Easy Paper Clock Craft for Kids – Step by Step Tutorial

Paper crafts are the best as they are not too difficult and can be made by kids on their own as well. Time is a very important part of life. We as humans have been trying to keep track of time since long. We like to know what part of the day are we working in. Punctuality is a very important aspect of life. Every child must learn to read the time from.

Even though we have digital clocks all around us but we must make our kids learn to read the time from an analogue clock as well. This paper clock craft will be a great footing to help your kid understand about time and learn how to read time from an Analog clock. This craft is really easy to make. You can paste it up in your kid’s room, on the desk or on the wall. You can even paste it on an almirah door.

Learn To Make Paper Clock Craft

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The very important step in making a paper craft is choosing the right material for the craft. Right colors and the right paper are important aspects.

Materials Required:

  • Colored paper; red, blue, yellow, orange and violet
  • Black Sketch Pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue


✨ Step:1 Material And Drawing The Base

  • The first and foremost step is to layout the pastel sheet on the work table.
  • Use a pencil and a circular object to draw a circle. This is the base of the paper clock craft.
  • You can decide the size of the paper clock at this stage.

✨ Step:2 Cutting The Required Shape

  • Once you have drawn the circle of the required size on the pastel colored sheet of paper, take up a pair of scissors and cut along the pencil-drawn circle.
  • This is the base for your paper clock craft. Make sure you cut along the lines, strictly. The cut must be smooth.
  • If your kids are making the craft, give them paper scissors and observe them while they cut.

✨ Step:3 Adding Dots

  • Now comes the next step. Decide a smaller size of circles to add numbers.
  • Cut four circles of the same color. These will form the four number places in the paper clock craft.
  • All these places have to be at ninety degrees from each other.
  • Stick these bright colored circles in places on the edge of the paper clock craft.

✨ Step:4 Adding Circle For Numbers

  • Now we will be adding all the remaining number places for the clock.
  • Choose a smaller circle size for the rest of the numbers.
  • Cut eight circles of a smaller size as compared to the previous ones.
  • Now stick two of these circles in between the two of the previously stuck circles.
  • You have complete twelve circles on the clock.
  • Add two ear shapes on the top of the clock. This adds some fun to this paper clock craft.

✨ Step:5 Adding Details

  • Once you have added the base of the ears, add a smaller size of the darker or brown sheet of paper semicircle.
  • Also add the numbers to the clock. To add the numbers to the clock, use a black marker.
  • Fill in the numbers from one to twelve in the circles or bubbles already stuck on the clock craft.

✨ Step:6 Adding Clock Hands

  • Now only thing left is the hands of the clock. Use a bright-coloured paper to cut two thin strips for the hands of the clock.
  • The hour hand should be cut smaller than the minute hand.
  • Once you have cut the hands for the clock, stick them, stemming from the centre of the clock craft circle.
  • You can point them at any hour and use a glue stick to stick them in place.

We hope that you liked this cool and easy to make paper clock craft. This clock craft can be stuck on the walls and can be used to teach the children about clocks and time reading. This will become a great teacher for your kids. You can help kids make this clock at home. You can check out other craft ideas at K4 Craft. We would love to hear from you. You can leave your feedback in the comments section given below. We will soon come up with more such paper craft ideas for you. Until then keep smiling and Creating with K4 Craft.

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