Easy DIY Pillow Making Ideas & Tutorials at home

Everyone needs  sleep to be more productive and efficient  in their daily routine. Someone loves to sleep with pillow and someone are not. But most people like it to sleep with pillow and they wish to sleep which is covered. Here we are listing easy & creative DIY pillow making ideas and tutorials. These ideas and tutorials are simple and easiest ways to make pillows at home.

DIY Pillow Making Ideas & Tutorials

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Retro Gingham Pillow

Image source/tutorial: Flamingotoes.

The pillow has the little x’s across the front, decorated with little bows, and I’m kind of obsessed. They are easy peasy to sew! This type of pillow cushions can be decorated at home at cheap cost. It attracts the guest who visits our home. It is very simple to make. Combination of red and white is good. Balls  at the end of the  pillow are trending one. It adds beauty to pillow. Simple things are needed to make pillow at home. You need not to purchase the costly items. Try to make it and have fun.

DIY Tasseled Throw Pillow Idea

Image source/tutorial: Sugar and cloth

Each and every pillow differs by the design and color. Some remains simple  but more magnificent by look. Little things adds beauty to the pillow look. I love to have the plain colored pillow and decorative items at the edge. Contrast color are good looking. Try it. Make your home too look beautiful with this pillow.

Quilted Velvet Pillow for Drawing Room

Image source/tutorial: A beautiful mess

Pillow can be covered with any cloth material. To look richer in color velvet is the best choice. When pillow is covered with velvet, we will try to make more frequent nap. Simple stitches at front of pillow add more interest to your pile. Mix up different woven cotton or knitted wool pillows for a visual feast at the end of the couch.

Dresden Plate Pillow Tutorial

Image source/tutorial: coralandco

Dresden plate are perfect way to show off a whole fabrics, wink! They just scream be scrappy, right? The way of making Dresden pillow is not easy but not too difficult. When I was doing my schooling I used to try, things like this. Some came out really well and some turned out really bad. This Dresden plate pillows will be liked by kids and love to use it too. Difficulty level of the doing not too hard but one who tries it, should be well skilled in stitching. Have a try, decorated with these little pillows.

DIY Gold Foil Brush Stroke Pillow for Home

Image source/tutorial: Design lovefest

I feel in love with this golden foil brush pillow. See how rich look it gives and  our eyes  are just  stolen by them. A plain pillow can be changed to the attractive item by simple DIY. Don’t worry it is easy do-able week end project .Others would never know that its DIY craft. I love doing the DIY because it’s easy to do and as I told before others  would never know that its DIY.

Bias Tape Weaving Pillow

Image source/tutorial: The house that lars built

I  loved this  Bias Tape Wearing pillow  so much that I knew I had to make something with it! The trick was deciding exactly what to make with it. Bias Tape Weaving Pillow was born after much deliberation. This  eye-catcher is the perfect puff to grace your couch this summer. In  punchy colors, it adds a splash of color and an interesting texture. It would look equally lovely in muted shades for a more subdued look. Just pick your palette, whip out some bias tape, and get weaving!

Bloster Pillow Sewing Tutorial

Image source/tutorial: Melly sews

Bolster pillow are sewed, because I just made these for  outdoor sofa. I think Bolster pillow are best suited for outdoor based furniture. Outdoor is my favorite place were used to do sit, listen to music, think about something.I thought Bolster pillow be the best choice. Add few decorative things on pillow cover and place on outdoor couch.

French Seam Envelope Pillowcase Tutorial

Image source/tutorial: Deliacreates

With these large french seam pillow, kids would love to built pillow forts. French  seams sound fancy but essentially all they are sewing one seam to encase an another seam. It’s actually easier than the basic pillow version, if you ask me, and there are zero  raw edges to finish. With French seams usually, I want the seam to hide on the inside, but for this pillowcase, we’re using the seam as a design detail. It gives the pillow a little border.

Scandi Throw Pillow Tutorial

Image source/tutorial: Diaryofaquilter

I and my brother love to play with pillows by throwing against each other. The color and design would attract me and my brother so we could avoid fight and instead find the place for pillows in our couch. With this, our couch look more beautiful. But we find pillow fight have been stopped. I think who ever fights with their siblings, should buy so that fight can be stopped. Attractive color gives peace and kindness in addition. This is most liked throw pillow design of all of these DIY pillow making ideas.

Quilted Patchwork Pillow Cover Tutorial

Image source/tutorial: The willow market

As many found no time to decorate their home to their wish. I would give advise to use the simple Quilted patchwork pillow cover. It needs the waste fabrics and that is going to change as pillow cover without wasting time and money. Many people are trying it and having the smile over their face. Waste fabric, creativity and your innovative ideas can even make pillow covers attractive and good looking.

DIY USA Map Heart Pillow

Image source/tutorial: Famingotoes

If your last year has been all about travel and adventure! This cute  Map Heart Pillow is so perfect for showing a little love for places you’ve traveled, or where you have family or even places you’ve lived! It’s such a quick and easy project to sew up too. If you’ve been wanting to try free motion stitching this would be a great project to start with! It takes just a few turns around the map to give it that fun sketched look and there’s really no way to mess it up!

Furniture and bed are two important things which all family concentrate on while buying or renovating house. Most people love to decorate it by using screens and covers. Pillow covers are cheap and efficient way to decorate your bedroom. Some like to buy the cover and some love to sew to their choice. I hope you liked our collection of DIY pillow making ideas and tutorials. I think it would help many homemakers.

DIY Creative Pillow Video Tutorials

Raspberry Pillow

Raspberries look so yummy and beautiful with that delightful pink colour. Here we are going to make a yummy looking raspberry pillow. Just don’t try to eat it. We need pink velvet cloth, green velvet cloth and stuffing. For making the base of the raspberry, cut out two big circles from the pink velvet cloth and stitch them together. Leave some space to fill it with stuffing. After the stuffing has been filled, stitch the gap properly.

Now, make small circles by cutting out a square. Fold the square and cut in the shape of a cone. Stitch it sideways and leave space to fill the stuffing. Stitch it back properly and then sew it to the base. Make many such small circles to complete the whole base. After you are done with this, cut out the leaves and stems for the top of the raspberry. Stitch them on the top and your raspberry pillow is ready. raspberry pillow

Cheeseburger Pillow

The name sounds so yummy right? Well the pillow looks equally yummy and would make you feel hungry. You can use this pillow while eating. For making this pillow you need some fabric felt of the colours of the burger. Cut out two pieces of circles from cardboard. Accordingly cut two pieces of circles from fabric felt and stick them to the cardboard pieces leaving some space for filling the microfiber.

Accordingly cut the fabric felt of green colour and fold it while sticking to the bun, to give the effect of cabbage leaf. For making the tomatoes use red fabric felt and thermocol or some other soft material. Make the cheese by stuffing microfiber into the yellow fabric. At last use hot glue for assembling everything together. Your cheeseburger pillow is ready. cheeseburger pillow

DIY Food Pillow

Here I am going to tell you some diy food pillow ideas that you can make. First would be a doughnut pillow. Cut out two circles of a fabric with a hole in the middle. Apply glue on the sides, leaving some space for filling. Apply glue on the inner circle as well. Turn it inside out.

Take another piece of fabric of some other colour as it would serve as the icing. Cut it in random manner and glue it to the doughnut. Cut some small pieces of Fabric of blue or some other colour and stick them in top of the icing for extra details. At last fill the pillow with stuffing and stick it. You can even make a cupcake shaped pillow. food pillow

DIY Pillow Dolls for Girls

Dolls look so cute and fluffy. So here I am going to tell you some awesome doll pillow ideas that you can make for your kids or just for yourself. One such method is to make a cactus doll pillow. Sketch out a cactus I. The fabric and cut out two pieces of it. Draw white lines in each of the pieces for making the thorns.

Now, sew with a white thread on the lines so that it may appear like thorns. Stitch both the pieces together leaving a gap in between. Fill the cactus with pillow filling and sew the gap. Your cute little cactus pillow is ready. You can even make a whale and cat pillow.  diy doll pillow

DIY Unicorn Emoji Pillow for Room Decor

Sketch or take a print out of the face of an unicorn. Trace the pattern in white fabric and cut two pieces of it. Stitch them together, leaving a space for the filling. Turn the unicorn face inside out and fill it with pillow stuffing. Now, to make the hair, nose and other facial features use different colours of fabric felt. Cut out the pattern which you want on the face and stick them with the help of hot glue. After that attach the googly eyes. Your unicorn emoji pillow is ready.

Round Cushion Pillow

Those round pillows look so soft and comfortable. So for this diy we are going to make a round cushion pillow. For this we require velvet fabric, pillow stuffing and a strong thread. Cut out two square pieces of the velvet fabric. Stitch both the side and close one of the open sides, temporarily. Now we have only one opening where we are going to fill it with pillow stuffing.

After that, start stitching sideways with the strong thread and then pull it together to get the round shape. Stitch it properly. Now, open the temporarily closed side and repeat the process. For making the button, use a small piece of velvet fabric and fill it with stuffing and then stitch it properly. Now, sew this in the centre of the pillow. Your diy round cushion pillow is ready.

DIY Emoji Pillow without Sewing

Ever thought of having an emoji pillow? They are available in market but they cost a lot. So why not make some diy emoji pillows at a reasonable budget? For this we require yellow colour velvet fabric and fabric felt of different colours according to the emoji you choose. Cut out two circles from the yellow velvet fabric. Stitch them together, leaving a space for the filling. Turn the pillow inside out.

Now stuff the pillow with pillow stuffing and sew the gap properly. Now, sketch out the emoji in the fabric felt. Cut them out and stick them to the pillow with the help of hot glue. Your easy diy emoji pillow is ready. You can make lots of it and can decorate it in your house, in the sofa or bedroom.

DIY Easy Star Blush Pillow

Those star pillows look so adorable and can even be used to gift someone. For this use velvet fabric of soft colours preferably like baby pink or turquoise colour. They enhance the cuteness of the pillow. Now, trace out the star pattern in the fabric and cut two pieces of it. Sew them together and turn it inside out through the gap that has been left. Now, fill the pillow with pillow stuffing and sew the gap. The basic structure is ready.

To make the eyes, you can use fabric felt or velvet fabric of some other colour. Make the face in the star and then stick the pieces with the help of fabric glue or hot glue. For making the pillow more adorable, apply blush to the pillow. You can use wax crayons or soft pastels for creating the blush in the face. Your star pillow is ready.

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Pillows are the things that can make a person sleep peacefully. But we even use pillows for decorating our rooms. Those cute emoji pillows and unicorn pillows are the favourite among the kids. So, why not try making some cute pillows? Now, I will tell you some more awesome tutorials to make some cute and amazing pillows.

These were some easy DIY pillow ideas that can be used for decorating the house, or in the kids room or simply for your comfort. You can even gift these pillows to your friends and family. Do try these ideas at home. Please tell us in the comments below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas! You can check out our other articles on similar topics. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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