Paper Circle Owl Craft for Kids – Step by Step Tutorial

Learn to make cute circle paper owl craft. It is perfect for school projects and to participate in competitions. You can easily learn with this step by step tutorial.

Paper crafts are fun to make. They provide us with a beautiful energy utilization in the free time. You can utilise your day with these paper crafts. This paper owl has the prettiest eyes. The plump owl looks pretty and wise. Making this craft can become the basis of teaching your kids about the owl, the wisest animal.

This information will intrigue the children and make them inquisitive and explorative. Craft is a great way to introduce serious study topics to children. Your kids will love to make this pretty craft at home. This craft requires very less input material. This craft can be easily made by younger children as well.

Cute Paper Owl Craft for Kids

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Materials Required:

  • Colored paper; red, blue, white, black etc.
  • A pair of scissors
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Glue

Procedure – Paper Owl Craft

✨ Step 1: Making the base of the craft

  • The most important step in a paper craft is the base of the craft.
  • Here we will be using a two colored base for the owl.
  • Take a colored paper and cut a circle out of it.
  • Now take another colored paper and cut out a medium-sized heart shape from it.
  • Now this heart shape will go on the circular base of the craft.

✨ Step 2: Folding the heart shape

  • The heart will not go on the circle as it is.
  • Hold the heart shape firmly in your hands.
  • Now fold the base tip of the heart inwards.
  • This will give a flat end to the heart shape at the base.

✨ Step 3: Stick the folded heart shape on the circle

  • Fold the heart shape back from the base and secure the fold with glue.
  • Now paste this folded heart on the circle base of the owl.
  • Now let us move to the next step.

✨ Step 4: Adding two eyes

  • An owl has two bright and shiny eyes.
  • To make the eyes of the owl, take a white paper and draw two circles on it.
  • Cut these two circles out and stick them in the heart shape bulbs on top.
  • This becomes the eyeball for your paper owl.

✨ Step 5: Completing the eye

  • The eyes do not look so bright yet.
  • To complete the eyes of the paper owl craft we need a black and white paper.
  • Draw and cut out a smaller circle on the black paper. The circle must be smaller than the previously stuck white circle.
  • Stick the black circles in the respective white eyeballs.
  • Now again take the white paper.
  • Draw and cut four circles from the white paper.
  • Now stick them inside the black circles.
  • These white circles have to stuck non-concentrically to the black circle.

✨ Step 6: Making the nose and the paws

  • Now we also require paws for the paper owl craft.
  • To make the paws of the paper owl craft take the same colored sheet as used for the first heart.
  • Draw two small sized heart shapes on the colored paper.
  • Now cut this heart shapes out using a pair of scissors.
  • Stick these two hearts beneath the main heart shape.
  • These become the two paws of the paper owl craft.
  • To make the nose for the paper owl craft, you need a black paper.
  • Draw a triangle on the black paper. Cut it out.
  • Now paste it on the blue large heart shape in a way that a vertex points downwards.

✨ Step 7: Adding ears to the paper owl craft

  • Ears of an owl are pointy. These ears depict the attentive nature of the owl.
  • These ears can be easily made with colored paper and a pair of scissors.
  • Cut a rectangular strip of paper.
  • This strip should have a length equal to the diameter of the circular base and height equal to the radius of the circular base.
  • Now stick this rectangular strip at the back of the circular base on the upper side.
  • You will get two ears for your owl craft.

✨ Step 8: Making the wings of the paper owl craft

  • Now almost every part of the owl craft has been added.
  • Only the wings are left to be added to the craft.
  • Now draw a circle on the colored paper.
  • The colored paper chosen should be the same as that of the circular base.
  • Now cut this circle out.
  • Halve this circle along with one of its diameters.
  • Now you have two semi-circles.
  • Stick one semicircle on either side of the owl respectively.

✨ Step 9: Attaching the wings to the sides

  • The paper owl craft is ready to adorn your room.
  • You can stick this owl craft in your scrap file, study table, almirah door, etc.
  • It surely looks beautiful.
  • You can also stick in front of a card as the card front design.
  • The owl paper craft can be also used as a showpiece.
  • You can hang it or make it stand on one of the shelves.
  • Kids can also gift this paper owl craft to their friends on different occasions.
  • This craft can be made in different color combinations.

We hope you loved this cute little paper circle owl craft. This sweetie owl has the most beautiful eyes. This paper owl craft can be used in different ways. You can check out other related articles on K4 craft. We would love to hear from you. You can share your feedback with us in the comments section given below. We will soon come up with more such beautiful articles until then keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft.

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