Easy Paper Turtle Craft for Kids – Step by Step Tutorial

There are many creatures which live in the sea. We should teach our children about the under sea world as well. The world beneath the sea level is really beautiful. Turtles are the animals which live under the sea. These creatures are one of their kind. They are really pretty. These creatures are very close to tortoises in form but have flippers to move around in the water.

Turtles face a lot of problems due to the pollution we produce in daily life. We must always be careful when we produce waste. We should try to keep our surroundings as clean as possible. Today we will be making this beautiful turtle craft with paper. This beautiful paper turtle craft is a true beauty. This is really easy to make. You can try this paper turtle craft at home with your kids.

Learn to Make Easy Paper Turtle Craft for Kids

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Material Required:

This is a beautiful paper turtle craft. It looks really pretty. You can take clues from the final image given here. Now we will have to choose the right coloured paper for the craft. We will be making the back of the turtle with the help of a pistachio coloured green paper. We will also need some yellow colored paper and bright red and purple colored paper. A pair of scissors, glue stick along with googly eyes will be required. You can choose a dark-coloured hard stock sheet for the base of the craft.


✨ Step 1: Cutting The Structure Of The Turtle

  • To start with this paper turtle craft, cut out a circle from the pistachio coloured paper.

✨ Step 2: Folding To Shape

  • Fold the circle in half. Now you have semicircle in your hand.
  • You have the back of the turtle.

✨ Step 3: Securing The Shape In Place

  • Press down the edges of the folded semi-circle.
  • Use a glue stick to stick together the two leaves of the semi-circle together.
  • Now you are ready to move forward.

✨ Step 4: Selecting The Paper For Legs

Take some yellow colored paper. This will be used to make the legs of the turtle. The paper turtle will need four legs and a yellow colored head as well. You will need pencils and a pair of scissors handy.

✨ Step 5: Folding the selected paper in half

  • Fold the yellow paper in half. The fold depends on the width of the required legs for the paper turtle craft.
  • You can fold the paper sheets individually or fold them together.

✨ Step 6: Drawing And Cutting Legs

  • Use a pencil to draw the leg of the paper turtle craft on the folded yellow paper sheet.
  • Once you have drawn the leg, use a pair of scissors to cut along the pencil drawn lines on the yellow paper.
  • You can miss the lines by narrow margin but do not cut without any precision.

✨ Step 7: Four Legs Cut Out

  • Now you have the four legs of the paper turtle craft.
  • You can make the required changes and Trimming to the legs if required.
  • Make sure the legs are identical and similar in shape and size.

✨ Step 8: Setting The Legs Beneath The Structure

  • Now you need to start sticking the cut and shaped legs for the paper turtle craft.
  • Use glue stick to stick the leg under the semi-circle on the flat side.
  • Start sticking from one edge of the semi-circle.

✨ Step 9: Sticking The Legs

  • Go on sticking all the four legs beneath the flat side of the semi-circle.
  • This will give you four legged paper turtle craft base.
  • Make sure all the legs are equally spaced.
  • Your turtle craft base is ready to decorate and detail.

✨ Step 10: Adding The Face Of The Turtle

  • Add the already cut and shaped head of the paper turtle craft.
  • The head can be cut from the same paper used to make the legs for the turtle.
  • This looks pretty when stuck in front of the semi-circle.
  • Now let us get on to details of the paper turtle craft.

✨ Step 11: Beautifying The Turtle

  • Add a googly eye to the head of this paper turtle craft.
  • Cut out similarly sized circles from bright red and purple paper.
  • Now stick these small-sized circles all over the back of the turtle.
  • It will look all pretty and nice. Your kids will love the colours.

✨ Step 12: Finished Paper Turtle Craft

  • After you have stuck all the small bright coloured circles.
  • You can now display your paper turtle craft in any way you like.
  • Set it up on a dark coloured hard sheet as the base for the paper turtle craft.
  • You can write your name on the base or write ‘Turtle’ on the side.
  • Your kids will have fun making this pretty paper turtle craft at home.

We hope you liked this beautiful and easy to make paper turtle craft. This looks really pretty. Your kids will love to make this beautiful and crafty paper turtle craft at home. You can check out other related crafts at K4 Craft. We would love to hear from you. You can leave your opinion in the comments section given below. We will come up with more such interesting crafts for your and your kids soon. Until then keep smiling and Creating with K4 Craft.

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