New Year 2024: Easy DIY greeting card ideas for kids

New Year is one of the most important occasions of the year. We step into a new dawn with the change of an year, the Earth completes one round around the Sun. This time when we step into the year 2024, we are leaving behind not only an year but a complete decade of ups and downs which makes it even more special and memorable. We always look forward to positive changes and growth as the years pass by. Let us hope that the year 2024 brings reforms in the society which are good for us, the environment, our country, our society, in fact for all of us and in every sense. May all of us be able to achieve our goals this year. Happy New Year 2024 to all the K4 Craft readers. May this year bring great heights and bliss to all of you.

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Beautiful DIY cards for New Year 2024

Beautiful 2024 New Year card

This is a really pretty New Year card. This hot pink New Year 2024 card is really easy to make. Start with a hot pink colored sheet of paper. Fold it into half. Paste a white sheet of paper on the inside of the card. Now cut out four heart shapes and trace them on the front leaf of the card. Now use a sharp blade cutter to remove these heart shapes from the front leaf of the card. Decorate these hearts with beads. Now add a white ribbon cut from white paper and stick it at the bottom of the front leaf of the card. Write Happy New Year on this ribbon. Now use a black sketch pen to join the base of the hearts to this white ribbon. Add a real ribbon bow tie at the top of this white paper ribbon. This looks really pretty. Now fold a hot pink square piece in a small size. Write your well wishes inside it and paste it on the inside of the card. Turn this small folded card into a gift box. Write 2, 0, 2, 0 on the white hearts as seen from the outside of the card. Decorate the inside of the card with small heart stickers.

Pop-up card for New Year 2024

This beautiful pop up card is sure to take away the breath of the receiver. It is beautiful and easy to make. Start with a pastel pink sheet of paper. Fold it in half. Make two cuts perpendicular to the mid rib of the card at the lower end of the card. Paste it on a dark purple sheet of the same size. Now cut two thin strips, one of 22 cm and one of 18 cm. Make two squares with them. One with 5cm side and the other with 4 cm side. Stick the 5 cm square behind the slit and stick the 4 cm square inside it. Now cut out two strips of the size of the slot cut before. Fold it in half length wise and stick it at the back on the slot. Paste a colorful panel on the slot cut before. Cut out colorful balloons in small size. Also cut out, 2, 0, 2, 0 from a glitter foam sheet. Cut thin strips of paper to stick with the balloons and the numerals 2, 0, 2, 0. Now stick the balloon strips at the square of 4 cm side and the numerals strips on the 5 cm side square. Write your well wishes inside the card and write ‘Happy New Year’ outside the card.

Easy to make DIY New Year 2024 card

This is a beautiful quilling craft New Year Card. This beautiful card is one side card. This beautiful card starts with a middle line division. Cover the edges of the sheet with beautiful colorful patterned strips. Now make a beautifully cut semi circle and paste it along the middle rim of the sheet. Add the numbers, 2, 0, 2, 0 on the edges of this semi circular design. You can use glitter foam based numerals to beautify it. Now make quilled flowers with tricolor petals. Stick together three different colored quilling strips. Now use a quilling needle to quill the joined quilling strips. Pinch one edge of the coil to make a tear drop shape. Stick together such tear drops to make a flower. Now use a bicolor broad quilling strip to make the central bulb. Cut this broad strip from the edges and quill it using a quilling needle. Now press down the cut strips and stick it in the middle of the petals. Make three such flowers and stick them in the lower half of the card. Now make green colored leaves in loose tear drops. Make loose coils and pinch them at the apex to make beautiful leaves. To make the large sized leafy pattern, join together several green colored quilling strips and then make an ‘S’ shape with them. Stick two such shapes one on either side of the central design. Add small bright colored tight coils to the card to show small buds. This shows growth and prosperity in the New Year 2024.

Beautiful DIY card for New Year 2024

This is a beautiful handmade card DIY craft. To make this beautiful handmade card start with a hard bond sheet. Start by folding the hard bond sheet in half. Now leave 2 cm from the edges and make 2 cm slits from both edges. Now fold the slit section inwards to create a stair. Now move inwards by 2 cm from each edge of this first stairway. Fold it inwards from both sides, top and bottom. Now cut a 2 cm edge on the top stair of the sheet. Now fold it inwards from the top. Now you have a complete staircase inside the card. Now stick the staircase sheet to a brown colored sheet at the back. Now decorate the staircase with 2, 0, 2, 0 and write ‘Happy New Year’ on the staircase formed on the inside. Now you can add eaves and flowers on the inside of the card. Add colorful patterned strips on the sides of the card. You can also add Happy New Year wishes on the front of the card. This will surely look pretty.

3D pop-up card for New Year 2024

This is a beautiful crafty New Year DIY card. This dual colored card looks pretty and easy to make. Start by folding a pink colored sheet. Fold it in half. Now fold a blue sheet in half, again and again until you get a uniform strip sized fold. Now open it back again. Now start folding it again in a zig-zag pattern. Make two such zig-zag patterned fans. Stick these fans on the sides of the folded pink sheet. Now take a smaller sized white colored sheet. Fold the sheet in half. Now make 2.5 cm sized slits. Make four foldable slits. Fold these slits inwards. Now stick this white sheet inside the pink sheet. Cut ‘Happy’, ‘New’ and ‘Year’ from a yellow colored sheet. Also cut out ‘2’, ‘0’, ‘2’ and ‘0’. Stick these numbers one by one on the inwards folded slits. Now fold the outer page. Take a ribbon and overlap the card. Stick a yellow colored circle on the front page. Add blue colored triangles on the right top corner and the left bottom corner. Decorate the edges of the blue corners and the circle with beaded strip. Add Happy New Year wishes in the middle of the yellow circle. This beautiful card looks pretty. The beautiful ribbon tying design looks extremely pretty.

DIY Happy New Year cards – creative ideas for seasonal greetings

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We hope you like all these beautiful hand made New Year 2024 cards. You can make these beautiful cards for New Year. We at K4 Craft wish all of you Happy New Year. We hope this coming year bring all the happiness and success to you. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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