First Day of School Photo Ideas for Children

Everyone love to make memory of their career. We all go through good phases as well as bad phases in our life. First school day plays a very special role in our life, we are afraid of initiating conversation with our classmates, teachers and have doctrinaire regarding study is hard. If you are questing for first day school photo ideas then you are the at right platform. Do you have your first day school photos? If not then grab quality pictures of your kids 1st day in school.

We have a lots of first day photo ideas for your cute, lovely and adorable kids.

First Day of School Photo Ideas for Children

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Square Frame Chalk Blocks

Image source/Tutorial: E how

This craft encompasses use of different color of chalks. A cute kid with smile face inside this square frame craft, holding it with hands looks perfect for capturing in the camera. The wooden blocks of ‘ 1st day of ‘ raise the beauty of photo and the kindergarten spell on the board tells the grade in which kids study. Take assistance while making this extreme easy craft of your kids and let them arrange it. Just bring out your camera and embark clicking sweet photos of your loving ones.

Loose And Classy T-Shirt

Image source/Tutorial: Journey of parenthood

This idea will going to excite your kids for first day of school. It requires a short sleeve loose t-shirt and colorful shoes. Insert your kids inside the over-sized casual baggy t-shirt then let them pose as both arm lifted, genial or happy expression on the smiling face, standing on the floor wearing stylish shoes and get snap the photos as you can see in the image that i took of my son.

First Day of School Photo Idea for Kindergarten

Image source/Tutorial: Shana Wilkerson

This beautiful image displays the first day of kindergarten and is marvelous, unique and bright. It needs the use of chalk. A big ‘K’ with circles embedded inside it looks fascinating and unique. Make your kids lay down on the craft and snap the pictures from height. It does not take more than 5 minutes to wrap up the craft. Kids would enjoy and have fun while posing for picture.

Amazing Family Snapshot

Image source/Tutorial: Saskija Plate

It’s time to plan first day photos for this summer. This is one of the easiest first day of school photo ideas. For clicking this wonderful and memorable picture, you have to gaze for short stair and the whole family have to sit in ascending order as per ages and let your notorious young ones draw grade adjacent to them. This photo will make you all smile in reminiscence in future.

First Day & Last Day Wooden Board for 1st Grade

Image source/Tutorial: Fynes designs

Kids would love to hold this amazing, creative and adorable hanging board. Let’s see how to capture a captivating or engrossing snapshot. This quick craft requires wooden frame, chalk and paint brush. For this super cute photo, instruct your kids to wear and hold the wooden frame while smile widely. First and last day of grade picture craft is really easy and perfect. Enjoy crafting this great stuff with your loving one.

Chalk Drawing Photo Idea for 3rd Grade

Image source/Tutorial: Blue cricket design

The first day of school is full of enthusiasm and eagerness. Let’s have a look at the chalk craft photo which demand some tiny effort to accomplish. This craft calls for different color chalks. Just make your sweet kiddos sit next to chalk’s crafted child grade. Snapping photos we all wish but in case of putting efforts we escape. Have fun with cute baby and let them grinning cheerfully.

First Day Of School Picture Idea with J-Board

Image source/Tutorial:  Craft cuts

Aren’t you want to embed memory of the first day of your child in the camera? This J board craft entails white chalk and board. Let your cute kiddo ready for hanging bag on the back, holding J-board in the hand with smiling face. I took this photo of my nice daughter with fun. Striking that pose defines the first day of school picture.

Ready To Go – Picture Idea for 1st Grade

Image source/Tutorial: Mommy upgrade

It is super simple to craft this glorious and delightful craft which involve the use of chart poster, paper and paint. Make your kiddo ready with bag, t-shirt of 1st grade and shoes. Let her stand and strike a beautiful pose while holding this unique frame craft and shoot snapshot.

Awesome Photo Frame – First Day of Preschool

Image source/Tutorial: Brought to you by mom

First day of school include preparing tiffin box, ironing the school dress and many more things to do. Apart from that let’s take out some time from hectic schedule of our life to create this awesome and fantastic frame consist of wooden frame and paper. It manifests the first day photo of school.

First Day Of School Poster for 2nd Grade

Image source/Tutorial: Teachers pay teachers

Well crafted poster can be effectively made by your kids without any company. This poster is quiet easy out of first day of school photo ideas. Everyone love to post photos in social media of cute child. Kids will have fun while crafting this fabulous first day school poster and can show it to teachers in school and receive appreciation in revert.

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Children not only  grow up but also make memory in their school life. And you as a parents should enjoy shooting superb and incredible photos of your kids. I guess it might help you to photograph your kids. So capture the best and adorable pictures of your kids as a memory for future and create collage of their childhood. If you have really amused by these amazing first day of school photo ideas, drop comments below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas! You can check out our other articles on similar topics. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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