How to Draw a Zebra for Kids-Easy Step by Step Tutorial

One thing that is sure to get young children excited is wild animals. In today’s drawing tutorial we’re gonna focus on the wonderful zebra. Zebras are horse-like animals, native to the continent of Africa. I’m sure children have seen zebras in their city zoo.

The most interesting part about zebras is their extremely symmetric pattern of fur. Their entire body is covered in black and white stripes, giving them a beautiful appearance. But why do zebras have such a pattern on their body? Well, the pattern allows them to camouflage or blend into the tall grasses found in their natural habitat. This helps them hide and protect themselves from wild predators that are hunting them. Isn’t that fascinating?

Now, let’s try to draw our own zebra by following a few simple steps.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Erasers
  • Colours/crayons

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Let’s start by drawing the face of our zebra. Try to follow the shape as shown in the picture.

2. Next we’re gonna move on to drawing the large body of the zebra. Make sure to leave a few spaces in order to draw the legs and ears.

3. Now, we’re gonna draw the legs of the zebra. Let’s start by drawing a set of two parallel lines, for each leg, descending from the body of the zebra. Connect the lines at the bottom to complete the legs.

4. Now, time to focus on the face. Draw a curved line at the end of the face to represent the snout. Draw a small circle for the eye and a small triangle on the top of the head for the ear.

5. Now, draw a long curved line, starting from the face and extending up to the back. This will be for the mane of our zebra.

6. Now, time to add the finishing touches to our zebra. Shade in the eyes and the snout of the zebra to make it more well-defined. We’re gonna make some basic curved lines across the body for a simplified representation of the intricate zebra stripes. Shade in the stripes with a black colour pencil or crayon and there you have it- your zebra drawing is complete!

Drawing is an excellent activity that helps your child learn as well as have fun. Enjoyment is a key part of the learning process and through tasks like this, children can find an outlet for self-expression as well as self-satisfaction. Drawing is definitely a creative process but in the initial stages, learning to draw some basic things will help children understand exactly how to draw and this will eventually help them represent their own drawings at a better level.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your free step-by-step drawing tutorial from K4 Craft and get started today!

Soumyanetra Pal: