DIY Father’s Day Cards to Make Dad Smile

Father’s Day may be a chance to celebrate, spend time with, and easily cherish one among the foremost special men in your life. This Father’s Day, gift Dad a big smile by giving him an adorable handmade gift. Here are some super cute DIY Father’s Day Cards ideas to Make Dad Smile that kids can make.

Father’s hold a very special place in our hearts. They are our saviours, supporters, caretakers, and whatnot. They are our superhumans whom we look up to everyday and aspire to become like them. Father’s day is a very special occasion on which we all come together to celebrate fatherhood. This day reminds us of all the happy memories we hold without fathers and the golden days of our childhood spent with our fathers. Let us come together everything our fathers have done for us and reciprocate their love with sincerity and enthusiasm.

24 DIY Father’s Day Card Ideas

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1. Accordion Foldable Father’s Day Card Idea

This is a beautiful Father’s day card idea. It is a colorful little card which can store lots of messages for your dear father. It is easy to make which makes it a great bet to create. The Material Required to make this craft are white paper, colorful tape, colors, stickers, colored paper, glue, a pair of scissors, etc. You may even use thread and sequins to decorate this accordion card. Your father will surely appreciate this tiny piece of craft. It can easily fit into his pockets.

2. Beautiful Father’s Day Card

Image source / Tutorial: frugalmomeh

We all know about the saying “One in a Million” but let us make it some more fun. This cute card looks pretty and comes with a fun quote which says ” one in a melon”. This card is colorful and bright and is easy to make. Kids can make this card design with the help of their teachers or elder siblings. This pretty card uses colorful felt paper, a pair of scissors, black marker, glue. You can even use black felt to write the quote it will give a rich feel to the card design. Kids can add their wishes for their father inside the card.

3. Beautiful and Easy Father’s Day Card Idea

Image source / Tutorial: nontoygifts

This is a really cute card design. This beautiful card design has a heart shape along with a blazer look on the outside. As fathers generally remain tucked up in their formal best, it is a good idea to give them a card which depicts the same. This card design is a bit intricate and needs patience to be put together. You will need light brown paper, bright colored paper, black, red paper, a pair of scissors, glue, Google eyes, etc. To make this card. The best part about this card the slight card at the middle of the heart shape of the card which makes it look like a shirt collar.

4. Best Dad Award father’s Day Card

Every dad is the best dad in the world. Why not celebrate our dad in the best way possible and make them realise that they are the best. This beautiful best dad brooch is a great father’s day gift idea. You will need very little material to make this craft. You will need red colored paper, mustard colored paper and black colored marker. For the centre of the brooch, you need to fold the red colored sheet, now turn it around and make a circle of the fan. Add two large-sized ribbon-shaped red pieces of paper to the base. Now attach a mustard circle in the middle. Now you can write your best dad title in the mustard circular piece of paper.

5. Happy Father’s Day Card Idea

Image source / Tutorial: every-tuesday

This is a very beautiful father’s day card. The different shades of blue look really pretty and add dimension to this beautiful card. You will need a white stock sheet, blue color in different shades of blue. Black marker or sharpie pen. You can use more colors for more designing. You will have to keep patience while blending the colors. Wishes for your father can be written inside the card.

6. Beautiful Father’s Day Card Design

Our fathers are always busy. They remain suited all the time, always ready to cater to us, support us. This beautiful black blazer card will surely win your father’s heart. You can make this card with the help of black colored paper, red paper and white paper, red buttons, a pair of scissors, glue, white sharpie pen. This card design requires perfect folding techniques and patience. This will surely look pretty. It will take some time to be completed.  The red bow tie and the handkerchief add more dimension to the card.

7. My Hero-My Father Card Design

Image source / Tutorial: berries

Every father is their child’s hero. This beautiful father’s day card depicts the same idea. Kids can make this beautiful card at home. The hot dog on the cover looks pretty and sumptuous. To make this pretty card you will need a brown colored paper, sketch pens and other colored paper, black sharpie pen, a pair of scissors, glue. This card design is simple and elegant but can still steal the receiver’s heart. Your father will be very happy to receive such a hand made card. You can further personalise your card by adding some thoughts and wishes inside the card.

8. Moon and Stars Card design

Image source / Tutorial: thebestideasforkids

This beautiful card design is perfect for toddlers. To make this card the mother of the child will have to help him or her to accomplish this task. The stars in this design are made with golden foam sheet. The rocket body is made of the foot of your toddler. The father of the child will surely be glad at this sweet gesture. You can add some quote or wishes on the side of the card.

9. Finding Nemo Father’s day Card Idea

Image source / Tutorial: kixcereal

This is a really sweet finding Nemo card for your father. This card is really fun to make. The base of the craft is made with different shades of blue color. This gradient can be maintained with different hued layers of paper. The fish are made from colored paper. You can make these fish with your hand stencil. This is a really nice idea to use your hands to make the fish. Paint the fish and stick it to the base. Add quotes and messages for your father along the blue waves. He will beam with joy on receiving this Father’s day craft.

10. Superhero Dad Father’s day card idea

Every kid believes that his father is a superhero. This beautiful card depicts the same thing. You can make this beautiful card with the help of

11. Minion Father’s day card idea

Image source / Tutorial: craftymorning

Minions are loved by one and all. Be it, adults or kids. This cute Minion Father’s day card will bring a smile to your father’s face for sure. You can make this cute Minion easily. All you need is a white stock sheet for the base, colored sketch pens to color the Minion in beautiful colors. You can employ a bottle cap for the 3D effect. Write your wishes and feelings for your father inside the card.

12. Trophy based Card design

Your father is the best, so why not relish his achievements with this beautiful trophy-style card. This card is really easy to make and takes very less time. Your dad will love this beautiful card. You will need colored paper, a pair of scissors, glue, black marker for this trophy card. You can write your wishes to your father inside the card.

13. Easy to make Father’s Day Card Idea for Toddlers

This is very easy to make Father’s day card. This beautiful card can be made with simple geometric figures and patterns. You will need colored paper with a pair of scissors and glue. Now take the base sheet and fold it in half. Choose a colored paper for this shirt. Cut out some circles in colored paper to add to the middle strip of this shirt. Make a fan using a colored sheet of paper. Tie a ribbon to secure this fan. Stick it on the top. Your colorful Father’s day card is ready. Write your wishes for your father inside the card.

14. Easy to make Father’s Day Card Design

This is a super cool father’s day card design. You will need a colored paper base for this card. Use a white sheet of paper to draw a hand stencil. This hand look cool on the dark background. The two open fingers represent the father and the child. You can add features to the fingers to make them look more realistic. You can draw a bouquet or a gift as an offering to the father. Write your father’s day wishes inside the card. You can also decorate the base of the card with sketch pen designs or sequins. It will look attractive. It will enhance the beauty of the card.

15. Super Dad Tie Craft

Image source / Tutorial: kikicomin

This is a very insightful father’s day craft. Kids will love to jot down their best moments with their father on this tie craft. You can get this template online easily or make this on the computer. Get a print of this template and cut it out using a pair of scissors. Kids can now write down the answers for each question as asked. Now, this can be gifted to your father. It will surely bring a smile to his face. You can decorate it further with sequins and sketch pens. You can also use a ribbon at the top to actually tie it in your father’s neck. Then he will be wearing a tie made by you.

16. Sweet father’s day card idea

Image source / Tutorial: hobbycraft

This is a perfect card for Father’s day. This card has beautiful scenery in the background. There are characters in the front which represent the father and the kids. You can add your mother, your siblings or even your dog in the card design. This card design will need colorful paper for the designs and a hard white stock sheet for the base. Outline the figures with a black marker or a black sharpie pen. Add a cloud on the top to add a Happy Father’s Day quote. You can add your wishes inside the card.

17. Father’s day Card idea for father’s who work in corporates

This beautiful formal clothes craft involves paper folding and cutting prowess of the kid. This beautiful craft is fit to be presented to those father’s who are in corporate jobs. This craft has a speckless white shirt with a bright blue tie at the collar. The tie is made with paper folding techniques while the shirt can be made with paper cutting and sticking.

18. Super Dad Tie Craft

Daddies love their ties. So why not make a card for your loved dad in the shape of a tie. This beautiful tie craft is a perfect fit for the Father’s day gift. You can easily make this in short time even with little supplies. This tie craft requires colored hard stock sheet, sketch pens in different colors, pencil and eraser along with a pair of scissors. Make a tie design on the sheet of paper and then cut it out. You can draw and decorate this tie craft as you like. It will look pretty in any form.

19. No. 1 Father Card design

Image source / Tutorial: marthastewart

These are some really cool double-sided designer cards. These designer cards have a beautiful effect on the outside. These cards can be made with fine folding and cutting techniques. You will need colored paper, cellophane sheet, glue, a pair of scissors, paper cutter, black sharpie pen. You should cut the front stencil carefully with the help of a paper cutter. Add a sheet of cellophane paper in the front. Before sealing this cavity from the back, add some tiny pieces of paper or sequins. After you have sealed from the back you get a beautiful front design for the card. You can add different words or gestures to this card.

20. Easy to make colorful father’s day card idea

Image source / Tutorial: solisplusone

This cute little craft for Father’s day will require your toddler to enjoy his or her crayons strokes. Take a white stock sheet and apply masking tape on the borders of the sheet. This becomes the border. Add words or figures in the middle with the help of masking tape. Now let your kids free to add strokes to this masked sheet. Once your kid is satisfied with the colors and strokes, remove the masking tape and get a beautiful father’s day craft from your toddler. This is a nice activity to be done at home.

21. Scrabble Father’s Day Card Idea

Image source / Tutorial: hobbycraft

If your father is a language buff or is a lover of scrabble, then you should add this beautiful card in your father’s day celebration. This crafty card will require lots of scrabble numbers, paints, wooden frame, a flat tray. This card looks really professional. You can design the frame and other parts of the card can be decorated with ribbons, balloons.

22. Formal Clothes Design Card

Image source / Tutorial: kaminskiscreations

Every dad in this world is a superhero. This superhero father’s day card is really easy to make. Your kids will be able to make it. To make this pretty card you will need patterned paper, in different patterns, a pair of scissors, glue, superman logo, red colored paper. You can even add some real buttons to the blazer to make it look more realistic. This card can open up like a coat. The tie adds more dimension to this craft. You can add your wishes inside the card.

23. Cool Father Card Design

If you have a super cool dad, we have you covered. This cool and bright card design can be made easily with sketch pens. You will need a white hard stock sheet, different colored sketch pens. You can add your wishes inside the card. This card will surely make your father beam with joy. You can give different twists to this cool man at the front page. You can decorate your card with sequins or ribbons as well.

24. Easy to make Father’s Day Card

Image source / Tutorial: berries

This is a very sweet card which can be made by sweet kids for their father this father’s day. This cute card has a large-sized fungi on the front with a funny quote. You will need brown paper for the card base, white and red colored paper for the fungi and a black marker to write the wishes.

We hope you loved all these Father’s Day Cards ideas. We wish all the Fathers out there a very happy Father’s day. You can check out other related articles on K4 craft. We would love to know about your experience with us. You may leave your comments and feedback in the comments section given below.  We will come up with more such articles for you soon. Until then keep smiling and creating with K4 craft.

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