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DIY: 10+ Beautiful Cotton Ball Crafts and Activities for Kids

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Cotton balls are soft, easy to craft with and cheap – Easter bunny, sheep, birds, butterflies, ghosts, snowmen. How to color cotton balls for making Christmas, Easter, arts and crafts. Ideas to make, using cotton balls.

1. DIY: Lamb Notes Holder Made From Cotton Swabs.

Image Source:
Image Source:

2. Kids Special Cotton Ball Art

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3. DIY: Cotton Wool Cloud Art (Tutorial)


4. DIY: Cotton Ball Snowmen Art

Image Source:

5. KID CRAFT: Cotton Ball Art (Tutorial)

6. DIY: Animal Cotton ball Art

Image Source:

7. DIY: Cotton Poppies Painting

By: Anil Nene

8. DIY: Cotton 3D animal creation

Image Source: The Loop

9. DIY: Cotton Wool Dress

Image Source:

10. DIY: Cotton Boll Art

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11. Rainbow Art with Cotton Balls (Tutorial)

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