Paper Circle Christmas Tree Card for Kids – Step by Step Tutorial

DIY Christmas Tree Card – a super easy paper Christmas craft for kids. This lovely little card is perfect to make in the home or at the classroom. Teachers and Parents can enjoy making as well with children.

Create fun and some artistic Christmas trees this Christmas and a bit shine to your Christmas celebration. This kind of craft is especially created for kids and that is why the steps involved here are so simple and easy to follow. These Christmas tree crafts can be used to decorate the walls of the house so that they too can give out all the necessary Christmas vibe and are suitable for kids’ Christmas celebration.

How to Make Christmas Tree Card for Kids

Material required

● Paper color sheet – green, white, light pink, dark pink, light blue, yellow
● Glitter paper sheet-yellow, green, purple, red

Step by Step Procedure

✨ Step 1: Creating paper circles

  • Take a green paper sheet
  • Cut it in the shape of medium circle
  • Cut the circle in pairs in ascending order

✨ Step 2: Creating the Christmas tree with the paper circles

  • Fold the green paper circle in equal halves
  • Fold all the paper circles in equal half
  • Take a pair of paper circle
  • Connect the rear portion of the folded circles with each other in the pair

✨ Step 3: Start building a Christmas tree

  • Connect all the pair of circle with each other
  • Connect these pair with the help of glue
  • Arrange the paper circles in ascending order

✨ Step 4: Finish building a Christmas tree

  • Start building a tree by placing the circle pair from the smallest one to the largest one
  • Finish the building Christmas tree by placing the largest circle pair at the end.

✨ Step 5: Creating a snow for giving it a Christmas-Y and a windy look

  • Take a whitepaper sheet
  • Cut it in a specific shape as the one is shown above
  • Place it under the Christmas tree by attaching it with the help of glue

✨ Step 6: Developing the trunk of the Christmas tree

  • Take a brown paper sheet
  • Cut it in the shape of horizontal
  • Place it under the green shade of paper and on the white designed paper sheet

✨ Step 7: A shiny star for a glittery Christmas

  • Take a golden glittery paper sheet
  • Carve out a small star from it
  • Place it on the tip of the Christmas tree
  • Attach it with the help of glue

✨ Step 8: Adding lights to the Christmas tree to light it all up

  • Take a red glittery paper shit
  • Cut it in a small circle
  • Place and attach it on the left top paper circle just as the one shown above

✨ Step 9: Finishing the lightning on the Christmas tree

  • Take a red, yellow, blue and green glitter paper sheet
  • Cut out some small holes on them
  • Use those small holes to decorate the Christmas tree
  • Use them to decorate around the Christmas tree too

✨ Step 10: Creating gifts for Christmas by the Christmas tree

  • Take multicolor paper sheet namely of purple, dark and light pink, blue and orange
  • Carve them out in small squares
  • Place it under the tree and attach them with glue

✨ Step 11: Finish the gifts by drawing some ribbons

  • Gather multicolor sketch pens
  • Use them to draw on those square paper gifts

✨ Step 12:  Get your Christmas tree ready for the celebration

  • Make sure everything is covered
  • Finish your Christmas tree craft by giving some final touches to it.

These are all the steps that you need to adhere to get your Christmas tree ready for Christmas celebration. We have a wide range of step by step tutorial collection that you might be interested in, so make sure to check them out. If you have something to tell us, then freely use the comment section provided below. We will soon come up with more and more interesting articles for you. Until then keep smiling and creating with K4Craft.

We hope you and your kids enjoyed making this pretty paper circle christmas tree card for kids. We would like to hear from you. You can share your feedback with us in the comments section given below. We will soon come up with more such interesting craft articles for you. Until then keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft.

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