Reindeer Paper Craft for Kids – Step by Step Tutorial

In the month of December Christmas crafts for kids are the most searchable craft idea thing on internet by kids and parents. Reindeer paper craftSnowman craftsreindeer paper bag craft is one of the best craft ideas for kidsHere we are presenting Paper Reindeer Craft IDEA for Kids craft step by step Tutorial.

Reindeers are cute creatures. We find lots of reindeer Decorations on Christmas Eve. We can add these cute red nosed creatures to many other decorations if we want. One cannot generally find the reindeer around us. We will have to go on a jungle safari to spot them. They are so adorable. This activity is easy to recreate. Your kids will surely love making this cute reindeer from paper.

You can easily make this paper reindeer craft at home. Teacher’s can help make these reindeers on the video sessions to keep children engaged. This activity involves paper folding, cutting, sticking which helps in the enhancement of cognitive skills of a child. Reindeer craft will help you to bring reindeer to life. You will need very little supplies for this craft. All the requirements have been mentioned.

Paper Reindeer Craft for Kids

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Materials Required:

  • Colored paper in different colors; green, orange, white, red, black
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Black sharpie pen
  • Pencil
  • Compass


✨ Step 1: Making the base of the Reindeer craft

  • The most important step is to choose the right colors to make the craft.
  • Here we have chosen a green colored paper for the background and orange paper for the reindeer face.
  • First of all cut out a triangular piece from the orange sheet.
  • The triangle must be large enough to cover the green sheet’s length.

✨ Step 2: Sticking and folding the base sheet

  • Now we have to two layers ready.
  • Stick the base of the orange triangle to the base of the green sheet.
  • You need to stick a broad height of the triangle.
  • Make sure you stick less than half height of the triangle to the green base.

✨ Step 3: Securing the nose of the Paper Reindeer Craft

  • Now take the top tip of the triangle and hold it down.
  • Do not press it too hard as we do not want to make any creases.
  • Let the fold remain high and fluffy.
  • Stick the tip on the base side of the triangle.

✨ Step 4: Adding the nose to the Paper Reindeer Craft

  • Now we need to add the nose to this reindeer craft.
  • For the nose, take a red colored sheet of paper.
  • Draw a small circle on the red sheet.
  • Cut this circle out
  • Stick this red circle on top of the tip of the orange triangle.

✨ Step 5: Adding eye to this paper reindeer

  • Now we have the face of the reindeer craft almost ready.
  • To make the eyes for the reindeer, we need white and black paper.
  • Take the white paper and cut out small circles.
  • Stick these two circles on both sides of the middle of the reindeer.
  • Now take a black sheet and draw smaller circles with the help of compass.
  • Cut these smaller black circles out
  • Stick these black circles on top of the white circles.
  • The eyes of the reindeer are complete.

✨ Step 6: Making ears for the Paper Reindeer

  • Now we need to make the ears for the reindeer.
  • To make the ears of the reindeer we need orange and white sheet of paper.
  • First of all draw two leaves on the orange colored paper.
  • Cut these two leaf shapes.
  • Stick these two leaves on the top of the reindeer face.
  • Now make two smaller leaf designs on the white paper.
  • Cut these smaller leaves.
  • Stick these smaller leaves on top of the orange leafs on top of the reindeer face.
  • Your ears are ready to twitch on this paper reindeer craft.

✨ Step 7: The signature horns of the reindeer

  • Now we need to make the horns of the reindeer.
  • The horns need to be same and of the same size.
  • So, fold the black colored paper in half.
  • Now draw a horn pattern on the folded sheet.
  • Now cut along the drawn lines.
  • You get a pair of reindeer horns.
  • Stick these two horns on top of the reindeer head.

✨ Step 8: Detailing the paper reindeer craft for kids

  • Now we have made the face of the reindeer.
  • It looks pretty good.
  • But now we need to detail the reindeer face.
  • For this we will use a black sharpie pen.
  • Draw two thin eyebrows for the reindeer.
  • Draw one eyebrow each on one eye of the reindeer.

✨ Step 9: Your paper Reindeer Craft is ready

  • Your sweet paper reindeer craft is ready to beautify your home.
  • You can even make some Christmas cards with this design on the front.
  • This reindeer paper craft can be used to decorate your room in different ways.

We hope you loved making this reindeer paper craft at home. This is the perfect craft to make for Christmas Eve. You can check out more such step by step tutorial articles on K4 craft. We would love to hear from you. You can express yourself in the comments section given below. We will soon come up with more such articles for you. Until then keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft.

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