How To Make Paper Apple Card Craft – Step by Step Tutorial

As the new school year is almost upon us, why not sit down with your kids and make a lovely Paper Apple Card Craft to surprise the teacher. Teacher will appreciate handmade Apple Paper Card Craft. Back to School paper card crafts always love by kids.

Apples are one of the best fruits to find around oneself. One can never get bored of apples. There are so many varieties of apples that one cannot eat every variety in a lifetime. The rich color of apples provides them with more popularity among people.

Apples come in different colors, such as green, yellow, red. The red apple variety is considered by many to be the best. Kids love to munch on apples every day. Apple Paper crafts are a fun way to utilise the time. This apple craft is really easy to make and uses very little supplies. This colorful craft looks pretty. You can use it for different purposes and also can make in on Health Day.

Learn to Make Apple Paper Craft

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Materials Required:

  • Colored paper in different colors; blue, yellow, red, white, green, etc.
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Black sharpie pen
  • Pencil


✨ Step 1: Creating the base for the paper apple craft

  • The most important part of a paper craft is the base of the craft.
  • We must choose the right colors for the paper craft base.
  • In this paper apple craft we will be using a colored paper with a green hue for the base of the craft.
  • Lay the green paper on the working table.

✨ Step 2: Making the apple flesh

  • The second layer of the apple craft is to be made in red colored sheet.
  • Take a red sheet and fold it in half.
  • Now use a pencil to draw a heart shape along the mid rib of the paper fold.
  • Draw the heart shape rounded at the base.
  • Use a pair of scissors to cut along the marked lines.

✨ Step 3: Apple shape ready

  • Now you have a rounded heart shape.
  • Make a small cut at the rounded base of the heart shape.
  • This gives this red heart shape the exact apple shape to this red heart.

✨ Step 4: Sticking the apple on the base

  • Now you have the right shape for the second layer.
  • Now use some glue to stick the mid rib of the apple shape.
  • This gives the 3D effect to the apple shape.

✨ Step 5: Making the seed sac for the apple

  • Now we have made the flesh for the apple craft.
  • The next step is to make the seeds portion of the apple.
  • Take a white piece of paper.
  • Fold it in half.
  • Now take a pencil.
  • Now draw a bean shape along the fold of the paper.
  • Use a pair of scissors to cut this shape out.

✨ Step 6: Detailing the fruit pit

  • Now you have the seeds sac or the put of the fruit.
  • Take a black sharpie pen to draw the seeds inside the pit of the fruit.
  • Draw long seeds inside the fruit pit.

✨ Step 7: Adding the pit to the fruit

  • Now use a glue stick to stick the fruit pit in the middle of the fruit.
  • Align the mid rib of the fruit pit and the fruit.
  • You have a complete apple half slice.

✨ Step 8: Adding more details to the apple fruit craft

  • Take a black sharpie pen and add a stalk to the apple slice.
  • Make the stalk broader at the tip and thinner at the base.
  • This adds more beauty to this apple craft.

✨ Step 9: Making a leaf for the apple craft

  • This apple craft is almost complete but we can add more detail to it.
  • Take a green colored paper.
  • Fold this paper in half.
  • You will get a crease in the paper.
  • This crease will help you to make a symmetrical leaf.

✨ Step 10: Cutting out a leaf

  • Now draw a half leaf along the crease of the folded paper.
  • Use this marking to cut out a beautiful symmetrical leaf using a pair of scissors.
  • This will help you to get a beautiful leaf addition to your paper apple craft.

✨ Step 11: Shaping the leaf

  • Now open up the leaf from the fold.
  • You have a beautiful green leaf now.
  • Make some zig-zag folds on the side of the leaf to get a beautiful pattern on the leaf.
  • This helps the leaf to look realistic.

✨ Step 12: Complete apple fruit craft

  • Now stick this leaf alongside the stalk of the apple fruit craft.
  • This looks pretty.
  • This apple paper craft can be used for different purposes.
  • You can use it as a front cover for cards, as decorative pieces, to make show pieces, etc.

We hope you had fun making this fun apple paper craft. This craft will surely bring a smile to your child’s face. This apple craft looks cute and can be used to decorate the home or as a showpiece. You can check out other related articles on K4 Craft. We would love to hear from you. You can leave your comments and feedback in the comments section given below. We will come up with more such articles for you soon. Until then keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft.

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