DIY Pumpkin Seed Flower Ornament for decoration (Tutorial)

This is an interesting DIY craft tutorial (Pumpkin Seed Flower Ornament) of making flower ornaments from various seeds (pumpkin, pepper, flax, chickpeas, sunflower etc), really great for Christmas decoration or any room or craft decoration, love this original craft idea which makes the Holiday so special and cozy.

Note: After Halloween, get the seeds and dry for this Christmas crafting.

Required Material for Pumpkin Seed Flower:

  • Various seeds (pumpkin seeds are great for flower petals, you can use them directly or color them)
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Decoration string

Step-1: Take the cardboard and draw in it a circle of the size of your choice. Then with the scissors cut it. This is used as base of pumpkin seed flower.

Step-2: Now put some hot glue on cardboard and place pumpkin seed as shown in picture.

Step-3: Once the first circle completed, begin to create another interior. For this repeat the same procedure.

Step-4: After completing the 2nd circle, put some colorful ornaments inside the flower to give a greater realism to the flower as shown in the picture.

Step-5: After completing front part, stick a decorating string in the back of the cardboard that will use to hang it in any place.

Once all the steps are completed, the final result will be something similar to what you can see in this picture.

As you can see, this is a very simple craft project and can be done in a few minutes, obtaining an ornament that will attract attention for its originality.

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