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Paper Mache Art To Decorate Your Home

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Paper mache is a very different and unique form of art. One should be inquisitive and curious to know about it. It is easy and sturdy form of art. If we add yellow soil to it we can even make pottery without potter’s wheel. We can colour it easily. To make it tough we can even add glue to it. So, let us get started with this art form which helps us to reuse and recycle old paper while giving really nice results.

Paper Mache Tree Trunk

Let us make a tree type pencil stand. Take a plastic sheet. Now pace a cylindrical body and place it on top of the plastic sheet. Make a mixture of water and glue and mix it with the paper. Now take lumps of paper mache and place it on the cylinder, slowly shaping up the tree. Make the roots and trunk. Make some protruding pieces or butts. When you finish till the top, take the mixture and apply it on the paper mache design. Now make some patterns on the art piece to make it look realistic. Groove it with the help of the backside of the brush. Let it dry overnight. After the paper mache design dries up, take it off the plastic sheet and paint it. Use a lighter shade at first, then grow darker in the next coats. Dab the grooves with black paint. You may even paste some moss on top of it to make it look better. For better understanding look up:

DIY Paper Mache Apple

Let us make a paper mache apple to decorate false fruit basket. Here we are going to make an apple but you can try making other fruits as well, using the same technique. First of all take a fresh apple and tear some small pieces of newspaper. Now we shall apply a layer of newspaper on the apple using a flour water mixture. After applying a few layers of newspaper, do the same with three to four layers of napkin, in the same way. Now again apply few layers of newspaper. Then let it dry for about 15-20 hours. After it dries up use a cutter to shell the paper mache layer out. Now join the shell end to end and use napkin layer to seal the cut. Let it dry for 3-4 hours. Now cover the paper mache apple with a layer of wood primer. Now let it dry for 3-4 hours. Now use a sad paper to buff the layer. After smoothening it start painting the apple in the colours you wish to see a healthy apple. You may use any type of paint, the medium you are comfortable in would be a good choice. For better understanding look up:

DIY Confetti Bowl

We are going to make a beautiful confetti pot. We need mod podge or glue, confetti and a balloon. We are here going to apply the mod podge with the help of a sponge brush. You may even use watered down glue and even a hair brush. Now place the confetti on this thin layer. You may use the confetti cut by you or the one bought from the market. Let the first layer dry. We are going to the one-third of the balloon height. Once dried apply atleast six layers to ensure firmity. Ensure you apply the mixture after every layer. Now let it dry for at least two nights. If you can wait longer than that then it is good. After the layers are fully dried pop the balloon with the help of a pin. Now slowly remove the deflated balloon. Trim off the excess edges. You may even shape the top. You may put various things in these confetti bowls. For better understanding look up:

Paper Mache Pulp Lamp

Let us make a lamp head using paper mache. We need a lamp base, a bulb, tissue paper, glue, a balloon, brushes, water, rope, newspaper and paint. First of all take lots of newspaper strips and make a water based paper mache out of it. Now add lots of glue to the paper mixture and knead it with your hands wearing rubber gloves until all the charcoal is lost. Now take a big balloon and place plaster strips on it, leaving the base at the bottom for the light. Now let it dry overnight. Once the plaster sheets are dry, start placing the paper mache all over it. Use your fingers for this purpose. Now let it dry. Once the paper mache is dry you may start painting. Use painting tape after the base paint is dry and then you may for a design in the other part. Let it dry and then pop the balloon using a pin. Your DIY poplin is ready to be hung with a bulb inside. For better understanding of this DIY craft idea look up:

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