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Spring Projects for Kids – Art & Craft for Preschoolers

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Spring Projects for kids. Make your Blooming Buds happy with these creative spring crafts and painting ideas especially curated for them!

What makes the Nature, the environment around us so enthralling and colorful? Yes, you are right. It is the flowers. The beauty of the flowers has a captivating ability and they can draw your attention at an instant itself.

Spring Projects for Kids in Preschool

Projects are often burdensome for the children as well as their parents and the teacher. To solve this, we have got to some amazing ideas of Spring projects for kids which will certainly not be a drudgery for them and if you are the teacher, you will also enjoy it.

Flower Art Projects for Kids

Flowers in full bloom for toddlers

 Flowers in full bloom for toddlers - Flower Art Projects for Kids
Image source/Tutorial: Fine Lines

Spring is an enchanting and colorful season with flowers in full bloom, embellishing the essence and look of Nature. This spring season, let your child feel connected to growth and blossoms with our Spring Projects for kids.

  • Difficulty Level: This idea is not at all difficult. It can easily be made in a few hours. It does not require hard core perfection or any strict guidance and supervision. Just a bit of patience and the curiosity to learn more and there you are.
  • The material requirement also does not range too much. It is a handful of materials. Newspaper to cut the layers of flowers, white chart paper for the background, paints, brushes, scissors and pencils. These are usually easily available at your home also. You can use any other decorative material.if you wish to.
  • This makes use of the concept of fine lines and making the best of the waste. We use newspaper and paint it. The texture stands out and gives a unique look to the flower. Such ideas tickle the creative minds of the children and help them be more innovative.

Keep drawing your imaginations and convert your dreams into reality.

Spray and Sprinkle for Grade 1

Spray and Sprinkle for Grade 1 Flower Art Projects for Kids
Image source/Tutorial: Choices 4 Children

Children are always amazed by something magical happening around them. Stencils and spray bottles are the perfect combination to create this magic. Take your kids out on a fine spring evening, to some garden or park and let them do this Spring Projects that is designed specially for kids.

  • This looks very beautiful and the more attractive thing about this is that it is also easy to make. Children can do it without any major support. You can just supervise them while they do.
  • The material requirement is very less and easily available. You can go for cheaper stencils and spray bottles of you want it to be cost- effective. All that you need is paper, liquid colors or water colors, crayons, spray bottles and stencils.
  • It can be made within a few minutes. So, it is a very opted for idea. It increases the likelihood of children coming out of their houses and trying something new.

This spring, let your little blossoms find a master artist in them.

Spring themed Card Idea

Spring themed Card Idea - Flower Art Projects for Kids
Image source/Tutorial: Hand on As We Grow

Greetings cards are increasingly becoming outdated. But that’s where you can be unique and stand out of the crowd. Gift something to your loved ones that makes them feel special and that has always been the purpose of greeting cards. Chats and text wishes can never replace the feel of a handmade card.

  • This card specifically, is very easy to make. It is time consuming but would not take more than an hour or so. Also, this is one of the spring project ideas for kids that is worth trying.
  •  Materials required for this project are simple enough. Colored papers, sketch pens, decorative buttons, base hard paper for the card are all that you need to prepare a beautiful greeting card.
  • This greeting card can be used for any purpose. Be it birthdays, farewell, anniversaries or any success celebrations. Try out this multi- purpose card and innovate and try out your own creativity on other cards also.

The Future is in the Past. Make your future feel your past too. And what can be a better way than art and craft to keep them connected to how you used to convey greetings and wishes.

Spring art idea for teachers to make with students

Spring art idea for teachers to make with students
Image source/Tutorial: Studio Kids

This picture with the enchanting and colorful flowers blending perfectly with the green of the leaves and glasses, provides a perfect spring day feels. What could be a better option to try out rather than this ?

  • This painting has been done on a huge canvas. You can also try it out on a canvas size that is suitable to you. Painting this is neither too easy nor too difficult. Once you are determined and interested to do it, you can easily complete it without much difficulties.
  • The main requirement for this piece of spring project for kids is the idea and the design that you want to paint. The materials that will come handy for this are canvas, paints, flat and round brushes. You can also include texture tools if you want any additional texture.
  • It is a group activity on a huge canvas. Making your kids participate in it will make them more interactive and they will learn how to work in a team. You can call their friends over and  all of them can do it together. It will be a lot of fun and this is how sweet memories are made.

The Canvas is all yours. Take it and set your soul free on it. It will create wonders.

The imprint game activity for kids

 imprint game activity for kids Spring Projects for Kids - Art & Craft for Preschoolers
Image source/Tutorial: This Little Project

Many of us might have done this activity shown above with a coin and pencil. Now you can make your own figure, trace it and create an imprint from your favorite colors. Sounds fun?  Yeah, it is.

  • This idea of spring project for kids  is extremely easy to do and can be completed within a few minutes without much effort. But you need to be careful and neat while tracing it out on a piece of paper. Parental guidance is highly recommended if glue gun is used.
  •  The materials required are simple and easily available. You just need a cardboard, glue gun, crayons and paper pins.
  • Children should be introduced to such simple projects so that they can develop both interest and liking towards something that they are going to do in future. This idea is so easy it can be given to children to do it at their free time and they would also love to do it.

That’s how our lives should be lead, leave a mark wherever you go!

Spring Painting idea for kids: Nature’s time to play with colors

Spring Painting idea for kids: Nature's time to play with colors
Image source/Tutorial: Hands On As We Grow

Stamping has always been one of the easiest and most innovative way to decorate anything that you want. For this reason we have brought to you thing spring project idea for kids where we have made use of several stamping ideas.

  • As it has already been mentioned, this spring project idea  is very easy to make and can be done by children on their own.
  • You need simple materials for it. Primary of them being paints. For the different textures, we will require a straw, bottle back and thumb imprint. You can easily get it.
  • This is a simple yet very beautiful thing for children to try at their free time. They get to know many things and also it can be a best out of waste project for kids.

The real adventure lies in trying something new, doing something fun,everyday.

Rainbow Art Projects for Kids to Make

This congregation of seven colors diverging from white light spreading all across the sky, ornamenting it like a shining jewel is a must watch view. Why wait for the Sun to shine after a rainy day, create your own rainbow meanwhile.

Rainbow on my window spring project for kids

Rainbow on my window spring project for kids
Image source/Tutorial: Hand on As We Grow

How exciting it would be to see a rainbow through your window everyday when you wake up! You can create this fantasy and experience this bliss with our above shown spring project idea for kids.

  • This spring project idea is both interesting and easy to make. What else can one want? It requires time and effort but it is extreme fun and kids would absolutely love to do it.
  • The materials required are a bit different for this idea. You need colored ( all colors of a rainbow)  cellophane paper , brush or sponge roller and a solution of water and soap in the ratio 2:1
  • These are some out of the box ideas that kids should indulge in. It is a bit messy but after it is completed the colorful window will cover up for the mess previously created. This can also be an idea to decorate kids rooms.

Children are the colors that add glow to your life and house. Let them.

The Rainbow Sponge Bob

All the colors of a rainbow can come together to create a perfect painting. Let us try this spring project idea out then. What are you waiting for?

  • Undoubtedly, this idea of spring project for kids looks colorful and is fun to make. Adding to the perks, it is also easy to make.You can do it within a few minutes and without any help.
  • The material requirement  is least for this idea and all of them are easily available. All that you require is a sponge, paper and paints (poster or fabric preferred).
  • This effect can be used on cards, posters, paintings anywhere you want a rainbow shade or effect It is great to learn such basics that can be used according to the requirement at any place.

Do not wait for the Sun to create a rainbow for you. Paint your own.

The Rainbow Sponge Bob Spring Projects for Kids - Art & Craft for Preschoolers
Image source/Tutorial: Hand on As We Grow

Butterfly Spring Art Projects for Kids to Create

Butterflies are the lovely, colorful and innocent  species that just flap their wings and you cannot help but stare at them. They are a replica of the true meaning of Nature and it’s beauty. Truly, butterflies are one of their kind.

The dyed butterfly for preschool kids

Butterfly Spring Art Projects for Kids to Create
Image source/Tutorial:Hand on As We Grow

This idea is a brainstorming one. Completely unique and never heard or seen before kind of a project idea this is. Of all the Spring project ideas for kids, this one is something you should not miss out on in anyway. This is certainly a must try idea.

  • The idea stated above is not very easy to make  but it is fairly easy. Kids are advised not to do it without any superior guidance or help.  You need to be careful with the dying colors and the pegs.
  • The  materials required are a bit different for this very different idea. You will require dying colors, coffee filter paper and a clothes pin peg to make these beautiful butterflies.
  • The butterflies are absolute beauty and you can easily decorate your house with these beauties and they will look prettier when made by your little ones. Set them to make it and decorate their rooms with it.

Open your wings, flap them and fly, high and high till your reach your dreams.

Symmetry and Monarch of a Butterfly

Symmetry and Monarch of a Butterfly Spring Projects for Kids - Art & Craft for Preschoolers
Image source/Tutorial: Kid World Citizen

One of the features that most butterflies have is that they are symmetrical. This spring project idea for kids is an amazing idea to teach your kids the concept of symmetry.Learn while you craft.

  • This idea is not at all difficult to make. Rather it is the most time saving and requires the least efforts of all the above spring project ideas. Do give it a try.
  • The materials required are quite simple. All that you need is black color, paints, glue, thick paper ( chart paper). With these few items you are all set to go.
  • These are some pf the ideas that will not satisfy your heart in one go. You will have to make multiples of it and you will end up decorating them all over your house. Give them a try for sure.

Ready to make your house a canvas for the ideas of your kids? Hand them the brushes then!

The masterpiece painting is here for kindergarten kids

masterpiece painting is here for kindergarten kids
Image source/Tutorial: Tinker lab

All through our life we wish to create a masterpiece, least realising that the masterpiece has already been created and is savored in the memory trunks of our parents. The messy hand prints when you first painted as a toddler, the zigzag lines that ran across your notebooks while learning to hold a brush are all masterpieces in memories. This spring project  idea is also brought to you to help your kids make such memories.

  • It is absolutely easy to make and even an amateur and a tyro can do it easily. No external supervision as such is required.
  • You would just require paper, paints and brushes. That’s it and your masterpiece will be ready in a few minutes.
  • Such activities are the ones we cherish for a lifetime. The start is always the most memorable. So make the most out of it. Savor it well.

It is the time to relive your childhood days.

So many wonderful ideas will actually become fantastic only when you try them out with your friends and enjoy doing it. Invite your friends. Try out these spring projects for kids. Add your innovation to it and let us know how you liked it. Come back to us for more of such amazing ideas. We’ll be waiting for you. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas! You can check out our other articles on similar topics. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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