30 DIY Cute and Creative Easter Crafts For Kids

Easter is coming – A happy joyful celebration worldwide, because we have a very good reason to craft at home with our loved ones. You can do some interesting art work with your kids and more importantly to showcase their result proudly in what is about to become a timeless childhood memory for you all. Kids’ creativity is amazing and their works often reflect whimsy. What you need to do is to looking for some inspiration to inspire them. Here are 30 creative DIY Easter crafts (Eggs, bunny, chicks and more…) that are sure to make your kids excited. So give them a chance and let them express their interesting ideas!


DIY Paper Quilling Flowers Easter Egg

Paper Quilling flower Easter egg – Beautiful and ingenious. The effect of the quilling flowers in an egg shape is really special. It looks like a carved egg! It’s a very creative way to make an Easter egg decoration. It will also make a nice gift for friends. Source


DIY Q-Tip Painted Easter Eggs

Simple, easy Easter craft that will sure be worth of framing. Use bold colors and get creative. Source


DIY Paper+Balloon Globe Easter Eggs

Regardless of holiday or celebration, recycled paper globes can go a long way, great elements of decor, beautiful decorations worth pursuing. Source


DIY Watercolor Decorated Easter Eggs

Paint Your Easter Eggs with Watercolor for Better Results. Create Artistic Easter Eggs with Easy Designs. While dying eggs may be fun, it’s far from artistic. Source


DIY Cute Washcloth Easter Bunny

Make a washcloth bunny to add some hop to your Easter baskets! Great kid’s craft for the holiday as well as fun non-candy basket filler! Source


Use of Colors to Summon Creativity – Easter Craft

Painting is an activity like no other, bring creativity on the table through color. Source


DIY Easter Bunny Cups and Bunny Bait

Easter Bunny Cups and Bunny Bait | DIY Easter Crafts for Kids to Make up Source


DIY Easter Bunny Basket from Paper Plate

Ingenious and inexpensive craft to be realized within minutes for sweets. Source


DIY Recycled Newspaper Easter Eggs

Super cute idea to make some woven paper Easter eggs. Source


DIY Recycled Toilet Paper roll Easter Bunny

These simple elements are great Easter bunnies and they can also be used to create highly creative napkin rings; the crafts can wear any color or texture with ease, stack them up and up-cycle them into great crafts, they can hit the recycle bin after the holidays. Source

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