Amazing Wall Painting Hacks to do at Home

Painting your house can be made easier and quicker with a few ideas, tips and tricks. Here are some awesome Wall painting hacks to do at home.

A house becomes a home when it is decorated with love. Decorating a home doesn’t only means home decors and showpieces, it also mean decorating the walls. Walls speaks so much about the love in the home. When you shift to a new flat or a new house, the first thing that you do is paint the walls. Rather than assigning the job to painters, why not paint the walls with your family? It would be really fun to do and would make the bond even stronger. So here I am going to tell you some wall painting hacks that you can try at home.

Creative Wall Painting Hacks to do at Home

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1. Galaxy wall-How to Paint a Space Wall

Kids love to have space themed room. For painting the wall according to the space theme all you need is paint brushes for wall paintings, black paint, shades of blue and purple paint and white paint. First, paint the wall black. After that, start by painting it with the darkest shade of blue followed by the lighter ones.

Once, the blue shade is done apply the same technique by using purple. After you have achieved the galaxy theme, paint the stars with white colour. Just make dots with the white paint and your space themed wall is ready.

2. Graffiti Bedroom Wall-Wall painting hacks to do at home

All of us love cartoons or some particular character in a movie or TV series. To convert or walls into those characters would be so nice. But there’s a twist, how about making a graffiti of the character? All you need is some permanent markers that can be used smoothly on the walls and some paints.

Now, make a large sized cartoon character on the wall. You can even write some words in those cartoon fonts. Draw roughly as it would look more good. After you are satisfied with your graffiti sketch, paint them with colours or just highlight them with colourful markers. The wall is ready.

3. Spray Wall painting hacks to do at home

If you love spray painting, or if you are not into painting the walls but do want to decorate it then you can try this method. You can get spray paints from a stationary shop. Collect the spray paints of your choice and then start spray painting them on the wall. It’s not necessary that you have to follow any pattern.

You can simply mix all the colours and then draw a design with black spray paint or you can leave it like that. Spray paintings are more easier to do as it won’t create any mess like colours do.

4. Stencil embossed walls with Raised Designs

You must have seen those beautiful embossed walls in hotels and in monuments. They look so beautiful right? Well, you can make your walls look like that too. First, paint the wall in white or any other basic colour. Then take a paper and cut out any stencil design that you like.

Now, just stick the page on the wall and paint on the design. Repeat this till the whole wall is covered with the same design. Your own stencil embossed wall is ready. It looks really beautiful and would definitely make you happy.

5. Geometric design walls

For making some nice geometric designs in your bedroom walls, you need some blue tape and paints. With the tape make any geometric design you want on you wall. After you are satisfied with the design, just paint them with any colours. After the paint has dried, remove the tape slowly.

You would see a nice geometric design on your wall. You can use this technique to make many such designs.

6. Wall painting for kid’s room

Kids love to have decorative wall in their room. Here, I am going to tell you an easy technique to paint a tree in your kids bedroom. Paint the wall in white colour. After the paint has dried, take a pencil and draw the sketch of a tree.

Take a blue tape and stick it on the tree and then paint the whole wall in grey colour or any other colour that your kid loves. After the paint has dried remove the tape. It is easy and fun to do. You can even let your kids help you in this activity.

7. Dapple effect

For creating a dapple effect first paint the wall with a basic coat. Use a brush and then spread it with a roller as it won’t create lumps. After it has dried, apply another colour. Now, take butter papers and tear the edges and then crumble them. Keep the crumbled paper on the paint. Remove the papers after 2-3 minutes. After the paint has dried you would see your dapple effect on the wall.

8. Flower painting on wall

Do you have a blank wall that looks unhappy or sad? So why not convert it into something beautiful? Just grab your paints and start painting. Start with the basic design for cherry blossoms or any flowers. Once you have completed the design, paint it with your favourite colours and then highlight it for more surreal effect. It’s done. Your wall now looks beautiful with those flowers in it. For more such ideas, watch the video below.

These were some easy and beautiful ideas for wall painting hacks which you can try at your home. Do encourage your child to help you in this as it will help the kid in becoming more creative.

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