Paper Christmas Tree Craft for Kids – Step by Step Tutorial

Level up your Christmas decoration with the help of this step by step tutorial of paper Christmas tree craft that is specially designed for kids. What is Christmas without a Christmas tree? But meanwhile let’s take a moment and think about Mother Nature, the number of trees that are being cut down for Christmas. One can always celebrate Christmas and not promote the initiative of ‘deforestation’.

The solution for such a deadly problem is creativity, which is making Christmas trees out of paper. This will greatly explore the knowledge and creativity skills of your kid and you will also get to spend some time with your kids on this beautiful occasion of Christmas.

Therefore, in this article, we will walk you through the process of creating a paper Christmas tree in simple steps.

Learn to Make Paper Christmas Tree Craft

Materials required

  • Colored paper sheet- Light green, dark green and medium shade green, light blue, yellow, light
    pink, dark pink, brown
  • Shiny golden glitter paper
  • Sketch pen in color- blue, yellow. Red, pink, light green
  • Yellow and red color clay
  • Glue

✨ Step 1: Create the main body of the tree

  • Take the brown color paper sheet
  • Carve out a horizontal shape from that paper sheet
  • Place it on the centre and attach it with glue to make the trunk

✨ Step 2: Getting started with the tree

  • Pick a dark green color paper sheet
  • Cut it in a shape of triangle as shown above
  • Place it on the tip of the brown trunk
  • Attach it with the help of glue

✨ Step 3: Arranging the tree with another shade

  • Pick a medium shade paper color sheet
  • Carve it in a shape of triangle but in a smaller size the former one
  • Stick it at the tip of the darker triangle shape sheet using glue

✨ Step 4: Finishing the overall body of the tree

  • Now select the lightest shade of green
  • Carve out the smallest triangle shape
  • Finish the body of tree by placing it on the tip of the former shade of paper

✨ Step 5: Decorate the tree to give it the vibe of Christmas

  • Pick the golden glitter paper
  • Draw a small size star on it and carve It out
  • Place it on the tip of your tree just as you would do a realistic Christmas tree

✨ Step 6: Surround your Christmas tree with gifts

  • Take a dark pink paper sheet
  • Cut it in a mini square shape
  • Place and then attach it on the right side as shown above

✨ Step 7: Add some more gifts around the Christmas tree

  • Take the blue, light pink and yellow color paper sheet
  • On each sheet paper, carve out small square size
  • Place them around and below the Christmas tree so as to form the gifts

✨ Step 8: Give the final makeover to your gifts

  • Use a yellow color sketch pen
  • Draw a bow and cross-line the dark pink sheet so as to make them look like gifts
  • Use different colors to make the square boxes look like gifts

✨ Step 9: Use clay to add some shine on the Christmas tree

  • Take some yellow clay
  • Create mini balls from them

✨ Step 10: Decorate the leave section of your tree with clay

  • Place the balls on uppermost shade of a tree
  • Decorate the tree by placing them in diagonal shape

✨ Step 11: Finish your paper Christmas tree by giving the final touch

  • Use the yellow clay to decorate the lowermost shade of tee as well
  • Take some red color
  • Add it on the middle shade of the tree to bring out the variation

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the steps involved in creating a paper Christmas tree, you are all set to create one for yourself. We hope you and your kids enjoyed making this easy paper Christmas tree craft for kids. This Christmas tree can lift up the vibe of Christmas celebration up to the next level. We have more step by step tutorials that you might find interesting so make sure to check those out. If you have any feedback for us, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

We will soon come up with more such interesting craft articles for you. Until then keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft.

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