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Plastic Straw Crafts To Make At Home

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Plastic straw are an indispensable part of our lives. We love to sip our shakes, smoothies, juices and soft drinks with the help of a straw. But the high number usage of these straws is posing a big problem to the environment. The plastic is not easy to dispose off. We are trying to find methods to dispose them safely without affecting the environment negatively. We should as well give our inputs. We can surely help by reducing the usage. Reusing the already used straws or moving towards other reusable options, like glass pipes or metal pipes. We can even recycle them by making beautiful art out of them. The straws come in all possible colours. These beautiful colours provide them with an edge of being used in art works.

Straw Art – Flower Vase With Drink Straw

Let us make a vase using the drinking straws. Take two different coloured straws. We are here using yellow with sky blue straws. You can choose colours of your choice or even go and have a multicoloured vase for yourself. Take a rectangular piece of sheet and spread glue all over it. Now for every two yellow straws we are using one blue one. You can choose the design according to your own wish. Once you are done with all the straws, leave a bit of edges on the paper on each side. Now mark a diagonal line to cut the straws in a specific direction, you can even choose a curvy cut as well. Now join the two ends. To cover the gap in the sheet paste more straws. Now cut a circular part, from a cardboard sheet. This will become the base of the vase. Cut two such circles and join them with their right sides on the outside. Now using super glue join the straw stand to the circular base. Cut the excess of the base once the glue has dried. Secure it with a sheet of paper. You are ready to store your stuff in the straw vase. For better understanding look up:

How To Make Flower Straw


Now let us make lavender flower sticks by using straws. We need a blue, a green and a white drinking straw. Take the blue straw and cut it in half width wise. Give such cuts all through its length. Once you are satisfied with it cut off the excess length. Now take the half of the white straw. Make small adjacent cuts at one end of the straw. Now stick the blue cut straw in a helical design to the white one. Now take the green straw cut 1/4th part of the straw, cut four leaves on one end. Curl the leaves using the scissors. Now stick the stalk to the white straw at the bottom, after this cut the round rings of the blue straw. Now brush the blue part. Your lavenders are all set to go. For better understanding look up:

Learn To Make Flower From Straw

As we have made lavenders, let us now make some roses. First of all flatten the straws. Now take three straws and join them at their necks. Now start folding in a diagonal manner one by one, after one fold of each turn the shorten end in a circle. You get the centre of the rose. Now keep on folding one by one. You can increase the length of the straw by adding more flattened straw at the end. Put the straw inside the other. Knot it when you are satisfied with the size of the flower. Secure it by placing the two open ends in a single straw. Put a toothpick at the base. Now cover the flower in a plastic sheet. For better understanding of the procedure to make a rose look up:

DIY – How To Make The Shape of Animals From Straw

Now let us make our own fish keychain using the drinking straw. Take six straws, half of one colour and half of the other. Now flatten all these straws. Once flattened fold one in half. Then halve the other and put it through the first one. Continuing by placing more straws in the same way, keep on alternating every fold. Alternate every fold at the front as well as at the back side. Secure the middle straw of each colour by cutting and folding one edge backwards, securing in the folds. Give the inner fins a short diagonal cut and secure in place with the help of super glue. Cut the third straws of each of each colour a longer cut and secure it with super glue. Give curves to the diagonal cuts. Now make eyes for the fish on both sides of the fish with the help of a black marker. Now make a hole with the help of a wire and put in a key chain loop. Once you ring it and place your keys in the keychain, your straw fish is ready to accompany your keys. For better understanding look up:

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