Birthday Party Craft Ideas

Birthdays are a great occasion for one and all. It is once in an year thing which makes it an all age group favorite. We all love to celebrate our birthdays with great pomp and show. Kids usually get excited for their birthdays months before the actual day. And we must owe it up for it is the only day you are the hero of your own world. People meet you greet you and wish you luck for the future, your life, etc. It is surely a great day.

The major happiness of a birthday is a birthday party. It takes a lot of effort to plan a party, inviting friends, family, getting the food and everything. So the party decoration just as well turn up great, right? Party decorations are an integral part of a party but often we lack time or execution. Thus, we are left with inadequate decorations which make it look like an unplanned party.

We have brought some great party decoration ideas. You can utilize these party decoration crafts to liven up your birthday party. We wish that you have a great party, with great fun and games. Take some decoration inspiration from the ideas mentioned below. Go on have fun planning the party and for sure have fun at the party.

Birthday Party Craft Ideas for kids and adults

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Beautiful Stars for birthday crafts

via: 3D Paper Star

Stars can enhance the beauty of any place, let it be a room, hall or an open balcony. The idea developed from the stars in the sky. Which give them hope in our life that we are not alone in this world. That’s why we are comfortable with stars around us and find them this much attractive. These 3D paper stars can be crafted at home. Also, they are easily available in the market.

Fairy wand birthday crafts

via: Beaded Heart Wand

Does your daughter love to be called as fairy or princess? How about handing her a magic wand on her birthday? This beautiful beaded heart wand will be your girl’s favorite toy for a few weeks at least. The materials used are beads, heart-shaped through pendent, ribbons, threads, sparkles and a stiff pipe. you can customize beaded heart wand as required.

Cone treat holder crafts

via: Cone Treat Holder

Kids love candies and chocolates when it comes to food. But that plate in your kitchen looks so dull to keep this much happiness, no? Don’t worry, with the help of Cone treat holder, you can present these sweet treats in a creative way. All you have to do is decorate the paper cones with wrapping papers and tie a piece of ribbon for hanging. With these simple and easy birthday party craft ideas, you can create a long-lasting impression.

Goofy Spectacles fun

via: Paper Eyeglasses

 Now the turn is of eyeglasses. These cute looking paper craft eyes are easy to make and you can have your own unique design. The key point is the symmetry between the two sides. The right side and the left side of the eyeglasses must be a mirror image of one another else they will look distorted. You can try heart shaped, star shaped, square of round shaped frames for different options in the party.

Crafty visors

via: Craft Foam Visor

The craft foam visor is crafted with the help of foam and paper. Cut out the design of the visor from the colored foam, then stick the eyes and the nose. You can draw the mouth with a dark color and attach a rubber band at the top.

Fun crafty masks for birthday parties

via: Luchador Paper Mask

Masks have always played a major role in any party props. These masks create mystery by making everyone anonymous.  One can craft these masks at home with the help of paper, scissors, and paints. The base of these masks is oval and can vary in size depending on the children. Try to give them a cartoon look rather than any serious one as that can scare the kids.

Beautiful lanterns for birthday party decor

via: Paper Lanterns

Lanterns enhance the aesthetics of every party. These lanterns can be crafted by first fold and unfold the paper into half and then roll the colored paper into a cylindrical shape. Now cut some partial straight lines from the bottom to upwards. Attached a strip at the top for holding and decorate them with flowers, leaves, etc.

Tissue paper birthday party decorative crafts

via: Tissue Paper Pom-pom Flowers

Flowers from a tissue paper looks like a hectic task but they are simple to make in reality. First color the tissue papers in large quantity bu unfolding them completely. Now hold the tissue from the center and abruptly fold it in one hand. Take another tissue in another hand, fold it similarly and then collect it in the starting hand from the center. Now make one hand for collection and one hand for folding until a big round shape is formed.

Beautiful Birthday cards

via: DIY Easy Birthday Card Ideas

The birthday cards have been like a compulsory gift for every birthday. You can draw a card at home and use various ideas like flower decoration, drawing hearts, or folding the paper for some creative crafts. Everyone love hand made cards as they show the efforts done by the giver.

Handmade gifts for birthdays

via: Handmade Gift Ideas for Birthday

Most of us love to see the efforts done by others in selecting or making gifts. The most appreciated ones are the hand made gifts which shows efforts of them. So, you can craft the gifts to display love and affection for the receiver. There are various possible handmade gift ideas for birthday like pendant and bracelets.

Cool Birthday food preparations for kids

via: Birthday Party Food Ideas for Kids

Kids love to have their favorite cookies, cakes, sweets on their birthday. You can prepare these foods at home so that they can feel your love while having them. Preparing all the dishes for the birthday party can be a tough job as there are a lot of other decorations to be taken care of. But you can include a few dishes or candies which are handmade and rest of it can be bought.

Balloon crafts for birthday parties

via: DIY Creative & Easy Crafts Using Balloons

Balloons are the easiest way to show the importance of the occasion. Balloons are universal for birthday decorations. You can use multi colored or single colored balloons for the parties. Choose the color wisely which will lighten the beauty of the party hall.

Beautiful crafty buntings for birthday decorations

via: 3D decorative Paper Heart Garland Tutorial

The heart signifies purity, love, and care, all at once. You can install 3D decorative paper heart Garland. Cut out hearts (set of 3 each) from different design papers with high GSM. Now keep the set together and fold the 1 heart completely and second heart partially. Keep the third as it and then staple them on the thread.

Pink gingerbread car tutorial for birthday

via: Pink Gingerbread Car (Step by Step Tutorial)

The main essence of any birthday is the birthday cake. You can make a pink gingerbread car cake at home for the birthday eve and keep up with the cooking practice. The ingredient used is simple and you can also customize this cake according to the preferences.

Cute birthday cards for kids on birthdays

via: Handmade Birthday Gift Cards (Step by Step)

Kids love the simplicity and handcrafted gifts. You can use handmade birthday gift cards to make them happy. They are easy to make and the material used is readily available. You can also write a message for them in it which they can read and understand.

Beautiful candles for birthdays

via: How to make Candle at Home

Making candles at home is a new upcoming hobby. You can use various combination of wax to have different contrast, color, and fragrance. You can find the material used for making a candle at home in the market without many efforts.

Make birthday parties special with these decoration ideas

via: Make Your Party Special With This Idea

The main purpose of any birthday party is to make them feel special. For this, you can fill a big cardboard box with 10-12 smiley hot air balloons with a special gift. On the occasion, ask them to open the box. After this, they will have a smile on their face for a long time.

Honeycomb garland idea for birthday parties

via: Honeycomb Garland for Birthday Decoration

You can use this idea of honeycomb garland for decorating the empty walls. They are easy to make if you follow the steps properly and will keep the room beautiful from every aspect.

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We hope you liked all these beautiful party craft ideas. These craft ideas are sure to bring a smile on the face of the birthday girl or boy. These crafts are fun to create. You can check out other related articles on K4 Craft as well. do come back for more such content. Give your valuable feedback in the comments section below to help us bring better content. Keep creating and smiling with K4 Craft!

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