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How to Make Handmade Rakhi Designs for Rakshabandhan

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How to Make Handmade Rakhi Designs!

Rakshabandhan is a very pious festival celebrated by Indians. The folklore dates back to long time ago. A queen (sister) sent for help and a colourful thread to her brother as the token for her love for him. The brother was ready to sacrifice his life for his sister’s honour and security. That is what has been carried out by generations ever since.

We celebrate the festival with great enthusiasm and fervour. So, this year round present your brother with your token of love made with your hands. We are today going to tell you how to make handmade rakhi designs. So, let us get started with the work without any much a do.

DIY: Rakhi Making – “Woolen + Foam sheet” Rakhi video

Rakhi Making Ideas for School Competition

First of all take a shiny dark coloured Styrofoam sheet and cut a square piece out of it. Now take some rhinestones and place a big one in the centre. Align a beaded lace on the sides of this rhinestone. You can place some mirrors or rhinestones on the sides of this. Now cut this out and stick it onto a satin ribbon. Secure it well on the ribbon.

Now for the next idea take a Styrofoam sheet, shiny and coloured, in a different colour. Now paste different coloured rhinestones on top of this sheet. Now cut the Styrofoam sheet in the desired shape and secure it on top of the ribbon. For better understanding of these Rakhi ideas look up:

How to Make Handmade Rakhi Designs

Take thin ribbons of a bright colour and cut 10cm lengths of it. Now get the centre of the strips and fold the ends of the strips and glue them at the centre. This will become the basis of your rakhi. Now make many such pieces. Cut two circles of the same dimension, you can use the paper from the old wedding ones or can get some hard bond sheet in bright colour from the market.

Now stick these strips on one of the circles. Place the circle on top of the rakhi and place a rhinestone and decorate the sides with some beads or beaded lace. Now take a broad ribbon and stick this on top of that. Your beautiful rakhi is ready to adorn the wrist of your lovely brother. For better understanding of this rakhi making process look up:

3 Rakhi Making Ideas at Home

Take different coloured sheets and cut out circles of different sizes from them. Now mark an inner radius on each of them and give the outer boundary an edgy cut uptil the inner marking. Now curl these edges on the inside and paste the circles on top of each other according to their size. Now use rhinestones to complete the Rakhi. Take a ribbon and paste it at the bottom of the rakhi.

Cut three circles of different coloured sheets, of different sizes. Now make a flower out of them by folding and cutting them. Now cut the two leaves of the flower off and paste the adjacent two together. This will make it into a nice flower. Curl the edges backwards and start sticking the layers together. End it with a big rhinestone in the centre. Attach it to a ribbon at the base. For better understanding look up:

Learn to Make Rakhi Designs at Home

For the next DIY rakhi we need: foam sheet, ball chain, stone chain, kundan, beads, wool, fabric glue and golden pearls. First of all take a square Styrofoam sheet and start by placing a glue spot on it. Now stick a rhinestone on the spot and start aligning the small beaded threads around it. Use a toothpick for better alignment.

When you are done with a few layers, place some smaller rhinestones on the sides. Now cut the Styrofoam sheet from the sides. Now take a solid thread and thread in some pearls or beads inside it. Thread in the colour of beads which will match with your rakhi base. Now secure the Styrofoam base in the middle of the beads and on the thread by applying the glue on it. For better understanding of this DIY rakhi look up:

How to Make Beautiful Rakhi at Home

We need woollen thread, pearls, green and maroon kundans, stone chain, ball chain, bukram sheet and greeting card. You can even use hard bond paper in place of bukram sheet. We will also require glue, scissors and clippers. Now start with covering the bookram sheet with a coloured cloth or sheet. Now paste a rhinestone in the middle. Start aligning different beaded chains around the rhinestone.

When enough layers have been done, you can start with the smaller rhinestones. Use toothpick for better application. Place two mirrors on the opposite sides of the rakhi. Cut the excess sheet off. Now take a ribbon and thread in pearls. Section the pearls in two and paste the rakhi base in the middle. Your rakhi is ready to be placed on the wrist of your beloved brother. For better understanding look up:

DIY: How to Make Silk Thread Rakhi

Video Tutorial: 20+ Best ideas to make Rakhi at home for Rakshabandhan

Video Tutorial: 20+ Best ideas to make Rakhi at home for Rakshabandhan

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