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Creative Ways of Storytelling with Crafts

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Storytelling is an art form from ancient times. Our ancestors used to tell the stories of their times to their children, and the tradition continues. Verbal or written forms of storytelling are quite common. Every other person knows a story which he or she tells the other one and so is the story passed on. But as we moved with time, we changed forms of storytelling. We moved from written stories to novels to electronic books. From verbal to audio and video recorded stories. The film industry is based on the art of storytelling itself. If storytelling has come such far, why not try to inculcate some novel methods in the bedtime storytelling methods. We can try to add props and examples in our storytelling.

Storytelling and story listening both can be great engaging sources of entertainment. Today we will be telling you the ways to add props and crafts in your storytelling to make it a more interesting and engaging affair for your children and students. These story activities will surely leave the children in awe of the story and the storyteller alike. So let us start our journey.

Creative Storytelling Games and Crafts

Creative Storytelling Games and Crafts Creative Ways of Storytelling with Crafts
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Caterpillar storytelling using play-dough

Caterpillar storytelling using play-dough Creative Ways of Storytelling with Crafts

The Hungry Caterpillar Play Dough Story-telling

 from The Imagination Tree

Start with small balls and connect them together in a single line for the body of the caterpillar. Then make a larger size ball. This will represent the head of the caterpillar. Use any sharp tip object to craft the face on the head. Wings can be crafted by keeping the playdough as a sheet on a flat surface and cutting the extra material with the help of a cutter. You can use wire for the antenna.

A bag full of stories

A bag full of stories Creative Ways of Storytelling with Crafts

Fill your story bag with stickers

One can draw and cut various stickers for example horse, knight, singer, dancer, musician, boat, pirate, king, queen, trees, bushes, and a few animals in advance to use them as a prop in various stories whenever required.

Red Riding Hood story activity

Red Riding Hood story activity Creative Ways of Storytelling with Crafts

via: Little Red Riding Hood Story Box

For this piece of craft, to represent the scenario of story activity, you can use various colored papers for the ground, lower part of trees. And the green plastic sheets for the upper part of the tree and leaves just like in the above image. Roll the brown paper and cut few slits on one end to make it stand easily as a trunk of a tree. Don’t forget to provide a good solid base to this prop.

Storytelling board activity

Storytelling board activity Creative Ways of Storytelling with Crafts

via: Storytelling Board

One of the simple way to introduce various characters in a story is by starting with a blank white background and adding the images of the characters on the board as the story progresses. This will help your kid to imagine the story as it is a real one. You can collect images for this story activity from various old books which your child has already read. This will help him/her to revise the past lessons and learning with time and will boost their imagination.

Making stone props for storytelling

Making stone props for storytelling Creative Ways of Storytelling with Crafts

via: Making Story Stones in Preschool

Another way of making storytelling activity feel real is by using stones and cutouts from the books. Glue the cut out to different stones to make them pop up from the background. This craft will help the visuals to differentiate between various characters and their role.

Different Elements of storytelling

Different Elements of storytelling Creative Ways of Storytelling with Crafts

via: Jelly Bean Prayer

The Jelly Bean Prayer is a uses jelly bean colors to tell the children about the sacrifices of Christ at the cross. God’s redemption can be represented by each color.

While reciting the poem to the kids, you can give a jelly bean respective to the color and part of the story. This will help them link the color with the story and the true meaning of the poem. Later, asked them to recite it back for you using the same props. Thus, helping them learn the story within no time. Don’t forget to tell them the meaning of each line and color in the poem.

Easter eggs story activity

Easter eggs story activity Creative Ways of Storytelling with Crafts

via: Hand painted Easter eggs

We all know how important easter eggs are, for the Christians. They symbolize the resurrection of Jesus Christ. You can paint wooden eggs to signify the main characters and help you in story telling activity. Each egg can be unique or universal depending on the character of the story. This will help your kids to get attached to the Easter Eggs and also have a good experience. Example, drawing a prince on one of the easter eggs.

Story telling props

Story telling props Creative Ways of Storytelling with Crafts

via: Story elements box

We all have an empty box in our house which is of no use as of now. How about we utilize it in crafting as storytelling box. The box has a label on it with who, what, where and when, We can add other labels:  how and why also. For every new story, find the objects within your house which can represent the above labels and keep them in the box for the storytelling activity. Then use these objects during reciting the story to your kids with these props. For example, using an image of a house from old magazines.

Props inspiration for storytelling

Props inspiration for storytelling Creative Ways of Storytelling with Crafts

via: Are You My Mother? Storytelling Using Props

Are you my mother? is a favorite book of many kids. How about using a few props with the book? Most of the characters can be found in the toys collection in your house. If not, you can use cut-outs or simple paper crafts such as a boat, airplane to depict the roles.

Foam storytelling activity

Foam storytelling activity Creative Ways of Storytelling with Crafts

via: Storytelling with Foam Shapes on Glass

One can use foam to cut out numerous characters, objects, and shapes which can be used while storytelling activity. For example a girl, boy, tree, grass, etc. which are quite common in every story and can be used as universal. These props can be easily crafted by first drawing a silhouetted figure on the foam and then cutting via a cutter or scissors. This will help your kid with imagination as he/she will try to imagine the universal prop as required.

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Creative Ways of Storytelling with Crafts

We hope you liked all these fun ways of story telling. These beautiful crafts will surely help you to tell all the stories beautifully. Do check out other related topics at K4 Craft. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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