Snowman Paper Craft for Kids – Step by Step Tutorial

Get ready to make a snowman out of paper in easy steps. Celebrate this Christmas with super cute 3D Snowman with paper using simply made circular templates. Once you’re expert in making, you can make a chain of snowmen to decorate your home as well. You can also use cotton to give 3D look to your snowman.

If you are too cold to go outside or it does not snow in your area, then don’t worry because we have got the perfect solution for you. In this article, we will walk you through the process of making a snowman entirely out of paper so that snow or no snow, you get to enjoy your winter and create all the fun memories that you deserve.

Learn to Make Snowman Paper Craft

Materials required

  • Paper color sheet- white
  • Black and red paper strip
  • Orange paper strip
  • Black strip
  • Black marker
  • Glue


✨ Step 1: Carving white paper sheet

  • Take a white paper sheet
  • Carve out medium size circles
  • Cut them in their respective circle shape
  • Arrange them so you don’t lose them

✨ Step 2: Holding the white paper sheet

  • Hold the white paper circle
  • Hold them and don’t put more than enough pressure to prevent crumbling

✨ Step 3: Folding the circle in half

  • After holding them, fold it into half
  • Fold it in an equal half

✨ Step 4: Arranging the folded circle paper

  • After folding the circle paper, arrange them
  • Arrange them in a manner so that you can keep a track of them

✨ Step 5: Apply glue on them

  • Take a circle, apply glue on it
  • Apply glue on the rear parts of one side of the circle

✨ Step 6: Holding them on the correct side

  • Now, avoid holding the glue side of the circle
  • Hold them on the opposite side

✨ Step 7: Attaching a circle on a circle

  • Take a dry circle
  • Attach it on the glue side of the circle but in an opposite direction

✨ Step 8: Attaching another circle on the next part of the glue

  • For the next section of the glue, attach another circle
  • Attach the circle in the same position as you did the former one

✨ Step 9: Opening the circle

  • After attaching the circle, open it
  • It should look like the one above

✨ Step 10:  Attaching a red stripe on a rectangle strip and making a hat

  • Use some glue and apply on an edge of the black rectangle strip
  • On that glue section, place a thin red strip as shown above
  • Now use some glue and apply it on an edge of the red strip
  • Attach the long horizontal strip on it and your hat is ready

✨ Step 11: Attaching the heart on the snowman

  • Now take that hat
  • Place it on an unfolded circle and securely attach it

✨ Step 12: Making the face and body of the snowman

  • Now with the help, a black marker, draw the eyes and a smiley face of the snowman
  • Use an orange strip and fold it to make the nose of the snowman
  • Now, attach the previously crafted circle below the face
  • The body and face of the snowman is ready

✨ Step 13: Giving the snowman its hands

  • Use a black paper sheet and make the hands of the snowman
  • Attach it on the side of the snowman

✨ Step 14: Get your snowman ready overall

  • Attach both the hands-on both the sides
  • The body of your snowman is already now

✨ Step 15: Giving the snowman some essence of winter

  • Now construct a scarf from a red sheet
  • Place it on the ridge of the snowman to give it some essence of winter

Now that you have familiarised yourself with all the steps, you are ready to make a snowman. We hope you and your kids enjoyed making this easy paper 3d snowman craft for kids. You can also make this craft for your Christmas celebration. We have a wide range of step by step tutorial collection so if you are interested you can check them out as well. Share your opinions and feedback in the comments section provided below and feel free to express your opinions.

We will soon come up with more such interesting craft articles for you. Until then keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft.

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