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Meditative Art Drawings For Stress Free Life

We all have a hectic schedule these days. The stress keeps on building up. We need to relieve this stress or it may burn our mind and cause headaches and other problems as well. Meditation is a good remedy for this. Increased stress may cause health or mental problems. These problems may turn fatal if not treated in time. We need to tackle the problem of mental problems and issues so that we have healthy youth. The company culture in the world has increased the amount of stress faced by each one of us and that stress if not provided with a let out might result in anger and that anger will affect none other but the family in turn the family gets stressed. So this way this stress cycle keeps on going on. So to deal with this stress let us turn to some innovative ideas like meditative art.

A Creative Way To Meditate: Zentangle Basics

So to begin with we shall take up an easy meditative art project. Zentangle tiles are a great way to relieve your stress. It is a simple technique. Let us get started with its basics. So we start with a small white square piece of sheet, it is known as a tile. Now we shall mark the anchors for the zen tile with the help of a pencil and then join these anchors with strings as they are known. Zentangle does not require erasing. It is the free flow of the feelings and emotions. Now divide this drawing in portions. Start with one portion you may start with circles curves or more strings. Shade it inside or outside it is solely your wish to choose from. For better understanding and to know about this art form’s history look up:

How To Draw Zen-tangle

Let us try some ninja tricks with zentangles. First of all draw four same sized squares and number them. Then starting by marking a cross on the first. Then mark the halves of all the sides and then join the adjacent halves, making a kite. Now in the second step mark the edges inside the innermost blocks. One by one completing the matrix. Now in the third and fourth step complete it with broader lines and pen shading. Let us move to the next design. Starting with the second drawing, draw four squares again. Now make light curves in one direction, with a pencil and then in the perpendicularly opposite direction. Now complete this step with a black pen. In the second step make squares inside each block formed. Then join this smaller square’s corner with the bigger one’s corner. This provides it with a three dimensional effect and completes the third step. Now in the fourth step paint the innermost square jet black. For better understanding of these and to get more ideas look up:

How To Draw Mandala Art for Beginners

Now let us try drawing a mandala. It is also known as a chakra. It provides the artist with utmost calm an composure. It is stress buster an reliever. You should give it a try if you think your gives you stress or you suffer from hypertension or you are turning into a workaholic. We need a sheet, pencil, ruler, a pair of compasses and some pens. Now start with making concentric circles with the help of pencil and a pair of compass. Now start marking with a ruler equal distances on the circles. Join these distances from outermost circle to the innermost ones. Create equal parts for each section again joining the markings inside to the outside. Now we name the different patterns. The petals, the lines, the dots with the circles, the long petals, the pointed petals etc. Starting from the middle of the concentric circles start drawing the patterns one by one. Draw defined circles after you complete each pattern. This will make the mandala look more beautiful and attractive. For better understanding of the mandala look up:

Mandala Drawing with Paint Marker & Gel Pen on Painted Paper

Now let us try a half mandala with the help of black oil based paint marker, acrylic paint and a white gel pen. We shall use a white sheet painted with watered down acrylic paints. This will give it a beautiful appearance. Draw concentric circles either with the help of a radius template or a compass. Make the pattern in the concentric circles. Starting from the outside, use a black marker for the purpose. Using a white gel pen draw bigger circles and make the pattern in them. Finalise the pattern with the help of the black marker. Draw drop petals in the end and paint everything beyond the design in black. Use the white gel pen to mark the details in the pattern. This will be contrasting to the black marker we have used. The painted sheet has helped us by filling in all the empty spaces. Now using black and white acrylic paint make dots in the empty spaces. For better understanding of the half mandala drawing look up:

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