Gandhi Jayanti Craft Ideas & Activities for Kids (2 October)

Get our curated list of Gandhi Jayanti Craft Ideas & Activities for Kids to Celebrate birthday of our beloved Gandhi ji.

Gandhi Jayanti (2nd October) is a nationwide holiday. Children enjoy this holiday to the fullest. Mahatma Gandhi was a legendary leader who pioneered the independence struggle for India through the means of truth and non-violence. The new generation must be taught and made aware of the sacrifices of such legendary leaders of India who led the world through the example of hardships.

Gandhi Jayanti falls on 2 October of every year. Gandhi Ji is celebrated as the Father of our nation. Kids can make various craft items to celebrate the occasion of his birth anniversary. We have come up with some craft items which can be released easily at home. We hope that you all will celebrate this Gandhi Jayanti in the true Patriotism.

Gandhi Jayanti (2 October) Craft Ideas for Kids

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Brief information about Mahatma Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi popularly known to all of as Mahatma Gandhi is our Father of the Nation, his contribution in the struggle of Indian Independence is immense. He was the son of Karamchand Gandhi and Putlibai Gandhi and was born on 2nd of October 1896. He was a lawyer by profession and with the help of his Non-violence theory it was possible to drive the Britisher’s away from India.

Why do we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti?

We celebrate Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd of October annually to commemorate the birth anniversary of the noble soul. Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary reminds us the power of non-violence and helps us to follow the path of truth and righteousness.

What can we do on Gandhi Jayanti in school?

The teachings of this great soul if spread will give a positive impact on human lives, thus it important to incorporate these ideas into young minds and thus it is very important that we make sure that Gandhi Jayanti is being celebrated in schools.

The things which we can carry on in school includes:

  1. We can through light in the thoughts and ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi through a panel discussion.
  2. Organize quiz on Mahatma Gandhi and the freedom struggle of India.
  3. Promote cleanliness and its importance through a skit.
  4. Also Organizing a slogan writing competition.

These are a list of engaging activities which can be conducted in school on the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

How can we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti in online class?

Presently our world is facing a deadly pandemic and mostly educational institutions has changed its platform from physical to online mode in such a situation the zeal of the birth anniversary of the Father of our Nation should not be diminished and thus some ways to celebrate this is an online mode are:

  1. We can prepare a power-point presentation on the life of Mahatma Gandhi and present the same to enlighten the students.
  2. Conduct animation making competition based on Mahatma Gandhi and Indian struggle for freedom.
  3. Also Prepare a detailed speech on Non-violence and the theory of Ahimsa.

How do you explain Gandhi Jayanti to a child?

To a child for explaining Gandhi Jayanti they first needs to be Enlightened about Freedom and India’s Freedom Struggle. Among children Mahatma is popularly known as Bapu and thus they can be explained that the Birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi is basically celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti and has a great national importance.

DIY Crafts for Gandhi Jayanti

1. Making a Charkha For Gandhi Jayanti

Image source / Tutorial: #makeittakeit

This is easy to make charkha craft for Gandhi Jayanti. You will need ice cream popsicles, white thread, white buttons, white stock paper, toothpicks and white and brown paint. Paint the ice cream popsicles in brown paint and paint the toothpicks in white paint. Assemble all the different parts together to form the charkha.

2. Anime Mahatma Gandhi Character

This is a model of Mahatma Gandhi made with a very good concept of using some of the basic materials found in every household, basically this is a best out of waste craft. The materials used in this is a piece of jute cloth which can be generated from bags used to carry load of goods, an used straw, a tissue paper, a pair of eye shaped beads and a small piece of white wire. The white tissue is very vibrantly used as the iconic dhoti of Bapu and also the glass frame formed by the piece of wire and the utility of the straw as the stick which he used makes one of the best portrayal of the character.

3. Gandhi Ji’s Three Monkey

One of the most important ideologies of this great soul was very simply explained by him with a basic a basic example. Gandhi ji believed in the concept of non-violence and ahimsa and always followed the path of truth and righteousness and thus always promoted the fact that one should never witness something evil visually or audially or even speak out something evil. And this concept was picturized with three monkeys one covering its eyes, one covering its mouth and the last covering its ears with the palms. Here three monkey figures are drawn and cut out of orange colored chart paper and their essence are written down with a marker.

4. Marking The Non-cooperation Movement

Image source / Tutorial: Mamta Goel

Mahatma Gandhi initiated a very important movement who’s agenda was to boycott foreign products and get used to the products manufactured in India itself. He used to weave his own dhoti and chadar by his own hands using the charkha and the cloth is famous till date with the name of Khadi cloth. The above figure is a very detailed model carved out of thermocol depicting Mahatma Gandhi with his glasses on weaving his own piece of cloth in the charkha.

5. The Monkeys Of Bapu

Image source / Tutorial: Shinoo Walia

Here we again came across another presentation of the three moneys of Mahatma Gandhi, here three detailed monkey structures are drawn and painted vibrantly and pasted on a soft board. The essence of each figure is clearly written below each of them and the hands structure are very uniquely done by dabbing paint with fingers.

6. Charkha Gandhi Jayanti Craft

Image source / Tutorial: Sangeeta Sehgal

Charkha is resonant with Mahatma Gandhi. You can make this charkha at home using ice cream popsicles, white thread spool, bobbin, glue, cardboard. This beautiful charkha craft looks pretty when kept inside the house as a showpiece. You can place it on your study table or office table, even on the drawing-room shelves. It will add to the feeling of patriotism in your home.

2 October Special Mahatma Gandhi Paintings

7. Painting Gandhi Jayanti Craft

Image source / Tutorial: Medha Hinge

You can make some patriotic paintings on this Gandhi Jayanti. This beautiful painting pattern beautifully covers the tricolor background with Mahatma Gandhi in the front. Also, the face of Gandhi Ji painted in blue is made on the side which completes the tricolor. This painting looks great. You can set this up in your home as a showpiece. This painting can be made on canvas or on paper as the painter is comfortable. You can choose to paint it with water colors or acrylic paints.

8. Painting Gandhi Ji for Gandhi Jayanti Craft

Image source / Tutorial: Moksh

Mahatma Gandhi is generally painted in black and white or sketched with pencils. Kids will love to paint Mahatma Gandhi in colours. Kids can use a drawing sheet with pastel colors or acrylic paints for this beautiful Mahatma Gandhi portrait. It can be later hung in the drawing room or pasted on the walls of your kid’s room. Kids will love making this portrait and listening to the pre-independence India stories.

9. Beautiful Painting for Gandhi Jayanti

Image source / Tutorial: Vineeta Sharma

This beautiful drawing has a deep meaning. This drawing shows Mahatma Gandhi leading the masses before Independence on one side and on the other side of the tricolor kids are shown to be conserving the nature. The two sides are shown as equivalents. The tricolor is further beautified with peace symbols, doves. Also some quotes of Mahatma Gandhi are written alongside the drawing. This drawing has a deep meaning for all of us. It can be added to a kid’s room to remind the kids about the struggle of conservation of Nature.

10. Gandhi Jayanti Drawing & Colouring

Image source / Tutorial: Shubhra Raut

11. Gandhi Painting as Gandhi Jayanti Craft

Image source / Tutorial: pinterest

This is a pretty Mahatma Gandhi portrait. The portrait is made on a tricolor base. The portrait is made with a black ink pen. You can also use a black sharpie pen to draw Mahatma Gandhi. Use a black chart paper to frame the portrait made on the tricolor base. This Mahatma Gandhi craft looks great. You can paste it on the door or wall in your home.

12. Making Gandhi Jayanti craft using a bank note

Image source / Tutorial: Murali Loknath

This is a very beautiful sketch of Mahatma Gandhi. If you have great sketching skills then you can make this pretty craft. You will need a white drawing sheet, sketching pencils, a ten rupee note. Paste the note on the drawing sheet and continue sketching the body of Mahatma Gandhi in the succession of his face on the ten rupee note. You can get it framed. It can be gifted to friends and relatives on Gandhi jayanti.

13. Making Gandhi Jayanti craft with Sugar Crystals

Image source / Tutorial: Mamta Goel

Sugar crystals are a staple of a household. We do not think of sugar crystals as a craft material. But you can now use sugar crystals to make this Mahatma Gandhi portrait. Use a dark colored base paper as the base for the craft. Use glue generously to stick the sugar crystals on the paper base. This brings in a new way to express yourself in crafts.

14. Pen Ink and Leaf Gandhi Jayanti Crafts

Image source / Tutorial: Sadhana Kulkarni

There can be different ways to show one’s Patriotism. You can go with these two crafts. These crafts require patience and effort on the part of the artist. The first craft requires you to portray Mahatma Gandhi on a white paper with the help of an ink pen. You can also draw the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi or the map of India on a leaf. You can carve it out with a help of a fine blade cutter.

15. Joining the dots for making Gandhi Jayanti Craft

Joining the dots is a great pass time for anyone. You can use the joining the dots activity for kids to pass their time or choose some difficult ones for yourself. Color the portrait once you have joined all the dots to form the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi.  This portrait looks great once all the dots have been joined in succession. This joining the dots craft is a nice way to pass your time when you are free. It keeps your mind active and healthy.

Gandhi Jayanti Bulletin Board Decoration Ideas

16. Making a beautiful Bulletin Board For Gandhi Jayanti

Image source / Tutorial: Meena Kumari

This is a beautiful Gandhi Jayanti bulletin board design. You can easily make this pretty bulletin board with the help of colored paper, a pair of scissors, paint brushes, glue, thread, etc. You will also need some cloth to drape the figure of Mahatma Gandhi on the bulletin board. This bulletin board craft looks pretty and can be added to the school galleries or halls.

17. The 3-d Gandhi Jayanti Poster

Image source / Tutorial: Ganga International school

A beautiful poster highlighting and making the most use of tricolor is beautifully presented above. The 3-D depiction of linking the charkha with the national emblem is adding a lot of value and explaining the fact that how non-cooperation movement was directly linked with the freedom of India. Also the elements such as the broom is highlighting the importance of cleanliness and is reminding us all about the noble thoughts of the noble soul.

18. The Gandhi Jayanti Poster

The highlight of the above poster is the catchy quote which is magnifying one of the greatest mission and vision of the father of our Nation. Mahatma Gandhi believed in the fact that cleanliness lies next to godliness and he never discriminated work, he used to do all necessities starting from cleaning his own washroom to weaving his own clothes all by himself. This poster throws light on his mission to make India clean and healthy.

19. Celebrating Gandhi Jayanti in its true colors

Image source / Tutorial: craftideasforschool

This large bulletin board is beautifully designed and crafted. The bulletin board carries a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi. Kids are made and stick to the bulletin board with some slogans. Some quotes of Mahatma Gandhi are added on the side. The whole bulletin board is beautified with colored paper. This looks pretty altogether. You can easily make such a bulletin board craft for your school.

20. Gandhi Ji’s Teachings on the Bulletin Board

Image source / Tutorial: Sharmila Pritikanta Lenka

This large chart paper craft fills up the complete bulletin board. The chart paper has three sections made in tricolor. Different items such as Gandhi Ji’s Spectacles, Charkha are drawn at the base. At the top Gandhi Ji’s three monkeys are made. Gandhi ji himself is drawn in the middle of the chart paper. Some quotes nad facts are stuck on the sides of the chart paper. This craft looks pretty. You can beautify it further if your want.

21. Designing the Bulletin Board on Gandhi Jayanti

This bulletin board is designed in a way that it brings together various small Gandhi Jayanti crafts together. The bulletin board is a collage of different drawings and crafts made by the kids. Kids have made different drawings, writings, quotes, portraits, etc. Which are related to Mahatma Gandhi. It looks great when all the drawings and crafts are put together on a single bulletin board.

22. Gandhi Ji Craft and Bulletin Board

This bulletin board craft beautifully covers the journey of Mahatma Gandhi as the champion of the Indian Independence Movement. This beautiful bulletin board can be designed and formed with the help of colored paper, pens, a pair of scissors, glue and board pins. You will have to make a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi for this bulletin Board craft. This bulletin board looks pretty when put together.

23. The 3 Monkeys of Gandhi Ji Craft

Designing and decorating bulletin boards is a great activity for kids. Kids enjoy decorating the bulletin boards in their class and in the school gallery. You can help the kids to make this three monkey craft for the bulletin board. This monkey craft expresses the message that one must not listen to bad things, not see bad things and nor speak bad things. The board can be further decorated with flowers and messages from Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhi Jayanti Special Craft Video Tutorials

24. The Three Monkeys of Gandhi ji

Mahatma Gandhi used to preach a message through three monkeys. He used to say that one must not listen to bad things, not speak bad things and nor see bad things. This message can be preached by making three monkey craft. You will need black or brown colored paper, a pair of scissors, googly eyes, grey colored pipe cleaner and glue for this craft. You can place these monkeys on a thermocol base for stability.

25. Making Charkha using Popsicle Sticks

Charkha is synonymous with Mahatma Gandhi. He used to make his own khadi with the help of charkha. He also started the Movement to boycott foreign goods. You can make this pretty charkha with the help of ice cream popsicles. You will need acrylic paints and paint brushes to paint the ice cream popsicles. Add a thin jute rope running over the larger and smaller rounds. This completes the charkha craft. Now you can place this in your office or drawing room shelves.

26. Gandhi ji’s Army

Our Prime Minister launched Swachhta Abhiyan on Gandhi Jayanti a few years ago. You can also make this Mahatma Gandhi’s Army with characters in uniform holding brooms, sweepers and wipers. This shows that the army work is as important as keeping our surroundings clean. We must try to keep our surroundings clean and rubbish free. You will need colored paper, a pair of scissors, glue, felt paper, googly eyes and black sharpie pen for details. This craft is easy to make and can be made at home.

27. DIY Making Gandhi Ji from Paper

Mahatma Gandhi has been a legendary leader who pioneered the issues of Independence, untouchability among others. He was one of the leaders who could shake the British Government alone. This Gandhi Jayanti remember the greatness of Mahatma Gandhi through this paper craft. You will need brown colored paper, cotton balls, googly eyes, white paint and a thin paint brush. You can add details with the help of a black sharpie pen.

28. Truth, Peace, Love, Equality Gandhi Jayanti craft

This is an easy to make chart design for Gandhi Jayanti. This beautiful chart design carries the message given by Mahatma Gandhi of ‘not seeing bad’, ‘not hearing bad’ and ‘not speaking bad’. The chart paper also features a drawing of Mahatma Gandhi and the ideals of an Independent Government. Your kids will love to make this pretty Chart design. this chart can be put up in the kids’ room or even on the bulletin boards. This will be a great learning chart for the kids.

29. Origami Indian Cap (Gandhi Cap)

Gandhi cap is a symbol which was worn by many pre-independence leaders to show solidarity and united front against the Britishers. You can make this Gandhi cap with crafting paper easily. To make this Gandhi cap you will need a colored paper and glue. This Gandhi cap can be made by using paper folding techniques and then sealing the open folds. This cap will look great when your kids wear it and perform patriotic plays at home.

30. How to Draw Gandhiji on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti

Gandhi ji’s  face is an iconic face and can be found at different places such as the bank notes. You and your kids can learn to make Gandhi ji’s face through this video tutorial. This will help you to make Gandhi ji’s face. You can later use this Gandhi ji’s face drawing for different purposes. You can add this drawing to the bulletin boards or make some patriotic drawing and draw Gandhi ji’s face in that.

These were a few ideas to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti and make it more special, try them and enjoy them. This Gandhi Jayanti let us join hands and follow the ideologies of the Mahatma and walk in the path of righteousness.

We hope that your kids loved making these pretty, patriotic crafts at home. This will also become a basis for discussion of the great Independence struggle fought by our nation against the Britishers. You can check out other related articles on K4 craft. We would love to hear from you. You can share your feedback and opinion with us in the comments section below.

We will soon come up with some more interesting content. You can also suggest some topics which you would like us to feature. Until then keep smiling and creating with K4 craft! Wish you all a very happy Gandhi Jayanti!

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