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DIY: Create your own CD pieces decorated collar Shirt

CD pieces decorated collar Shirt: Hey kids! Heard about upcycling? Yes! Do not waste resource and start recreating new products out of old. Have your favourite old solid colour shirt? Here is a simple and easy DIY where you can stylish your old shirt by decorating the collar instead of buying a new one.

All you need is ….

  • Old Shirt

  • Scissor

  • Fabric glue

  • A gas stove and a vessel to boil

  • Used two old CDs

  • A Towel


So yeah! Let’s begin.

To create…..

  • Take a vessel on which the CDs can fit and pour a glass of water. Immerse the CDs in the hot water for 5 minutes as shown below.

NOTE: Adult guidance is mandatory to use the Gas Stove for boiling.


  • After 5 minutes, take out the CDs from the water and wipe the water using towel.

  • Cut the CDs into two halves.


  • Now the bottom and top layer of the CDs gets separated easily. Leave the transparent top layer and use the bottom.


  • Now cut the bottom into different triangular shapes and sizes that suits your collar.

  • Once the CD pieces are cut start sticking it on your collar.


  • Now let it dry for 3 hours and your recreated favourite shirt is ready to wear 🙂


Hope you like this tutorial.

Click Here to download step by step full tutorial.

Image Source: followfashion

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