take you to the history of Native Americans, ultimately becoming a healthy means of learning something informative for the kids and not merely about drawing a basic corn pattern on paper for decorations.

24. Candy Corn Turkey Handprint for Kids

Image source/Tutorial: mommyevolution

Gather your 3 year old because we’ll be needing them to trace their handprints to complete this candy corn turkey handprint. Once the handprint has been traced, the only thing left to do is to fill in color and paste some candy corn snacks on the fingers. Your Thanksgiving artsy treat is ready to be displayed.

25. Bread Basket Fabric Designs for Thanksgiving

Image source/Tutorial: makeandtakes

General utility items don’t always have to be basic. You can make them quirkier by adding colors to them. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to customize your basic bread basket fabric as per the fall season. Even your three-year-old kids can help you in the process by leaving their handprints on the fabric to complete the design. You can then gift some sweet delights to your friends in the basket and cover it with the same fabric as refashioned earlier. The handmade customization makes it even more personal.

26. Thanksgiving Gratitude Pumpkin

Image source/Tutorial: pillsbury

Pumpkins are representative symbols of the fall season in general. With each day passing by bringing us closer to Thanksgiving day, we have enough time to complete this fun activity. Bring out a huge pumpkin and ask your kids to list everything they’re grateful for, ranging from the most minuscule to the greatest of things. Follow this activity each day till the pumpkin is fully covered with marker stains. Looking at this pumpkin, they will be reminded of all the good things in life that make them happy and make living worthwhile. Use an artificial pumpkin to preserve the whole thing for a long time.

27. Turkey bags for Thanksgiving Games

Image source/Tutorial: craftymorning

Just like we Christmas socks, we can have Turkey bags for Thanksgiving too. They can be used to play a game as per which each person gets to use their turkey bag as a memento of Thanksgiving celebrations. Write for whom and what you feel grateful for in your life. Then save these bags and store them for a year and pull them out a year later on the next Thanksgiving to relive the old memories. And just like that, it works like a time capsule too.

28. Thanksgiving Turkey crafted by Feather Painting

Image source/Tutorial: craftsonsea

To have a set image in your mind and then putting that down on the paper using artsy ways is one thing and just haphazardly going with the flow is another. Yet both of them have their own charm equally. This feather painting turkey falls in the latter half. It can be used as one of your Thanksgiving decorations, but also as something you can do to just pass the time or relieve stress.

29. Bright Turkey Wreaths for Thanksgiving Decorations

Image source/Tutorial: designimprovised

Who said you could only decorate your entrance door with a decorated wreath on Christmas? This year put together a turkey theme-inspired wreath for Thanksgiving. You never know, your pioneering step might even become a trend among all those who come across your Thanksgiving wreath. This will help inculcate newer ideas among kids as well and help them to break down certain molds and conventional mindsets. This simple yet extraordinary step will push them to think out of the box not just in terms of arts and crafts but otherwise too.

30. A Bright Fall Season Rake Craft

Image source/Tutorial: nontoygifts

The fall season doesn’t necessarily have to be represented as a cold and dry one, especially when you have your stationeries and colors around. Once completed, you can store this craft in your art portfolio as a memento or simply decorate your room’s walls to show off your masterpiece.

31. Blow-painting Turkey Craft for Amateur Artists

Image source/Tutorial: happytoddlerplaytime

Blow-painting is that one alternative anyone can turn to even if they admit to not having an artistic side. You can partner up with someone who can draw the turkey-shaped figure if you’re not comfortable with drawing it either. Just pick up your blow-painting set and start blowing paint on the sheet of paper and you’re done. It’s easy to do and also won’t take much of your time but will give you a piece of art nevertheless.

32. Thanksgiving Turkey Balloons for Parties

Image source/Tutorial: hellowonderful

Basic balloon decorations are getting quite repetitive as one sees them across most birthday parties. This Thanksgiving season, get your colorful origamis ready to create turkey-designed balloons for your party. Anyone can complete this task, just be careful of some of your balloons popping as you paste the colorful sheets on them.

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